Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kim Kardashian and Children's Television Channel--Brilliant!

"Hi, I am Noggin. I am a channel that is devoted to children's programming throughout the day and evening. We at Noggin think that Kim Kardashian represents the family values that we are striving for as we fine tune our network offerings when the pre-schoolers go to bed. There is nothing that says to a parent that we care, like 30 minutes of Blue's Clues followed by that sex tape star Kim Kardashian guest starring on Beyond the Break. We know Kim has no real acting experience but we think she did an incredible job with Ray-J and proved to the world that a 26 year old needs to be on a show geared towards 13 year olds. We hope that she continues to make sex tapes and in the future plan on hiring Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson for a new show with Joe Francis directing and producing. Here at Noggin we care about your family. Can't you tell?"

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Anonymous said...

ETL you are so funny. She's such a pig it defies reason anyone but a disturbed mind would think she was appropriate. I look forward to hearing that particular dir of prog to be fired. Noggin "The golden shower network".