Thursday, May 17, 2007

Even More Links And AP Provides Today's Blind Item Later

Jessica Alba actually has some pretty interesting things to say.

Dita von Teese does a Britney, Lindsay, Paris and everyone else who loves to flash their nether regions.

Interview with Trent Reznor.

Amy Winehouse is getting married this weekend. I think everyone should chip in for some new teeth for the bride.

Keira and Sienna start practicing for their filmed threesome.

Jennifer Garner wants her own talk show.

Christina Aguilera gets permission to perform in China.

Evan Almighty gets a huge promo push tonight. At 8:58pm Eastern and Pacific all NBC/Universal networks will air the trailer.


Mistik said...

Dita's supposed exposure bothers me less than those disintegrating Louboutins... clean those up, girl!

Saw her up close on Saturday night and she is amazing looking. Apparently from the people who dealt with her, also very nice, polite, easy to work with. Unlike some of the other sorta celebs there that night who were .... interesting and kinda demanding. I guess being b and c list has its privileges.

Hez said...

Are you going to the Evan Almighty premiere, Enty? Can't wait to see what "our" LG wears!!

Anonymous said...

jessica obviously has a least some smarts about the movie buisness, thats why she will probably still be working when people are asking whatever happened to lindsey lohan, and sienna miller.

mookie said...

poor jess a. such a cute girl w/ such a stupid, ignorant dad.

how sad.

Anonymous said...

If Jessica's comments are what passes for "interesting" among the Hollywood 20-something acting crowd then that is tragic.