Friday, December 01, 2006

So now that I have said my piece we can move on to the LINKS of the day as well as my commentary which I am sure you all hate, but I still do. The reason is that I like to think of this blog as something we would be talking about if we were having a one on one conversation.

Because of the way I found the links today, there may be some interplay between countries and will not all be in order.

From Australia we find Robbie Williams on his 2nd or third retirement tour, but he still sells ticket everywhere in the world he goes, except the US. Millennium is the only song that really did well here, but he still got to be on MTV Cribs. He sold 45,000 tickets last night for a concert and that is probably the total amount he has sold in all of his US stops. He really is good, but just has not caught on here.

Sticking with the music theme we find Tito Jackson desperate for something to do. In this UK article (yes UK. new country, new sucking up) Tito hints at a reunion tour of the Jackson 5 and they will share billing with Janet Jackson and 3T. Of course all this is always dependent on Michael, and someday when Tito actually talks to Michael (see the end) maybe they can discuss it.

Staying on the Continent and sucking up to both the UK and Germany in this story. It seems as if Victoria Beckham is really a control freak. I will not spoil the article for you, but when you read it, imagine if you will a red carpet event and each actress going up to the photographers saying, "You need to sign this before you take any pictures of me, and send me all the copies first before you publish them."

Back to the other side of the world, and honestly New Zealand you are killing me here. I spend minutes and minutes looking for entertainment or gossip from your country and there really is not much, but NOW I know why. Everyone is using hemp and they are using it to build cars. This group is going to race the car in Australia. (See two countries happy now. I should be a diplomat)

Now, some Canadian readers yesterday said I should use the Star for my gossip instead of the Sun. I read the Star today, and I think the tabloidness of the Sun wins out. With that being said, there is a GREAT article in the Sun about the F word in the movies and how Robert Altman was the first to put the F word into a movie. This article is VERY long, but much more well written than this blog. It also pays off at the end when the author replaces dialogue from movies such as Gone With The Wind and inserts the F word.

Does this Sun reviewer just dislike the new movie Turistas or despise it with every ounce of her being? You decide.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say i luv luv luv your blog...What a great find!

BTW, I think you're either DRS or DAF (from ***&*). Am i right or am i right?

Anonymous said...

hey i thought u were going to give us a blind item today! i just love them! and i love u for creatingsuch a wonderful blog to distract me during finals!

Anonymous said...

why are you focusing soooo much on all these other countries gossip, and then reprinting articles from magazines, when we just want to hear about your real life experiences and first hand knowledge. The other stuff sucks!!!

Hez said...

Heya Enty,

How about an opinion on the recent decision by Hugh Grant to ditch his agent and be repped solely by his lawyer? Is this a wise move (sounds like it from here -- less people on the payroll means more money for Hugh) or is it going to be the start of a nasty turf war between agents and lawyers? (If so, my money's on whoever's got the blog!)