Friday, June 29, 2007

Pink Taco Grand Opening Party

Now that's a cool shirt. Jessica looks nice also and she could do worse than Harry Morton should you know, uh, something happen to Cash and Carry.
Arielle Kebbel's pants seem to be threatening to take over her entire body.
Those look new.These don't.

What does it say about your family that Kimberly Stewart may be the closest to normal?
The proud papa.
"Hey buddy. I haven't seen you since we worked on that film together back in 1975."
Marlon is waiting to exhale as soon as the photographer turns away.


Hez said...

Who's the one with the new tits? Anyone we should care about or was that just for you, Ent?

Harry Morton should use some of his dough to fix that SKEEZE he's got goin on. His eyes creep me out big time. Just think how nice a paper bag he could afford, though!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it Jodie Sweetin? Whoever it is, maybe it's the angle of the pic but they look waaayyy too big.

Anonymous said...

Who is the pregnant one?

Anonymous said...

Samantha Harris from 'Dancing with the Stars' is the preggo...

Anonymous said...

Hez, Jodie played Stephanie on Full House. Of coruse they're new Ent, she wasn't showing those biddies out last week. Now? Ka-BOOM.


Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba at a taqueria opening? I thought she didn't want anything to do with Mexicans. Fake bitch.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you ever hear of a push up?


Anonymous said...

I don't get this. A taco joint opens up in L.A. and they act like it is a movie premiere? What's next - "celebrities" at the new Wal-Mart store?

Dying an animal pink as part of an advertising gimmick is just pathetic. Dye one of those lame "celebrities" pink if you want the attention.

Anonymous said...

Poor donkey

schneefloeckli said...

Corbin Bernsen is so sexy. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. Love him in 'Psych'!

Original Pink Taco guy said...

Hi there,

I created the Pink Taco restaurant & bar concept and opened the original in May 1998 -- a year before the Mortons opened their first.

The controversy and community response to their version is tame compared to what I faced in ultra-conservative Manhattan, Kansas. We had aggressive picketers, petitioners, hate letters, anonymous threats, an onslaught of negative letters-to-the-editor, and police

There were many stories in the local papers. The ABC affiliate out of Topeka came to Manhattan and did an on-site story that ran state-wide on the evening news, and the CBS affiliate invited us to join them in-studio for their half-hour morning show (which we declined since things were spiraling out of control).

I would do Internet searches at the time that would call up page after page of hits about me and my store. My Pink Taco dominated the regional news and spread nationwide through online postings and reprinted stories in towns across the country.

Anyway, I have written an article recounting the history of the original Pink Taco and the intense controversy it caused (complete with pictures and links to about a dozen of the news stories). You can read it on my blog if you're interested:

Original Pink Taco guy said...

Just click on my name to get to the site...


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