Monday, January 22, 2007

As of today it looks like I am about ten days behind in my e-mails, so please be patient. Also, if you e-mailed me, make sure you check your bulk folder as they sometimes slip in there. As I have said before I do write everyone back, it just can take a little time. I appreciate all the tips, comments, questions and everything else you send.
As Courtney Love said here last week, she has been experimenting in the world of online dating. Now comes the news that Alec Baldwin is looking to do some dating online. After his version of speed dating at the Golden Globes, this should be fun. But really, more fun would be if he brought a camera on all those dates, and even better would be if he and Ms. Love hooked up on e-harmony. Can you imagine a date between them?

Ummm, didn't Justin Timberlake hook up with Alyssa Milano a few years ago? Didn't Eva Longoria leave JC Chasez for Tony Parker or someone in between? Does the term playing basketball have any other meanings, or did People magazine really devote their time and energy and a reporter's salary to report on a 3some hoop fest? Oh, and if you enjoy looking at a photoshopped Eva, then you can click here for some new, almost naked pictures of her. Tony must be so proud.
About once a week or so, it seems I post some pics that are NSFW. Not that I get a thrill out of it, and I am sure none of you bother to click it either. However, I just could not resist these pics of a topless Mena Suvari on some beach. Is that a necklace around her neck or something else? Kind of looks like the guy behind her is pulling it.

Ladies, I want you to know that I looked for some NSFW pics for you, and all I could find were these pics of Josh Duhamel in a Speedo. If you can forget who he sleeps with, then maybe you can enjoy.

I have no idea if this story is true, but the thought of Drew Barrymore running through Irish wheat fields naked sounds kind of painful actually. Does she wear shoes, or does she get completely naked? Does it itch when the wheat stalks hit your skin? In case you cannot
Running out of people to hit in the Northern Hemisphere, Naomi Campbell traveled to Brazil to find a new group of maids, butlers, and other help who will be willing to be assaulted. Who really cares that she is going to Brazil? Why does something like this even make the news?
What would you do for $80 million dollars? I think that is a question both Paul and Heather are thinking right now. Paul is saying, hmmm, I got me some for a few years, and have a wonderful daughter. But, for $80M, you think I would get a little extra now and again. Did he even get to watch her videos? Maybe she just sat him in front of the television and played them for him with all kinds of promises before they got married. Heather is probably saying something to the extent, of 365 days a year for five years is 1825 days and 43,800 hours and got paid $80M which works out to $1826.48 an hour. More than she used to earn anyway.

Angelina Jolie admits she has no regular human emotions. She just gets scarier and scarier. I hope Brad sleeps with one eye open. As I am typing this, I got a vision of Angelina just staring at Brad through the night, not even sleeping one second. Just staring, and when he wakes up, she turns on some acting switch.

Whenever it is a slow gossip day or I need some cheering up, I go on over to MediaTakeout where I am always amused by their balls and shocked they are never sued. So, there are about fifty shocking stories over there, but I will settle for the Whitney Houston and Ray-J story which claims they are dating. We already know how Whitney feels about help in the bathroom and Ray-J has his own brand of love for bathroom lovin as well. The fact that she is old enough to be his mom adds that extra twist. You can just spend fascinating amounts of time thinking of the possibilities of this couple.


Anonymous said...

wish you had more about the divorce

bmini said...

hmm... are you suggesting that Mena Suvari is the the answer to the blind item about the actress who was a sex slave to her S&M loving husband?

Virgo74 said...

Hello ENTL!! It is so hard to wait for you!! Being three hours ahead ain't easy.

Alec has not really been in serious relationship since Kim Basinger, right? At least I have not heard of him being in any real romance.

I read that article that People magazine wasted on Justin playing "basketball" with Eva and Alyssa. You are right, what a waste. Talk about the comment he made about Prince and the disrepect he has recently shown to icons (first Janet, now Prince) he is full of himself.

I saw the topless photo of her (Mena) and I saw that "necklace." Good old dry humor you have ENTL.

I don't believe this story at all!! What another waste of time.Drew is boring.

You are right ENTL!! She can't find anyone else up here to put her with shit, so now she is travelling down to the southern hemisphere to find help!! And she just appeared in court for the assault charge. I would say for her to do time in jail, but I do not think that that will help her out at all. What a bitch, and she is a bitch with hammer toe!! Have you seen her feet! Shit, thank god she is not modeling them.

Peg Leg got a nice settlement!! Go on girl! Serves Paul right for not getting a pre-nup. He will think next time, if there is a next time for him. Damn $80 million for nothing.

I liked Angelina until I read this, and when I read on another blog that when she goes overseas and tells ones she is about to help that she is an American, they immediately get scared? Okay, she is full of herself at this point, and too much time has been devoted to her and Brad. Do I see the relationship lasting? This is Hollywood, so I am gonna say no, and he will be moving on. She gets more and more odd. Just when I thought she had outgrew the blood vial around her neck thing, she comes out more bizarre. Crazy bitch.

Ray J and Whitney? I don't think so, he is going to be appearing on her CD I think per the website Sandra Rose. Hey ENTL, the fur and the wig she is wearing in the pic, isn't that the same wig and fur coat she had on in the infamous picture when she was all high? I will see if I can find it and compare it. What a mess this is.

Anonymous said...

According to ONTD a member of Korean super-group Baby Vox committed suicide recently. Ent did a BI about a callous RR who deflowered and got an innocent BB pregnant only to dump and blank her afterwards. Baby Vox was guessed by a lot of commenters. This really gave me the chills. I hope it's not her.

Any updates Ent? Plz?


Anonymous said...

UKGrrl, When I saw the post on ONTD, I immediately thought of this as well. But the person who committed suicide was 26 right? Wasn't the BI about someone who was underage? said...

OMG that's terrible! Hopefully we will find out something soon.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of the possibilities with Whit and Ray J? No, thanks. Don't need those visuals.
Heather's camp is denying reports of a settlement. The original blurb came from the rag, News of the World.
Baldwin needs serious therapy before pursuing any female. I wouldn't touch him if he had a 10 ft. pole. In fact, I'd run screaming.
Asked myself the same question reading Parade's article yesterday on Drew.
Could care less about anyone else mentioned. Looking forward to the AMPAS noms tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

wow, you really are just one more ONTD, Just Jared, Perez... I miss the personal stories from your early days.

hez said...

Anon @ 11:40...

Ent has established that morning posts will usually just be gleanings of gossip from around the Internets. "Personal stories" take time to write, and time is something Ent hasn't got as much of as he wants at present. It's going to be a mix of both and I'm willing to give the guy a break after the Friday of Gossip Reckoning that we just had. You should, too. (And Ent assumes we all read those other sites as well, so he does make an effort not to use all the same items they use)

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.03

She might have been at the time she got preg...doesnt the BI say it happened in the 90s?

I'll go read it again.
Wish Ent wld update...its so sad.


Anonymous said...

i call BS on the Drew story..ive lived in the prairies and no way in hell do you walk/run/crawl in the stuff...its like a field of papercuts waiting to happen.

ms_wonderland said...

I wish you guys would stop with the comments about Paul MacCartney being stupid for not getting a pre-nup. PRE-NUPS ARE NOT VALID IN THE UK. Even if they were, Ms Heather Money-grabbing bitch would try to get out of it. Under British law, she's entitled to a lot more than £80m.

Love the sly wink to how much she used to earn EL!