Friday, January 26, 2007

These latest revelations from Billy Joel do not seem that shocking. While most men dream of having a blowjob while watching television, Billy Joel liked them while playing the piano. And which one of us has not tried to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish? OK, he is a loon.
Trying to decide which comment goes best with the article about George Clooney and Pam Anderson.

#1 When George Clooney and Pam Anderson take dog walks together, I just want to be clear they are referring to actual dogs, and not George walking Pam. A little clarification would help.

#2 George Clooney has come full circle in his attempt to screw every woman in Hollywood. Next week it is back to Charlotte Rae aka Mrs. Garrett and any Facts of Life cast members he missed the first time through.


Anonymous said...

Hey ENT -

I can't find your email address but I was wondering if you could tell us what Paris exposed has to offer. I don't want to pay the money but I'd love to know what all the hooplah is about.


Vikingwench said...

I used to like Billy Joel, pre-Christie Brinkley. Then he went POP.


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