Thursday, December 28, 2006

Because of my absence, I know I owe all the blind item addicts something special. I was going to save this for a rainy day or for the day Paris Hilton could go one week away from the cameras. But alas, it is not to be so I give to you something very special, and then some others thrown in just because. Actually, I went to quite a few holiday parties early last week and got enough info to make everyone happy for a week or ten days. If you e-mailed me and are expecting something back, check your bulk folder. For some reason, Christmas has made everything spam. I think there is a lesson there.

This married A++ actress was attached to do a movie but wanted a certain actor to play opposite her. The actor was not interested but our actress thought she could convince him and the studio believed her. The studio chartered a jet and our actress flew 11 hours one way and 12 hours on the return flight. All of this travel for about six hours of alone time with the actor who still did not want to do the movie but had a great deal of fun doing something else. The actress returned home, broke the sad news to the studio, broke off her own involvement in the project and ultimately cost the studio a great deal of money but it was her satisfaction that was most important and so they still do business together.

This fading so fast cable reality star just does not want to let go. Not content to sit on the beach or watch OC reruns on Fox, he instead likes to go to places where he knows teenagers flock and where he will still be recognized and adored. His latest trick is to go to fast food restaurants in the mall and channeling Eric Roberts in Star 80 convinces the barely legal females that he can make them a star. Invariably, he invites them back to his place, has his way with them and has them pose for photos he promises to submit to Playboy. The girls never hear from him again, but have heard from his friends who also want a personal show after viewing the photos.

This actor is the star of a hit television show for one of the networks, but you probably would not know him if you met him. There are plenty of others who have their eye on him though and so our actor has two cell phones. One he carries with him everywhere and that is the phone his girlfriend knows about. His other cell phone is where every other girl calls and his long-time girlfriend did not know about. Well now she does. Seems this actor got the two cell phones at the same time and they look identical. A few weeks ago he ended up confused on which was which and his girlfriend got to spend all day fielding calls from other women, looking at photos on the phone and reading saved text messages. After getting over her initial shock, the girlfriend forwarded all of the incriminating evidence to everyone she could think of including his mother and his employers. Do you think they exchanged Christmas presents?


Anonymous said...

For the second one, I think that it is someone from Laguna Beach. He talks about sitting at the beach (they certainly do that) and also the OC. My guess would be Jason.

Anonymous said...

For number 3:

The Banker from Deal or no Deal? I only say that because he said no one would recognize him but he's in a hit tv show. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

1) Nicole Kidman
2) Talan or Brody
3) Naveen Andrews from Lost

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nicole Kidman for the A list actress. Who was the actor? Russell Crowe?

NARC said...







carolinec said...

1. Nicole Kidman or maybe Jennifer Lopez (Dallas?)
2. Justin Guarini from American Idol
3. ?? no clue

Anonymous said...

Can't be Justine from AI. That's a network reality show, not a cable one. I bet it's that Puck dude from Real Word.

cindie said...

I wouldn't consider J Lo an A++ ACTRESS though. I have no clue who any of these could be. Naveen Andrews seems like a good guess for #3, only because I know he fathered a child with someone that was not Barbara Hershey (long time g-friend)when he was still with her.

pinky said...

Cindie - you read my mind about J'Lo, not A++ any longer. There was that list of highest paid actress in LA and it was Nicole, Julia, Renee, Kirsten (although if she's A list, I need to relocate to another planet) and Cameron Diaz. Can't recall the others, too lazy to look...

anonny said...

1st one zeta-jones?
kidman for backup, perhaps when she was married to cruise or this happenned very recently

Dorothy said...

#1 Would be someone possibly flying from LA to London/France... which is about an 11 hr trip. Who lives there? The only person I can think of is Johnny Depp but he seems so committed to his wife.
#2 Doubt it would be Talan because he's currently dating blah blah blah from PussyCat Dolls... before her he was engaged to Kim Stewart.

Anonymous said...

is there anything significant about ent noting that the flight was 11 hours one way and 12 hours back???

Anonymous said...

a++? julia roberts, maybe? don't know who the guy would be though.

JeeezeLouise said...

My first thought for #1 was Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, as I would certainly call her an A-lister, and they are very good friends, but you can't get from the US to Australia in 11 hours, even non-stop. LA to Sydney is 13 hours, NY to Sydney is 21 hours.

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous "is there anything significant about ent noting that the flight was 11 hours one way and 12 hours back???"

Not beyond narrowing down the possible destinations to those that can be reached in 11 hours. Otherwise, if you're wondering about the one hour discrepency between the flights, that has to do with headwinds and tailwinds that affect all air flight.

But now that you've mentioned it, the flight had to be west to east, as it's always shorter. When we are traveling east, we get a speed gain, and when we travel west, we get a speed penalty.

dorienne said...

For the first one, perhaps George Clooney? He owns an Italian villa in Northern Italy. Since this is an A++ actress who is wooing him, it would have to be an equally starworthy actor who would be reticent. And an 11 hour flight time on a chartered jet is about right.

Anonymous said...

All of those are great items, the one about the A++ actress being my favorite. In fact, it's my favorite of the past couple weeks.

If I wasn't experiencing a veritable gossip brain freeze from so many empty days this past week, I could come up with a good guess. Sadly, I'm going to go with the popular vote and nominate Nicole Kidman; when I think A-list whore, I usually think her.

dorienne did offer up a fascinating little wrinkle with George Clooney being the guy, and I have to wonder...if the male in question IS Clooney, does that mean that the gay rumours were finally getting to be a bit too much, and he was basicly told to go bang a woman who would go back telling everyone about the act?

I know his 'Sexiest Man Alive' status has irked a few bruised egos and there are some that would just love to kick him out of the closet, though they fear some retaliation.

Actually, I'm no longer interested in who the actress in question is, but, rather, what guy is worth traveling around the world just to bang and hopefully GIVE a big role to?

I also must say this: how sad. She's literally become a prostitute. Literally. Oh, my...


Anonymous said...

Clooney's a good call. Thought it might be Renee but they're doing Leatherheads together.

Jeez - your writing style seems familiar. Do you have a "New York" monicker on another website??

B :) said...

Sharon Stone

Flava Flav

I can only come up with Simon Cowell for the third. He has a longtime girlfriend.He also just bought Leona Lewis a 30K necklace.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I'd be very happy to fly to Italy to bang Clooney (I love him).

pinky said...

What about Halle Berry for A++ ? She's listed as one of the top ten paychecks in Hollywood.

pinky said...

Strike that, Halle's not married. So it's Julia, Nicole or Reese (unless A++ doesn't refer to salaries)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

is there anything significant about ent noting that the flight was 11 hours one way and 12 hours back???

2:05 PM

Yes there is. It takes longer to fly back against the jetstream than it does to go with it. Flight from LA to NYC 5 hours. Flight back: 5.5 hrs.


Anonymous said...

Also, I think that my flight from LAX to Paris was 11 - 12 hours. Maybe it's Johnny Depp in France.

From LAX to Italy, seems to be 14 - 16 hours.

B :) said...

Replace my unmarried actress with
Cathertine Zeta-Jones-Douglas

sorry brainblock today

Anonymous said...

Julia Roberts and George Clooney!

11 hours to Italy (Oceans eleven)and
12 hours back (Oceans twelve)

Pinky said...

It has been rumored that Julia and George were f*ck buddies...

Tobeysgirl said...

just wanted to add that I was anon 5:01, and had some trouble logging in with my username, anyone else had problems today?

Pinky said...

I had a problem much earlier, but nothing in the last few hours.

And I'd like to add BRILLIANT deduction on the Ocean's Eleven and Twelve front, Tobeysgirl.

Anonymous said...

1-nicole kidman
2-danny bonaduche?

gossipmama said...

People would know Simon Cowell if they met him.
I love the Oceans 11 & 12 clues! My money is on Julia!

Anonymous said...

So is Clooney gay or not? Ent L please enlighten us because I'm sure you know...

Anonymous said...

Great deduction about the "11" and "12" clues...but Julia Roberts and Clooney are old pals. They know each other and she could just pick up the phone if she wanted him for a movie role. No need to fly to meet him in person. As for Clooney's sexuality, rumors of his swinging both ways go back years and years, pre-"ER" fame.

cindie said...

Ooohhh...Tobeygirl, I came to that deduction too when I read anon 2:05's question. :) I defo think it's George and Julia. I'd travel 23 hrs roundtrip to f*ck George, that's for sure.

I was also thinking Flava Flav for the cable reality star. Since he's found Deelishis, he won't have a show anymore, so he'll be fading from the spotlight in no time. Of course, it will be no surprise when he shows up on New York's show, or the inevitable Flava Flav 3.

Still Naveen for #3.

lschnei713 said...

Can't be Julia,
The BI said the fella didn't take the bait and she dropped out of the movie but the studio still does business with her. So unless we can think of a Julia/George, rumored movie that didn't happen... MY guess is Nicole with Mr and Mrs Smith, maybe she tried to get Russell or Colin to star with her. Was Johnny rumored to be up for that? Cause I can totally see him blowing her off, he's about the only one I can to be truthful.

I think it's def Naveen for #3 are he and Barbara still together

Anonymous said...


JeeezeLouise said...

Well, whoever the BIs are about, I learned something new today - the difference in flight times has nothing to do with the rotation of the earth even though it seemed logical to me that if you fly west it should take longer because the destination is rotating away from you.

But, no! The explanation is a bit complicated and (yikes!) mathematical, so it took me quite a few tries to understand it.

But I do love knowing new stuff. Even if I never know who the first Blind Item was about, I do have some new knowledge to utterly bore my friends ;)

Thanks, EL! Good to have you back :)

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 4:12,

This is the only name I use on gossip sites. I do use many variations of "Synchronicity" elsewhere, but nothing New Yorkish - sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between over 18 and under fifteen.Anyway you slice it. This guy is not a lawyer.What is in the blue bound book? Did you count them all before you "Burned Them"? If a law local law agency feeds information to a "barely legal" site for a "informant" or stripper able to bring down all the pensions? .

Just another gossiping sissy.

Bored in her cubical.

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 9:51


Anonymous said...

Well the star no one would
recognize could be from an
animated series..The Simpsons?
King of the Hill? (Is it still

I like the thought of the banker
from "Shouting At Briefcases" (A
Defamer nod)...

Anonymous said...

#1 BI: I have thought about this one. I don't see it being Nicole. She does not strike me as someone that secure to seduce some male actor. At all. Now sadly Julia has carried aroud a rep for sleeping with anyone she works with... so I would not be surprise if it is her. Remeber as she was dating Benjamin Bratt... she was also shagging the guy she ended up marrying. I also found Renee Z. a good guess too. I don't think she is a shy one either.

#2 BI: I never watch any of the MTV stuff.. so I have no clue who it would be...

#3 BI: I would be truly afraid of Barbara Hersey's mental stability if she did any of this... reading the cell phone messages and then forwarding them to everyone she could. She is way too old to behaving like a 22 year old. And if she kept around a man that father a child with another female...after living with her for so long... she deserve's what she gets. Once a cheater always a cheater. Plus I don't think the guys who run LOST could careless what a grown man is doing.

But... I will say. I suspect the girl who did the snooping and acted out by sending it to everyone... no longer has a boyfriend. And if she is over 25... she should be ashamed of herself for such immature behavior. Just get rid of him. And tell everyone he has a STD. hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Jason Wahler for the reality tv item (The Hills, first season...and Laguna?).


Anonymous said...

Well, I give up on the blind item about A++ actress. Either we're on the money with Nicole Kidman, or that argument is total weaksauce; but my money is on Kidman.

I don't think it's Roberts. If you got offered a role in a Julia Roberts movie, would you even remotely consider turning it down? She may not be box office gold but if she asks you to be in her picture, you say yes. And fast.

Renee? She isn't married...anymore, but besides, after the strange annulment to Kenny Chesney it makes me wonder if they even qualified as married. In addition, any blind item with her would probably be about whether he was really gay, or that she's possibly a mental case and it's really hard to say which in that matter.

Zeta-Jones is a possibility, but then why would you turn her down, for that matter? She's Oscar gold, and would she potentially screw-up her pre-nup just to hook-up personally and professionally? I'm guessing no.

Sharon Stone isn't married anymore, but that's exactly the type of stunt that she would pull. Still, she isn't married anymore.

I'd be surprised if it was J Lo, as her new husband is an obsessive control freak. He'd actually hire someone just to follow her around.

And let's just face facts: I doubt Meryl Streep is fucking the help and she's the definition of A-list.

It has to be someone who is insecure, and it also has to be someone who is having some career problems. Someone who, despite the fact that they are an A-lister, is worth fucking, but not worth being in a picture with. Which leads me to my other theories...

Who's to say that Madonna didn't fly out of the UK to bang someone in the US? Her marriage is on the rocks and she must be tired from touring and recording so much. She's also always been looking for a picture that would finally earn her some respect. It's also quite possible that they have a fairly open marriage since Guy is known to have a friends with benefits type releationship with Jason Statham. While she isn't an A-list actress, per se, she's certainly A-double-plus; she's a household name.

Demi Moore is another. Her career has had some massive problems these past few years. First, her big 'unveiling' in Charlie's Angels was shorter than expected (though well played) and it didn't really generate that much interest within the industry. Then her relationship with Ashton Kutcher gave her quite a bit of press, but pretty soon, everyone lost interest as she and Kutcher tried to keep certain aspects of their life private (not well played). While she's been a big shot producer behind the scenes (the Austin Powers series), she's been desperate to get back into acting.

You have to keep in mind that she made a picture within the past couple of years that did so poorly at the box office internationally that it wasn't even given a domestic release here in the US. I can't remember what it was called, but it was likened to being her version of what was 'The Others' to Nicole Kidman; it was also going to be an Oscar role. Moore has always had problems at the box office, but she's been really pushing lately and just nothing is paying off. If she could land, say, George Clooney or someone who is very hot right now, then she would have a real shot at getting her career back on track, but while that would be a guranteed win for her, it wouldn't really offer all that much to the actor involved who had to potentially risk a solid reputation to help an ailing star.

Now the question is, do we still consider Demi Moore an A-lister, and a double-plus one at that? Logic would dictate no, but...she's Demi, you know what I mean? She's got that extra something that makes you take notice of her, and besides which, she's rolling in cash. I also believe that she's capable of pulling off something of that nature, and because of her work behind the scenes is so solid, studios would never want to offend her.

Like I said, my money is on Nicole, though I wouldn't be surprised it turned out to be Demi, and I wouldn't even bat an eye at Madonna, and if it is Nicole, than it can't be Clooney because they made a film together.

And with that, I'm off to bed! I'm tired after writing that! That was, however, a delightful piece of entertainment for one evening.


spambiscuits said...

there is an unmade film there with russell crowe

Anonymous said...

JeeeeeeeeeeeeezeLouise is back:)

For a while there I honestly thought u had been recruited by our ENT!

Which wldnt necessarily be a bad thing....yr comments hav been jus as fun as the blog.

Shoutouts to Dorienne (sp) and Dano too!


rourke13 said...

The Demi Moore movie was called "Half Life"~

rourke13 said...

OOPS~ I meant to type "Half Light"

Anonymous said...

I just read thru all of this (some great guesses...) and flicked onto an other site. And what do I see but Julia Roberts announcing her pregnancy... Perhaps a Julia/George hybrid in the making?? lol

jcolette said...



JeeezeLouise said...

Hiyas UKGrrl

Thanks :)

I'm just not feeling the Julia/George thing, but I could well be wrong. The flight times seem about right.

But it couldn't be Madonna coming to the US, because the flight back was longer.

The thing is, EL said the actress thought she could convince the actor and the producers believed that well enough to send her out at great expense. If Nicole told me she could get Russell for a movie, I'd believe her because of their close friendship. Probably the same for Julia and George.

But I'm still leaning hard toward Nicole. Perhaps Russell wasn't actually IN Australia at that particular time.

JeeezeLouise said...

A hint on the time frame would be nice :)

Remember, in early 2001 Tom Cruise dumped a preggers Nicole, saying only "Nic knows what she did".

Anonymous said...

Did you lose sight of the "11/12" clue? I think this is Julia. She was in both movies. Zeta Jones was only in 12. My thought is it was K Spacey who she wanted. The "fun doing something else" could be either drugs/boys. Of course, now that she's preggers again... hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Another clue in the blind item #1 is the word "satisfaction". Julia's new movie? Happiness Sold Separately.

JeeezeLouise said...

El said the actress dropped out of the project. Kidman dropped out of "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" which was released in 2002 after numerous casting changes. I can't find a timeline as to when the project was first being pitched, but it seems like it could be close to when Nicole did what "Nic knows she did."

Pinky said...

Yeah, but Clooney was the director/producer on I'm inclined away from that guess.

Hey - that site got me to thinking about another blind. Remember the the actor with HIV that gave it to his wife? It says on that website that Michael Nader is HIV positive, and that he was married and has a child. His wife was a minor actress named Beth Windsor who stopped acting in 1992.

Anonymous said...

#1 is Julia Roberts. Look at the clue in the last sentence. Julia was in a movie early in her career called "Satisfaction".

Pinky said...

AND EL said it was 'not 13' - and according to IMDB, Julia NOT in Ocean's 13...

fo real said...

well it is a fact nicole kidman dropped out of Mr & Mrs Smith .... hummm

fo real said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Why couldn't number one be Nicole AND George?

The 11&12 bit could refer to the Ocean's series and as for the hours part of it... Nicole won an Oscar for The Hours.

spambiscuits said...

whoever the guy is he isnt in the movie, so if its about julia and someone, its someone she wanted to be in oceans 13 with her and they arent in it, so it cant be george.

cindie said...

The site JColette posted says Denise Richards was a Heidi Fleiss girl that made it big. Who knows if it's true, but I know there was a blind item about it. I need to look back for it.

And Spambiscuits, I never thought it would be the movie Oceans 13 but could be true since Julia's not in it. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Roles turned down by Julia Roberts:

Basic Instinct (1992)

Julia Roberts turned down the female lead in Basic Instinct. The role went to Sharon Stone.
Actor who got the part: Sharon Stone
Batman & Robin

Julia was in the running for the role of Poison Ivy.


Julia Roberts turned down the role of Emma Brody.
Actor who got the part: Madeleine Stowe

Julia Roberts was close to star as Julie Hastings. After she won the role of Vivian in Pretty Woman she left the project.
Actor who got the part: Frances McDormand

The Godfather: Part III

Julia Roberts turned down the role of Mary Corleone due to scheduling conflicts.
Actor who got the part: Sofia Coppola

Indecent Proposal (1993)

Julia Roberts was the first choice to play Diana.
Actor who got the part: Demi Moore
Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Julia Roberts turned down the role of Annie.
Actor who got the part: Meg Ryan
Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Julia Roberts turned down the lead role.

Cold Mountain (2003)

Roberts was considered for the role of Ada.
Actor who got the part: Nicole Kidman
Intolerable Cruelty (2003)

Julia Roberts turned down for the role of Marylin Rexroth.
Actor who got the part: Catherine Zeta Jones

Pinky said...

Spam - I think 11, 12 and 13 are clues that it's Julia Roberts - not that Ocean's 11, 12 or 13 are one of the movies the A++ was trying to nab the actor for. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

As to the A++ actress BI: Oh my goodness, I was just poking around on another site and read that originally, JOHNNY DEPP was going to star in George Clooney's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and NICOLE KIDMAN was rumored to also have a starring role in it.

Nicole was married, flew 11 hours to France to convince Johnny to star in it....they got it on....

Pinky said...

Yeah, but on Wikipedia it says that Depp was slated to play the lead and dropped out. The Bi suggests that the actor was never interested in the role.

Alan Smithee said...

The clues on pretty much everything on this site are painfully obvious for anyone that is paying attention. The author is quite careful/clever with words, to give enough clear direction, yet provides enough flexibility for plausible deniability (certainly a well conditioned habit in the legal profession). Coming from a similar background, I can certainly understand the potential therapy of a blog like this... and many references are sort of 'inside' jokes.

Anyway, for those out there that aren't unfortunate enough to work in the entertainment industry (not many of these items are really well kept secrets), and wish to get a bit Nancy Drew... IMDBpro, a Variety subscription, and (not sure if it is 'who represents' or 'whore presents', same either way, I guess), are your friend.

With those and Google, you'd already know who the actual author of this blog is... again, not a really well kept secret (note to the author... the IP address of many of your postings are easily traced back to your place of business... consider a proxy server. You're tech savvy enough.).

Anonymous said...

I think I've found out who EL is! :

Seems likey, eh?

Anonymous said...

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 6:18,

Maybe, but the writing style is way different and I'm thinking a bit longer in the business and a bit better established / known.

Alan Smithee, without the benefit of IP addresses to help me guess, K fits the bill with regard to client list, but wrong side of the country. So that leaves L, but I understand he's primarily a literary agent/lawyer now.

Either way, EL should be afforded the same privacy that any anonymous blogger expects - there's something rather creepy and not-nice about trying to unmask a blog author for no reason but to satisfy our own curiousity.

Anonymous said...

haha Nicole and Russell Crowe for the first BI. They were considered for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Nicole wants Russell for the role of Mr. Smith but he's not interested so she eventually dropped from the project.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, in regards to Smithee, that I wasn't thrilled to read your little bit of commentary. We here at Crazy Days And Nights feel very protective of Ent Lawyer, and feel that this is one of the best blogs going right now. For you to try and drown out our fun is just not very nice, and trying to 'out' an independent blogger (and one who doesn't rely on adspace) crosses the line a bit, as I think jeeezelouise mentioned. Smithee? Why don't you lighten up.


Anonymous said...

11 and 12 hours are hints about Julia, not about travel 6 hours has to be a hint about either the actor or the picture.

hez said...

Ent Lawyer is definitely NOT on MySpace. (Between the blog, his job and his glamorous life in LA, where would he find the time?)

And thanks to all (Jeeze, Dano) for defending him and his right to privacy... we've got a great thing going here and nobody wants to burst that bubble.

Any good addict knows you never rat out your dealer! ;-)

JeeezeLouise said...

Anonymous @ 4:00

I agree, and gave that some thought last night, but then it was Friday and my DH got home and I forgot about it ;)

white lorelei said...

Yee Hah! I just found me a new favorite blog!

OK, I don't know which actor it would be for #3, but it's gotta be one of the 2 guys from "How I Met Your Mother" that's not Doogie Howser.

Clues: others have their EYE on him (Show is on CBS), and then the girlfriend sent the text messages to everyone she knows "including his MOTHER."

And EL is right -- it's a hit show and I don't think I'd recognize anyone of the actors except Doogie Howser and the "One time at band camp" girl.

4:00 said...


another thought..since it was a friendly meeting, the actor probably wasn't opposed to working with her...much more likely that he was already committed, and she couldn't talk him into changing that. So..someone busy, maybe?

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me say that this is my favorite blog!

As BI #1, my initial guesses were Kidman and Crowe, or Roberts and Clooney. The clues obviously point to 2 actors who were offered parts in Oceans 13, but decided NOT to do Oceans 13... That eliminates Kidman, Crowe (never offered parts) and Clooney (who is starring in Oceans 13)...

A++ is clearly Julia Roberts, since it is well known that she dropped out of Oceans 13...

According to info I googled, Hugh Grant was considered for a part, but must have declined, because he is not listed on the cast per Wiki.

Also, Julia and Hugh have done other business together (Notting Hill).

While Hugh is not a huge enough star to warrant the studio coughing up a private jet, Julia is.

So my guess is Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.


Anonymous said...

Eric Roberts was on that show "Less Than Perfect." I know Andy Dick was at least in one episode of Surreal Life though I don't know if he was ever on a reality show. Think it's Andy Dick?

hez said...

Andy Dick had a reality show where contestants were vying to be his personal assistant, I think. The BI actually doesn't sound kinky enough to be him, though.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others for #2...Jason whatever from Laguna Beach.

I've seen him a couple times walking around The Grove in la, and it was pretty obvious he wasn't there to shop.



Anonymous said...

For the first one, and I know this is a stretch but Mark Pellegrino was in a movie called Something Else, and also a movie that was just completed called Number 23 (11+12) ???

Anonymous said...

If the 6 hours was a clue as to the actor, what about Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense)? He was originally cast as Terry Benedict in Ocean's Eleven and dropped out. (IMDB)

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