Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Photos Part One

It may just be me, but I really think Claire is trying to show some type of emotion here. Could be gas, but I really think it's an emotion. She also looks pretty damn good here. Maybe she should stop wearing granny dresses she borrowed from Jennifer Love Hewitt and clothes that are 5 sizes too large for her and just start wearing shorts and a t-shirt everywhere.
Austin should just go ahead and get it chopped off. I really don't know what he's waiting for.
Everyone's favorite cross dresser Andre.
Do you think the girl in the photo recognizes Owen or is yelling at him to come back because he looks homeless and she wants to give him a quarter.

I'll be the first to admit that Nicole does look good here. She looks sexy and healthy.
For some reason I just loved Malan. I wish he hadn't been kicked off so soon into the show.
I think it's in his contract that he has to take off his shirt at some point each game. Even when he was injured and sitting in the owner's box, they made him take off his shirt.
Culkins just kind of multiply like Jacksons. Just when you think you have seen them all, forty more show up.


j said...

lol...kinda like the Baldwins & Arquettes...there's just a never ending suppy. I just hope the Lohans don't follow the trend.

Tracee said...

I love Malan too. His accent was crazy. Austin needs to lose the scarf. We get it, you're "fashionable." Still love that queen though.

And the Culkin brother look kinda hawt. Is it me? Maybe I'm dehydrated and need to lay down...I've been too nice today.

Kelly said...

And the Culkin brother look kinda hawt. Is it me? Maybe I'm dehydrated and need to lay down...I've been too nice today.

the one on the right?? if so, i was thinking the same thing (minus the hair of course)

Tracee said...

Def. the one on the right. He actually pulls the long hair thing off. And his hair looks a lot more cleaner than the one of the left. He needs to help a brother out!

Pinky said...

Hey Enty - my favorite cross-dresser is Eddie Izzard. I'm just sayin'... said...


kellysirkus said...

I don't know if Clare is trying to show emotion but she is definitely trying to change her image. She's showing skin, got some color on her skin - she must have gotten a new publicist or manager who thinks she should be marketing herself for sexy roles. Uhm, yeah, not so much, Clare.

kellysirkus said...

This is the best Nicole Richie has ever looked!!!!!!!
Who would have ever guessed the likes of Joel Madden could bring out the best in her?!

Miss X said...

Who is Austin and why's he famous? (am I allowed to ask such things here?)

ladorabelle said...

I don't know who Austin is either, but he sure is pretty!

Mia said...

You asked what Austin Scarlett is waiting for? Why, a gay revival of Oklahoma, of course!

(He's from season 1 of Project Runway)

Claire Danes looks like she just came from the gym. I think if she had a bigger rack Woody Allen would have obsessed on her instead of Scarlett. I love her regardless of her outfit, and I also have yet to forgive her for dumping Jordan Catalano. lol.

And Nicole does look great. Even if her bra is padded, her arms look fleshy and healthy- and she should stay knocked up if it keeps her off of the crack and laxitives.

Miss X said...

Thank you, Mia!

k said...

i loved malan too! and that crazy little laugh he used to do.