Saturday, November 18, 2006

Making my Australian Readers Happy---

I really do enjoy pandering to my Aussie readers, but the problem is that although I do have a few stories that deal with Aussie actors and actresses (one REALLY good one) it is tough to make them blind enough to where one actually has to guess who the person is..The actress one is REALLY good..I am trying to figure out a way to share it without revealing too much, but she has been in several movies lately here in the US and one of the reasons she gets hired is because she enjoys the thought of having more than one "partner" at a time and is open to anything, anyone, anytime..unfortunately there was an incident not too long ago, and now she has a cast only policy, and no longer allows the crew to spend time with her..

I am sure everyone in Australia was happy Nicole and Tom split, and in honor of Tom's recent wedding here is a link to an Australian celebrity site which I think is a great site and at the risk of losing my readers also has the best conspiracy theory I have heard to date about how Suri Cruise came into being..

Finally a way to make everyone happy..My favorite rehab stories mixed with Nicole and Keith pics..

First of all, I think it is great that Nicole actually went to visit Keith at the Betty Ford Center..I also think that she would kick his ass if he did not get help..The Betty Ford Center is actually a place where people go to get help for their addictions, unlike say "celebrity" rehab centers where it is more like a hotel and you are free to come and go as you please..You can always tell when a celeb is serious about kicking a habit by their choice of rehab centers..

(1) I cannot even tell you the number of times I have been told that it is easier to get drugs inside some of the "celeb rehab" places than in the outside world..

(2) I personally know 2 celebs who OD'd inside a rehab center and had to be rushed to a real hospital..

(3) At least four staffers at one high profile rehab center each made hundreds of thousand of dollars annually selling drugs to patients..None of the four knew the others were also selling drugs for about the first six months until one patient complained about the change in price each day he was paying..The only reason they were found out....See item (2) above..

(4) I really do wish Keith and Nicole the best..It would be really easy to just walk away like so many others, and so I hope it works out for the best..

P.S. To the pap who took these pics of Nicole and Keith and I understand I am not making the situation any better by reposting them, but the other people in these pics did not sign up to be in the public eye and I am sure there are some people who saw these pics and said, "I didn't know Bob or Jane was in rehab..OMG"

Of course "Bob" and "Jane" could also be asking Keith and Nicole to autograph thse pics so we will never know..


indie said...

I definitely stand behind that conspiracy theory, if only because I've heard it before and from a very reliant source.

But oh well, Suri is a cute kid and I'm sure Tom and Katie are excellent parents.

I only wish the best for Keith and Nicole. They seem like they're really in love and trying to make it work.

And about that Aussie actress... Abbie Cornish? Although she just got linked to Ryan Phillippe so I don't see why she would want a "cast only" clause unless she loves scandal. Or perhaps it is Jacinda Barrett. She's been in a lot of stuff lately.

melnahas said...

Tell me the Aussie actress story! Pleeeeeeassssse.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to say that I've just discovered this blog and love it. And I was so excited to see that you have a couple of links to my blog ( Tells me I'm doing something right.

I'll be back often to catch up on your gossip....I love it!


mngddess said...

Re: Suri Cruise....
Many times when a couple has a female child she will look like the father and vice versa. Seen it plenty of times and its certainly true with my own two kids. If you notice from the photo of Chris Klein and the VF photo they have the same eyes - hard to cover up....

Cooper's Mom said...

Naomi Watts for the Aussie actress with the "cast only" clause??