Friday, February 29, 2008

Kudos To Shia

I hate when stars try to rationalize bad behavior, use every excuse in the world, and blame everyone but themselves. Shia LaBeouf, in an interview with the UK magazine Empire talked about his arrest last year and took all the blame which I wish everyone else would also do.

"That was complete and utter insanity. I was an asshole, and it was a mistake I'm still completely embarrassed about.

"I was in the middle of a strange mind state, having just come off a three-month window of focus. I can't diminish what happened at all. But I can say this: I'm not the first 21-year-old to be arrested for a misdemeanor.

There are lessons in life I need to learn, and I'm learning all of them in front of the public".

Most celebrities would have just gone with the middle paragraph and probably also added the last sentence as well. There just are not very many who would admit to the world they acted like an asshole. Everyone probably acts like an ass at some point. I don't have a problem with someone acting like an ass once, as long as they also own up to the fact they were one.

Too often a celebrity hems and haws and throws out crap that their publicist thinks will spin it the best way. Then, as a result they come off appearing like they really don't care about what they did, and are just trying to skate by. When someone takes the Shia approach, you just confront it, admit your mistake, move on, and people forget. When you start spinning, then you have to keep spinning and then the story stays front and center longer.


lyz said...

i wish someone would pluck his eyebrows.

__-__=__ said...

If one in 100 people here are incarcerated I wonder how many people are arrested. Must be lots.

jindi said...

if he was really the stand up guy he's presenting himself as he would admit he was coked out of his mind and that he has a serious drug problem.

Eve Montana said...

@jindi: he looked high in the picture, i've never heard about a coke problem.

thank you enty for this especially since i've been nursing a shia crush since last summer. totally ignored him up until i saw him in disturbia. you should cover him more and probably will with indy and eagle eye coming out this year.

jax said...

i heard it was a "harmelss drunk at night,just smoked a doob with his buddies and thought it would be funny to go trip around in walgreens."

big deal, i've done worse in the past month.

wtf said...

Actually I'd forgotten all about it. pfft.

Marnie said...

Beautiful eyes. I like the eyebrows, but something else about that picture smells like high school huckster to me. He doesn't look comfortable cleaning up in formal wear. Needs to study Jay Z and work on his pimp roll. So he doesn't look like Mom dragged him away from playing Wii and stuck him in a suit she let him pick out to impress grandma at the Christmas party.

Good on him for owning up.

p m said...

i like the honest approach, too.

my ex should have tried that.

Harriet Hellfire said...

His mugshot was cute. I guess I just like 'em young and drunk.


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