Friday, February 23, 2007

And the Winning Country of the Next Brangelina Baby Is...Vietnam

Oh that is a big shocker. Most people had a South American or Central American country at the top of their list for the country of birth. There are going to be some mighty disappointed orphans in those countries tonight. Angelina and Brad have really confounded the experts with their selection. Well, for all of you orphans from around the world who did not get picked this time, don't worry because there will be a next time and a next time with a break for a natural baby followed by a next time and next time followed by a marriage and then quickie divorce followed by a next time and next time. Brangelina will adopt all of you sooner or later.


ukgrrl said...

I give up! I usually call Ent out on his usual venom towards Brangelina. But enough is enough! Not only does she seem depressed and emaciated, aren't they in counselling? THIS is their solution?
I truly hate this phrase but Jesus take the wheel!

Anonymous said...

For god's sake, her mother just died - I promise you that I looked pretty depressed and wasn't eating too well when my mother died of cancer also.

I am no Angelina fanatic, but cut the poor woman some slack!

Anonymous said...

Mia Farrow adoption addiction, we all know how that one ended up, in 20 years Brad will run off and marry the korean orphan.

syd said...

I'm torn I know they can afford these kids but what about the emotion time that kids need so bad. They seem to be so busy do they need to have 5 kids not even in big kid pants yet. I think it's somewhat irresponsible, but hey I think having one kid is hard so what do I know.

Anonymous said...

angie likes to hide behind her children. if the sainted mother shoots up and bangs married men no one can say anything because she saved those children, damn it!

she's a loser, and her dad was right. brad's just getting some children, so that when they break up he and jun can raise the brood.