Friday, February 23, 2007

Scarlett Johansson In India--UK Tabloid Logic Headline--Scarlett Johansson To Adopt??

Scarlett Johansson is in India doing some work for the charity Oxfam. She has been there since Monday and I have not heard a peep about it. She is just doing what needs to be done and is not giving away cars or adopting babies or having her dad come around telling her to show more skin. Thanks Scarlett. Here is the Oxfam news release for more details about what Scarlett is doing there and how you can help.


ukgrrl said...

Well Oxfam certainly chose the right person to get attention for their always worthy causes. She sure is queen of over-exposure. Glad some good has come of it. Just hope she's not just jumping on the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY bandwagon for the wrong reasons.

What am I talking about?! This is Hollywood!

Claudea said...

No four for friday today? maybe later ... ;)

scarlett fan said...

scarlett has been involved with oxfam now for three or four years after she finished shooting the black dahlia she went to sri lanka to help with tsumami relief

Anonymous said...

To be fair, celebrities can usually help a charity more by doing something big and splashy, bringing a heap of publicity to a cause, and therefore more support and donations.

Though most of them do doubtless have good publicity for themselves in mind, if you wanted to help a charity and you had the choice between doing something quiet that achieved a little, or something big that achieved a lot for a charity, which would be more helpful to that charity?

..That's why I don't automatically rag on celebrities doing over-publicised charity work.