Thursday, December 21, 2006

There is just not much going on today so forgive me if it does not give you enough of a gossip fix. Later today will be the Four For Friday moved to Thursday. The reason for that is I have another item tomorrow which is in the vein of L which seemed more appropriate before the long holiday weekend.

I talk about punisherz quite often and it is simply because I think they are incredible. (also they love this blog which helps) They have come up with a style that is really unique. It is 3 women and one guy (who is the Ryan Seacrest for Australian Idol) who formed a band although none can play an instrument. Through word of mouth and self-promotion that would make Angelina Jolie proud they have manged to achieve a great deal of fame in Australia. On New Years Eve they will be the band playing as the clock strikes midnight at one of the largest music festivals in Australia.

Reading between the lines in this article, it appears that guys no longer have sex with Jessica Simpson in person. Instead, they have phone sex. What I would be wondering if I was the guy on the other end is whether Papa Joe was listening in and then critiquing afterwards.

So, if you have an imagination then the News of the World is prepared to pay you $15,000 for your story. It is a plus if your imagination can come up with a story that says you are the love child of Mel Gibson. I know this story is a few days old, but the money part is new. I think we should all call this paper and say we are the love child of so and so. I am not a fan of Mel Gibson, but I think the mom just told the daughter the story because either she did not know who the father was or was ashamed. Let's look at a pic of Mel, his "love child" (why do they call it a love child anyway? Seems like it would be a lust child or one night stand child.) and Mel's grandchild.

Posh Spice says she cut off her hair so she could have better sex with her husband. I think it either fell out from all the changes, because she is a fembot, or because she really is an alien and not just portraying one in a Tom Cruise movie.

Hilary Duff thinks Nicole Richie is a "skank." Be nice everyone, it is the holidays.


littleoleme said...

Okay. I have to agree. Someone else is writing this blog now.

Femme Cafe said...

why do you think that littleoleme?

as for Huff on Nicole? please Huff is 19 (started dating him at 17) and dating the likes of what's his name? purleeez! and she claimed they never "did it" during the two years....yeah right... he's a rocker who might do drugs, he stayed with her and didn't have sex with her for 2 years? yeah right... if you believe that then you must believe Nicole is a saint... pint size saint

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is really different...

ENT L: If you aren't writing this anymore, at least let us know.

Anonymous said...

I could actually care less about the Duff/Ritchie squabble. Pointless.

The Posh news is old, though I worry about her.

That said, it is a slow gossip day. Let's see if I can think of anything fun...

Hmm...well this is old, but it was one of the more fascinating blind items that I've heard, and I think it was a Page Six piece from a few weeks back. I can't recall it word for word, but it went something like this:

What star of a hit TV show, who should probably be getting paid more, likes to go to a dungeon for domination play. The play? He likes to wear nothing but a parka and say over and over how 'there's no on else on the mountain, we're all alone on the mountain...'

This does sound like one of those bits where somebody told somebody, which makes it a bit unfair, but everyone I've said it to says it sounds like Matthew Fox. I have no idea if it's him, but I have to confess that I thought the same thing. The problem is that he's over in Hawaii, and not New York (where this item appears to originate).

Anonymous said...



cindie said...

Doesn't sound like Matthew Fox to me, only because I think he makes the most out of all of them. That's my only reasoning. :)

littleoleme said...

The writing style has become more juvenile for lack of a better term. The writing style has changed drastically since I first started coming to this blog.

That's all.

hez said...


The style does seem somewhat different, but not only is Ent preparing for a trial at the moment, he's also hitting his stride with the Blind Items (I don't think he'd ever written one before this blog started a few months ago). I also think he's not afraid to show his likes and dislikes now, which may come across as juvenile to some. (Me, I love it!)

That said, I do not believe the writer has been replaced or has someone helping him. I just think the blog is evolving.

And I'm still totally addicted...

Anonymous said...

Well true be told, Nicole is a skank. The whole group is.

Anonymous said...

JeezeLouise has been recruited to
write? That's my guess. I don't
care if Ent L farms out the gossip
to someone. He can spill it in a
matter of minutes and let someone
else do the lengthy writing and
posting pictures stuff. I just
wish he'd say so.

Merry Christmas Ent L! XOX

Miss Helen Crump

Anonymous said...

@ miss helen crump

I agree. Sounds like Jeezelouise in some of the posts. Mentioned it a few days ago but Ent didnt address it.

Merry Christmas!

UK Reader said...

Miss Helen Crump....
My Cousin in Miss Helen Crump too... but in London (UK).
Its a funny small world!

Marry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What happened to jeezelouise? She would comment ALL OF THE TIME!!! Hmmm.....something is fishy.

Virgo74 said...

I have to agree. I think ENTL is writing this blog!! Who cares Hillary said about Nicole!!! Let me double check to see if there are any drawings on the pictures, if so folks, Perez has writing this shit.

Virgo74 said...

I am soo sorry folks!!! Rockin to Stevie Nicks has me having major typos in my previous entry!!! I meant to say that I agree that ENTL is not writing this blog, at least not this lastest entry. If we start seeing doodles and shit on the pictures, we know Perez Hilton took over the blog.

Rachel said...

I thought this entry sounded a bit more like EntL than previous ones people have questioned, imo.

Rachel said...

Dano,Why would it be Fox?
I have been wondering where jeezelouise went to, but its the holidays, not everyone can kill time on blogs! = )

ent lawyer said...

I am also wondering where JeeezeLouise is, although she does have her own blogs. I did respond yesterday in the afternoon post, but realized people who did not read the comments had no idea what I was referring to.

I have never done something liek this before and so I find my writing is influenced by my mood that day or if I think something is funny or if I have more time than not. Also, as far as blind items go, I am trying to use very specific words and to do that it is easier if you do not start every paragraph with What actor____

I am not going anywhere. I would love to have buzzcock write something sometimes and jeeeze is more than welcome to as well. People e-mail me things all the time and I use them.

but where is Jeeeze seriously?

ent lawyer said...


Anonymous said...

That's the funny thing, as I don't think it's Matthew Fox, but everyone immediately said that they thought it was him. Maybe everyone just wants to see him naked in a parka?


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