Friday, May 18, 2007

FOX UpFront

Emily Deschanel is a lovely woman and a very popular choice for ZX.

Parker Posey is one of the most popular guesses for ZX.
Princess Leia looks more like Judge Judy.

Princess Leia's half sister Joely who looks really good.

Aaaaah. The confident smile and looks of people who made their millions and don't really give a crap if their show is a hit or not.

Whenever I see Amaury Nolasco's bald head I say to myself that I should just get rid of the two remaining wisps of hair on my head and go bald. Of course then I would still need to lose 40 years and 40 pounds to even have a chance to look like this guy.


Anonymous said...

why isn't there a coments button for the t-c blind item?

Anonymous said...

well for the blind my first instinct was jennifer love hewitt but her boobs have always been that amazing even when she was on party of five.

tigereye said...

actually, the deschanel is Zooey, not Emily, as a guess for ZX. I didn't realize Joely and Carrie were half sisters. They def resemble.

Anonymous said...

Amaury Nolasco is one fine looking man.

Hez said...

Emily looks as graceful as a ballerina, and the dress is dreamy. The makeup could have used a second opinion, though.

Parker gets a free pass because, well, she rules.

Joely looks great in the face, but that dress (gorgeous colour though it is) gives her a degree of sideboob that no woman wants. The hair is stunning, howevs.

And, sure there's no way she'll trot out the gold bikini again, but Carrie's outfit is about as coordinated as my Chinatown greengrocer's.

Patty Heaton's haircolour looks atrocious on her (she should have just gone for the Ann Coulter shade, since she's already channeling her on the inside). Kelsey gets a free pass because he looks fine (although those are total "dad" jeans.)

And Amaury Nolasco gets a free pass (and maybe my phone number) cuz he's got those twinkly eyes. If his show involves even a small degree of shirtlessness, it will be appointment viewing for sure.

Anonymous said...

I dunno who the hell Amaury Olasco is, but I want to get to know him. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Let it be said, from here on out, all pictures of Patricia Heaton are to be labeled NSFW. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Pat Heatons dress is downright wrong. Honestly who goes out of the house in something like that? Looks like a second from Bea Arthurs closet that Patricia slept in for a few days, stood in the rain for a while and then had all of the color run down to the bottom. Bad, Bad choice lady.


Anonymous said...

Joely looks good? I don't know who that its, but I know that a silicon bomb went off inside an oompa loompa to create her. She looks terrible!


Anonymous said...

enty, my sister and i have problems, er, i mean we have a quirk where we LOVE men who are totally bald (not balding). hmm... maybe because our dad has really thick hair, so we went the other way? unfortunately, you're prob not one of those guys... but i like you anyway =)