Friday, April 27, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival--Chanel Dinner

Tracey Edmonds is way too hot for Eddie Murphy. I think Mel B was more his thing, especially if you think back to a certain incident in a vehicle.
Freddie Prinze Jr. must be scared every day of his life.

1. Emily Mortimer looks like an Emily Mortimer.
2. Diane Keaton wants her clothes back.
3. Hey lady here's a quarter to have a rat gnaw that mole off. (Ooops. wrong movie)
4. Did she really think the bow was a good idea?

Seriously. If the Sopranos were real, would Tony have anything to do with this mess?
Doesn't anyone smile in NY? I know Anna Paquin has a freaky gap in her front teeth but so does David Letterman and he smiles.


Anonymous said...

I have a gap between my front teeth and I love it. Her gap isn't that big to warrant having some hack dentist potentially screwing up good teeth. Look what happened to Hillary Duff and her horse teeth. She'll have to replace her fake teeth at different points throughout the rest of her life. Each of those teeth costs about 8 grand, what a waste. I'd rather have "freaky" teeth and spend my money travelling the world.

Anonymous said...

freaky gap? you're an ass Ent!!!


ent lawyer said...

As a fellow freaky gapper, I feel I can comment on other freaky gaps. Mine was caused by breaking my retainer several times and my parents refusing to buy another one. I therefore have a freakish gap between my two front teeth.

Anonymous said...

You sound pretty sexy with your gap teeth Ent.

lc said...

Hey I have a gap btwn my teeth AND I like it.....ENT don't insult please.

Anonymous said...

Ummm,what am I missing here?Why should Freddie Prinze,Jr. be afraid every day.Is there something special you know about Sarah that we should know about?

Anonymous said...

Anna Paquin just has permanent bitch face


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