Friday, February 29, 2008

Pink Was A Cheater...Carey Was A Cheater

When you have two cheaters in a marriage maybe the couple should not have got married in the first place. In the newest edition of the National Enquirer they allege that what was once an open marriage between Pink and Carey quickly went downhill when she began hiding all of the women she was dating, and that led to confrontations and Carey going off and not telling Pink when he was with other women.

Seems to me that since both liked women so much, why not just have one big house with a whole bunch of bisexual women to choose from each night. Carey and Pink could have walked around the house in pajamas like Hef and talked to each other in mock British accents as they chose their companion for the evening. Everything out in the open, and everyone is happy.

Instead, according to the Enquirer, Pink was out almost every night for the past six months with different women, and Carey wasn't much better. Although they did love each other, it seems they were both happier being with other people and they split.

The Enquirer goes on to list a bunch of women that Pink hung out with and all the gay clubs she hangs out in almost nightly. I guess Carey was more discreet because all they ever say is that he was a womanizer. I love that word. It is kind of like martinizing.


Twisted Sister said...

It's always funny when someone goes out and buys a pig, and then complains because it's acting like a pig.

DNfromMN said...

martini-zing is that what you do on the weekends, ent?

Trix said...

Meh, we all knew they had an open marriage, and that he seemed to be pushing it. I'd heard a long time ago that she was getting upset with him not telling her about all the women. I had heard the rule was that he could sleep with other people if she was on tour or out of town, but nothing was allowed to get any more serious than just a sexual fling...and then he showed up at an event with some chick, and thats when Pink started getting pissed.

jax said...

ya like we dind't all see this coming. open marriages don't work and they really don't work between a straight man and a lesbian.

Sweater said...

I could never be in an open marriage. Hell, I don't even share my chocolate.

Sylvia said...


What I don't understand is why even get married if you were going to have an open marriage.

I am very old fashion about marriage. I believe in honesty and fidelity. If you don't have that than the relationship will not work.

Rhianna said...

For people who don't live open marriages, you all seem to know an awful lot about how they don't work. Perhaps I see it differently by the fact my husband is gone more than home, but if you have honesty I don't see why sex is somehow NOT honest. If people are happy that way, why the hell do you care?

I'd rather see an open marriage than a contrived one like Sheen is pushing.

Sweater said...

rhianna it probably has something to do with the fact that normally when you hear about them, it's because they didn't end well due to jealousy issues.
Just a guess.
Perhaps there are plenty of examples of them flourishing and lasting 'til death do you part', those just don't sell as many newspapers.

Twisted Sister said...

Rhianna, what does your husband being gone more than home have to do with open marriages?

Sweater said...

Heya Twisted :)

Also if you have honesty I don't see why sex is somehow NOT honest

Here's an example that isn't exactly common knowledge but just about everyone seems to know about in Nashville. Band member of a hugely popular country band in the 80's and early 90's. He's on the road a lot so his wife decides it's okay if he gets oral sex from groupies. She absloutely forbids him to have anything but oral.
Well he goes full shebang (see what I did there?) more than once and brought her a souvenir from the road. They quietly split and she threatens to make it known unless she gets more than what he feels she's entitled to. It actually made some of the smaller local papers, leaked info etc. Then people started saying "well she was allowing x, how is she surprised that he did y, too?"
Story melts away, she gets what he thought was fair, there ya go.

The reason I shared that is because if Pink was saying 'it's okay, just don't fall in love' she's opening herself up to...well, him finding someone that he just may fall in love with. Or at the very least, someone that he may want to spend more time with than he does her.

Also, no I've never been in an open relationship and I never will be. I don't need to try train jumping to know I wouldn't like that, either.

Twisted Sister said...

Hey, Sweater - good to see you posting. You get busy and disappear sometimes. ;-)

Well done on the 'shebang'

jax said...

i've seen people of all sexual orientations do the open marriage/relationship thing and as of today all are seperated because of it. last count was 3 marriages and 4 relationships.

while it may seem like a good idea at the time there seems to be a ying yang factor..someone is always a lot cooler about it than the other at some point.

if it works for you, good on ya. there is no way in hell i'm agreeing to that. to me its a self respect thing. but thats IMO.

Gayla said...

See, this is why polygamy works (more often) and open marriages more often don't. The whole point is to be OPEN about it so the second you go putting restrictions on it, you defeat the purpose. Allow all or nothing, is what I say.

I personally don't see the point of getting married if you're just going to be open, but at the same time I get that for some a marriage is really an emotional (not necessarily physical) commitment. You're just banging those other people, but *this* person you actually love enough to put up living with them and getting all your stuff when you die. And of course the whole point of polygamy is that you feel that way about more than one person and don't see why you should have to choose. That's gotta be hella messy when you're drafting a will, though.

Wasn't that a blind here once, sweater? I think I remember reading that, but then there have been a few blinds about men bringing home the gift that keeps on giving.

Sylvia said...

Some people have to have an excuse to have an open marriage or affair. I guess that's the only way to spice up their marriage.

My husband is on the road often and their are times that he comes home within a month or it might take than a month. Is this a reason for me to find someone? Hell no! If I really care for my husband I don't think I need anyone else but him. At the same time he is caring, honest and makes me happy with the little considerations he takes to make me happy. I don't think their are many men that will be like this. Rare ones so why spoil something that you have good just for an itch.

Twisted Sister said...

Well, like you said, Sylvia, if you're going to be banging anybody you want, why get married or live together in the first place? Jax is right - it's a matter of self respect.

Sweater said...

Wasn't that a blind here once, sweater?

I don't think so. It may have been, if so I missed it. Honestly no one cares about the band at this point, so I really don't think it would cross the Ent radar. If people really want to know just remind me next time I post:) It's nothing too exciting, again the band has faded away. More just a perfect example of a point I was clumsily trying to make.

schneefloeckli said...

Martina the Martinizer would gladly offer her martinizng sevices to P!nk. :-p

Harriet Hellfire said...

I alos like the word "womanizer". It sounds like some sort of sex robot.