Friday, December 07, 2007

Random Photos Part One -- Full Frontal Friday Version

Two of my favorite people in LA. Keith Collins and Jill-Michele-Melean practice their wedding pose at a recent event.

If you have never seen Mary J Blige live, you need to do so. This is from her CNN performance last night.
I still don't know why Playboy put Amanda Beard in their magazine. I understand it was a celebrity thing and some men think she is hot. I kind of think she looks like Suzanne Vega with breasts.
I don't care if Anderson Cooper stands next to a naked Rosario Dawson, it isn't going to change the mind of anyone.
Burt Reynolds is in here. Why the hell would I put him in here you ask? Well, full frontal today is two actors, and this one is an old hairy one, but thought you might like it. NSFW.
I'm glad Mary Kate Olsen is feeling better. She doesn't look better. She actually looks pained which is no surprise because she the necklaces she is wearing weigh more than she does.
I am going to have be nice to Lindsay Lohan. She was back at the American Red Cross and this time they just let her come to them. She has actually gone a few times since her initial day that was reported. She even bought the entire place lunch one day. From someone who personally knows what McDonalds can do to a body, she may want to avoid eating there because she could start to get a little belly. Whoops.
No doubt the kid just said they hated mommy to make Chris Robinson smile like that.
Jude Law. Old photo. Not current which means he must be our other full frontal actor of the day. NSFW
The good Brittany. Brittany Snow looks incredible as always.
So Mel C played an acoustic show at The Mint last night which was allegedly awful. But, it was sold out. How was that possible? Because Victoria Beckham told everyone she and David Beckham would be there. She has to support all her fellow Spice Girls because when she doesn't show up at one of their events, she takes crap. We already know she doesn't like to be bullied.
Wow. Taylor Dayne. I love you, but stop with the work on the face. Now. Plus, I think she is wearing the same dress as Mary J Blige.
Renee Zellweger shows off a bunch of leg so we all get distracted and don't look at her face. It worked on me, but I'm shallow. Kind of like her. Nice huh. She and I have something in common. Neither one of us have slept with Kenny Chesney either so I guess that is something else.
Rachael Ray will do anything to show us how much she is in love and in a happy marriage. Do you think she has to pay her husband extra to pretend?
One thing you have to say about Ryan Phillipe that is good. He does seem to be a great dad. Of course it could also be said that he is a crap dad because he cheated on his wife, thus causing the absence from the son which then requires us to say he is a great dad when he goes to see him.


kellysirkus said...

well, if we are to believe Lainey's Riddle, Ryan is NOT a great dad if he made his girlfriend have a "procedure"

Anderson, is that your hand in your pocket or are you packin'?

kellysirkus said...

p.s. I think Posh is rockin' a little Beckham bump

DNfromMN said...

Burt - I like hairy, but not like that.

Jude - I normally like this guy, but his naked doesn't do it for me. Clothed does though. He was sexy in the Sleuth remake that came out this year (even if it was a filmed play).

Rachel - look for the picture of him forcing a kiss on her. Her eyes are so not into it.

Andy Cooper - I'll put a check into the silver fox box.

jax said...

wtf is rosario wearing?

oh good ole that from Cosmo of Playgirl? Too bad he's had so much work that his forehead now starts at his shoulder blades.

Burt there comes a point where your facelift comes full circle. STOP.

jax said...

oh hello cad.
Not a bad size for flacid...right Tracee??? lol

Renee fire your stylist...every last one. That do is a DON'T.

ryan..sleaze or not he's the hottness.

Kory said...

Holy crap!

Burt Reynolds - gross!
Jude Law - uncircumcised and gross!

Ugh, here comes lunch back up!

Please choose more wisely next time. On the plus side (or is this minus), I will not gain any weight today.

princess pea said...

Burt--that's the old Cosmo shot. Nice and hairy, but not quite full frontal a la Jude, and speaking of Jude, I second kory's comment, uncircumsized--yech!

curious_cailyn said...

Hey Enty! ...Keith Collins and Jill-Michele Melean practiced LOTS of poses at the Randy Jones CD Release party, didn't they? Nice of them to give you so may to choose from! ... QUESTION: Sweet/lovey AMERICA YOUNG (w/her cute BF, Cam) was photographed there, too.. So why didn't you share any of HER pics with us??

Happy Friday y'all! :)

Jolara said...

So, does anyone know the real story of what was that tornado about named kenny & renee?

Curious_cailyn-Is that code talk? LOL

jax said...

no kidding you lost me too.

bionic bunny! said...

ah, yes. good ol' burt. first nekkid man i ever saw.
and, IIRC, first legit one the country saw. my mom still has that cosmo.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Hi, I am one of those people who click on things, at work, even though it clearly says "not safe for work".

And then my PC froze.

kellysirkus said...

here is how much Ra Ray loves her hub

Melissa said...

hahahaha poor harriet!

Yellow Rose said...

When I read that you & Renee have something in common, my first thought was, "does that mean Ent is also from Katy?"(b/c of the Texas/Eva/A&M-Kingsville connection)-then I read the next sentence. That "relationship" came outta nowhere & sure seemed to me like a HUGE publicity stunt. I like them individually, but definitely not as a (very odd) couple.

(FYI: I'm a native Houstonian-and also a lawyer ;) )

Stacy said...

Jude's diddle is as skinny as he is - pass.

Burt was a hot bitch back in the day, but that photo was totally unnecessary.

Cosmic said...

I took the comment about Renee to mean that both Enty and Renee like chicks.

Stacy said...

Hey EL, how about some pics of that hot new Aussie from Moonlight, Alex O'Loughlin.

Dave said...

That Cooper/Dawson pic is one of the weirdest pics I've seen. Maybe they're some new crime-fighting duo.

That's a hot pic of ol' lemon face, get a couple of Newcastles in me and I'd be all over her.

curious_cailyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
curious_cailyn said...

Jolara and Jax: Sorry - I guess my comment was a little "oblique"... I was really just trying to give Ent a hard time! :)

To be more CLEAR: I was referring to the 1st photo (which you probably blew past b/c you've never heard of Keith Collins/Jill-Michele Melean). It was taken at Randy Smith's CD release party in West Hollywood on Monday, Dec. 3. (Randy is one of The Village People, and Ent posted his pic on Dec. 5). America Young ("WD") attended the same party & was also photographed there. But of course Ent didn't post HER photo, (OR mention where/when Keith/Jill's photo was taken) b/c he didn't want to leave any "clues" leading us back to America.

If you look America up on WireImage, etc., you'll see she's NOT exactly a regular H-wood partygoer(!)... So it's a bit coincidental that the ONE person who TOTALLY fits the "WD" profile just happened to attend the same OBSCURE party as two of Ent's "favorite-est people in L.A." Oh, and in WD's last post, she wrote that on Monday, Dec. 3, she went to "a really cool party where I got to hang out with some old friends and made lots of new ones as well."

FYI: Her boyfriend, Cameron Bender, just happened to have a small role on...the "Gilmore Girls"! (And if you don't know about Ent's connection to the Gilmore Girls yet...I give up.) Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why "WD" IS America (aka "Danielle") Young, but I think I've rambled on enough for now... :)

...So does that help? ...Do you wish you hadn't asked?!

DNfromMN said...

cailyn, are you saying that Ent just tried to throw me off the scent? Hmm.

Cyn said...

There's nothing 'yuck' about an intact penis. The only people who think that way are those who erroneously believe that a cut one is 'normal' and/or 'natural' (it's not); their belief is based on the stupid cultural tradition of routinely amputating genital parts from baby boys for no good reason. Intact is the way men are born - and it's the way they should be allowed to remain until they become an adult and have the ability to decide whether they want to have cosmetic surgery performed on their privates.