Friday, December 07, 2007

Amanda Peet To X-Files Please

Amanda Peet is joining the cast of the X-Files movie which is set to start filming Monday in Vancouver and be released in July of next year. I expect everyone in Vancouver to be nice to Amanda.

Amanda will be playing a FBI agent alongside another addition to the cast Xzibit. That's right, Xzibit is going to be a FBI agent. I like how The X-Files is actually moving forward and not relying on so many actors from the early 20th century like they did on the television show. I know I am probably wrong, but I honestly can't remember if they ever had any characters on the show who were other than white.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly who is a blind item on here somewhere has also signed up to play a role, but no one can figure out what the hell he is going to be doing. The film has been shrouded in secrecy, but it is known that the movie has a complete stand alone story and is not a sequel or continuation of the 1998 film. Damn, has it been nine years? Did Billy Connolly and Whoopi Goldberg used to be together or was that a movie or a really bad food poisoning dream? I seem to remember dreads and a kilt somewhere in my mind but am too lazy to look that up.

Anyway, I love the X-Files, but am ecstatic for Amanda. She gets to be in a cult film that will be shown forever. She likes cookies people. Lots and lots of cookies. No, not that kind Jax. Just regular cookies. Macademia nut if you have them. Preferably not store bought.


kevin said...

Looks like a reveal here, but not sure which one.

kevin said...
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Kara said...

mmm cookies

Trix said...

Ooooh BUUUUuuuuuurn. EL referred to Jax's little pothead ways. LOL.

jax said...

lol..cookies. cookies are for amateurs! god did i spell that right?

Don't worry we'll be nice to Amanda..its David Douchecoveny that's gonna get ribbed by the locals.

jax said...

grow up. its not a burn unless you care..which i don't.
Pothead? ha not friggin likely.
Narrow minded much?

kris_r said...

lotsa love here today

onecrazypeanut said...

Crap....I lurve Billy Connely....Cant be good to be a blind item here.

I hope hes not a pervy pedo or wife beater.

Anyone have any ideas which item? I have looked, but am in denial I guess.

Jolly said...

Pot can make you paranoid, Jax. You care, oh, you care. :)

jax said...

one crazy..i've looked and i can't find anything..i think its wayyy back at the beginning of the blog.
i love Billy

kris- TONS!!! happy friday ya'll.

jax said... really. I care that a 23 year old thinks i got burned ny an anon blogger? ya im gonna go cry my little red eyes out.

I don't care- but it does take away from the blog and no one comes here to hear anyone rag on other posters.

Its called a joke people sorry if humour offends ya!

scumkid said...

looks like the other person was joking as well. i think you're being too sensitive, jax. the 'lol' at the end implies a joke. jeez.

kris_r said...

well said scumkid

Trix said...

Funny stuff, Jax. I actually AM a pothead. Defensive, much?

(It wasnt that bad of a comment, methinks you're a little touchy on this one)

Trix said...

"I care that a 23 year old thinks i got burned ny an anon blogger?"

I love how you put my age in there, because thats the only information you know that you can insert in there about me. LOL. I dont know if that means I'm older or younger than you, but considering some of your past postings, including the ones that got your little mention in the EL's post today, I'm gonna say that I'm probably a little older.

bionic bunny! said...

who cares? i'll eat cookies with ya, jax, i'm no snob.

billy conolly--yay! i can sit and listen to a scotsman all day long... with or without kilt!

i don't remember billy and whoopee ever getting it on, did they? i remember she introduced him to the states, but i don't remember the year.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Is Billy Connelly tall?

"Which tall comedian is pursuing a married woman? This ladies' man is totally besotted with the hot blonde - but then so is her hubby..."

Mia said...

hey trix... wanna roast some cookies? lol.

finally i'm not the only self proclaimed pothead.

onecrazypeanut said...

Hey...dont bogart that doob. :D

...and when I saw Connely from what I remember he's about 6'2'ish.

Private said...

BC bud... yum.

Tigerlily said...

I don't usually respond to posts on this (or any) site but as a Vancouverite and an X-Files fanatic (I have the whole series on DVD) I would like to say that since day one, there have been TONS of multi-cultural characters, both recurring roles and single episode appearances. I won't make anyone suffer through the list, but in the beginning there was 'Deep Throat' and at the end there was Assistant Director Kirsch (both black men). In between there have been many, many characters of many, many different races and creeds. A lot of the episodes were based on various cultural and religious myths, legends, and doctrines so cultural diversity was built in.

I just wanted to share... no criticism intended =)


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