Monday, May 14, 2007

Morning Links

I guess there must be something to that America Ferrera smile I keep mentioning. Turns out America has her smile insured for $10M. It's being paid for by Aquafresh White Trays. Do you think they could spring for some new dentures for me?

Nicole Sullivan gave birth to a boy.

Mr. Junior Hair Challenged and his wife had a girl.

First it's cupcakes and ice cream cones. The next thing you know they have you hooked up to a box and you're asking for mama while they keep repeating the same mantra repeatedly. "Tom Cruise is 6ft 1, and John Travolta has a full head of hair."

Joan Collins and Linda Evans fighting for real. Well as real as a 73 year old and 64 year old can fight. I mean all you really have to do at that age is trip them and they'll probably break a hip.

Drea de Matteo is pregnant.

3 comments: said...

Gee ENT, you are getting really good at writing blinds, the Anons don't have anything to bitch about anymore except me.

Anonymous said...

Does EVERYONE in Hollywood have a C-section? What the hell? said...

WTF - I heard they do it so they can plan the maternity leave around their film schedules.


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