Friday, February 23, 2007

Kimmy On Entertainment Tonight

The real story at last!! Thanks to everyone who pays such close attention to every word I write I was able to avoid the fate of the NY Post this morning. They actually printed that the Kimmy website was real. Can you imagine making a dumb ass mistake like that? They are a full-time news organization with staff and people who get paid and have no other jobs except to make sure they get it right. Thanks to all my readers for taking care of me and making sure I would never do something dumb like that.


Invisible said...

i hear she is just another stern supporter....

HKS is the devil ... no question ... said...

We have your back, ENT!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious ENT. Hilarious.

anon1 said...

Can you imagine making a dumb ass mistake like that?

Hey, we all make a mistake now and then.
The NY Post isn't such bad company. :)

Your blog is great, intesting stories with some intelligent and thought provoking comments that make for good reading (and thank goodness... no First!, garbage talk, etc.)


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