Thursday, January 04, 2007

I do not want to say that you heard it hear first, but you did. Did anyone else? Nope, nada zilch.Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are no more. From what I have heard, I actually think that Kate Hudson and her husband are going to reconcile and that she loves the old hippie. I personally think she should come to downtown LA and say hi to yours truly, but I am just saying. Actually I think she and her husband make a pretty good couple so if they are happy, then I am happy. I will just watch Almost Famous for the 50th time.

You know I have a ban on all things man handish for two weeks. But there is this great story about what her 86 boyfriends probably told her or convinced her about orgasms and why she has never had one with a man, but I just cannot link to it. So tough to keep a resolution. Of course it also involves Britney Spears so maybe I could do it under that guise. Oh what the hell, I am pretty jazzed about the first story so here you go.

Mel B is going on Maury? This article says she is going on American television to reveal the DNA test after her baby is born. As much as this might be an Oprah or View moment we all know who the DNA king is in America. I am just wondering if she is going to have to go through five episodes of men to find out who the father is. My bet is Eddie is the father.

You know I have decided that the UK tabloids do not know what the hell they are talking about in regards to Celebrity Big Brother. In the Sun today they said they predicted all 8 people now living in the house. Sure they did. Because they guessed like 200 people. How many times have I linked to their stories when they said people were going in? They got me all excited and instead it is a worse cast than the Surreal Life. Speaking of which Verne Troyer, who checked into rehab earlier this week did so after filming Surreal Life Games. One can only hope he had another living room bathroom experience captured on tape.

The Police reuniting? I will be there.

You know, for as popular as The O.C. was, it sure went off the air quickly. It seems as if the stars of that show have been around for 10 years instead of the three it has actually been. Three years from now will they still be around?


hez said...

Man handish... ROFL! Need a date to the Police concert, Ent?

cindie said...

Eddie Murphy, you are NOT the father! Haha...although I do think he is. I think Maury should do a "celeb" edition, with Mel B and Anna Nicole Smith.

Anonymous said...

I guess Britney gave Paris her first orgasm?!

I can't make fun of Paris for not having one with a man, b/c I didn't either until I was 32. She either fakes them, or her partners are selfish.

I was so GLAD to see that Gavin Rossdale did not do Big Brother. Gwen makes enough $$$, he didn't need to stoop so low.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please point out to me where this blog stated earlier that Kate and Owen were finito?

Thank you.

Jess said...

Anon. 10:32

From this past Four for Friday:

This actor has always had a hard time remaining faithful. He has really made a name for himself and in the last 5 years has become if not A list then very close. I am sure he has Wheaties for breakfast. Anyway, the relationship he never had but maybe did have with a woman who was married and that ended because of the relationship they never had by maybe did have is already over. On the set of his new movie he has found lust/love with this stunt woman turned actress. Lots of spies trying to get a photo but no luck so far.

WTF said...

The link to the Hudson/Wilson breakup says she filed for divorce but I thought Chris did. Anyone know?

Just a suggestion--Ent when one of your BI is revealed maybe you could link back to it??

Love, love this blog!!

JeeezeLouise said...

Dang, that Wonky resolution is just killin' ya, isn't it???


JeeezeLouise said...

While we await the big item of the day, here's a non-gossip blog that I really like, and today's post gets a huge round of applause from me:

Anonymous said...

Oh yea! I read about the Paris/Britney orgasm convo earlier today...Supposedly Brit lit her cigarette the wrong way and Paris told her that if you do that more than once in your lifetime (I myself cannot count how many times I've done it) then it messes with your "private parts" (Paris's words, not mine) and you won't be able to achieve orgasm ever again....And of course, dumbass believed her and started freaking out until Paris told her it was just a joke. How is it Paris seems smarter than Britney? And I LOVE me some Britney.
"Oh muh Gawn, Y'all!!"

Anonymous said...

That should have said "Gawd".... damnit.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I thought the Britney/Paris bit was kind of stupid.

It reminded me of when Elizabeth Berkley was fighting with her roommate over potato chips in "Showgirls."

JeeezeLouise said...

I just noticed the labels on this post.

"She who must not be named"


ms_wonderland said...

Oh EL, 50% of what appears in The Sun is BS. They just make stuff up for headlines. British tabs don't do fact checking, they assume they wont get sued because the slebs love anything that gets their name in the papers. If someone does object, they just splash the story of the denial next day.

Virgo74 said...

I am not surprised about Kate and Owen. I know she loves her old man and she should try to stick with him through his drug issues, which is the whole reason why she walked. That is the rumour anyway.

Go on Mel B!!! Get that money honey!!! Make him pay!!

Britney is just stuck on stupid. 25 with a 15 year old mind. Scary.