Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Photos Part One

For some reason since I saw all those Dirt episodes I have been on a Courteney Cox is cool phase. Are those new breasts?
Angela Kinsey is always cool, and very, very pregnant.
I think that Fuck and Off are probably James Franco's favorite two words in the English language.
Joe Cole is my obscure foreign person of the day.
I cannot wait to hear Jessica Biel's British accent.
Him - Amsterdam
Sometimes Eva Longoria makes it too easy.
I have to give Mandy Moore some credit here. She had just got off a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney and she stopped and took photographs with each and every person who came up to her, so I can forgive her if she didn't smile brightly for each person.
Except for the cankles, I have to say that Mischa Barton is having a very good week in the not fug department.
Wow. I love the book, but I'm thinking that perhaps the two years of celibacy Kathleen Turner was not really as much of a one way decision as we were all led to believe.
Don't you just love when you have two vices so important to you that you can't choose between the two so you do them both.
At first I thought this was the lead singer from The Commitments. Kelly Clarkson does have nicer teeth though.
I don't really have anything to say about Zac Efron except that they are filming this movie at the Gaiety Theatre.
Wyclef Jean with the new look. I like it.
The Vivians - London
I guess having the Queen open your store is better than having Jerry Mathers.
I must be in a good mood because I think Mena Suvari actually looks good here. Her boyfriend looks 12, but she looks good.

27 comments: said...

I totally heart you for putting HIM in here. Last thing I expected to see today! Mwaaah!!!

nothingsacred said...

my friends band opened for Ben Lee/Mandy Moore in australia. they're called new rules for boats. they're good :)
i can only imagine how sick of all the pregnant "poses" Angela Kinsey has to make in front of photogs.
Courteney and David, though maybe they're not working, are still cute together. Davids looking a bit rough there, but oh well.
Whats with the squinty eyes all of a sudden being "hot", I don't think James Franco is all that. i saw that Sonny movie, i can't believe i remembered the name. I didn't like it. lol
Oh, and I woke up and the tv had Patch Adams on. I was thinking to myself WHAT movie! Is Mischa Barton in with Robin Williams. Then I realized it was Monica Potter or whatever.
People used to tell me I looked like her. When I had updated regularly blonde hair.

mandythegreat said...

Wow, the Queen looks amazing for being 80 years old.

Courteney Cox also looks like she might be gaining a pound or two.

Zac Efron. Not much to say, other than he's gayer than a maypole.

Good Lord, Kelly Clarkson looks like a dude there. Bless her heart.

Katherine Heigl, I don't have any love for her. For some reason, she just rubs me the wrong way.

Mandy Moore looks good for having been on an airplane and probably not expecting any photographers caring about her.

Jessica Biel + English accent. Does not compute.

DNfromMN said...

Courtney probably just got a wonderbra. I doubt they're new. And she looks better in that picture than any of the other photos I've seen of her this week.

Mena does look really good there. Her hair is growing out nicely.

Alice.W said...

Why's Jessica Biel holding a hot water bottle, it's not even cold here - weak.

jax said...

everything else on Cox has been tweaked within an inch of it's life why not the tits?

she needs to STOP all the shit she is doing now before we all think its Janice Dickenson. not a pretty look.

gaiety lol...

kelly- good news Pink is single again!

i have yet to meet someone who actually likes Heigl. Holier than thou party of one!

i love the Queen, there is a great doc out now on her at this age and she cracks me up. she was talking about fax machines and saying "what would one do without ones fax machine?" (ps did you know she served in the military driving jeeps and fixing flat tires in 1945??) moxy!

Kristen S. said...

Anyone that gets pimped relentlessly in the media, even before they have done anything "big" or noteworthy, really irritates me. That would be that Heigl whatsherface.

Twisted Sister said...

Jax, I didn't know that until I saw The Queen and it showed the scene where she's out and the jeep gets stuck, she calls one of her people and rattles off all the things she's already tried in order to fix it and ends with something like, "I WAS an auto mechanic during the war!"

She's great!

sloanegal said...

Lurker, new poster. Dumb question probably but Jax are you the j jaxson from the blog? Is it something others already know or have asked before?

jenner said...

Since when is Joe Cole "obscure" !??!?!?!?!?!? LOL

LOVE Mandy Moore. Total girl crush.

I wish Mena Suvari kept the shaved head look. I never thought of her one way or the other until she shaved her head. Then it was like WHAM - another girl crush lol. She just REALLY pulled it off, IMO...

jax said...

sloan girl- no i am a female in vancouver not some pervy blogger who sends sex tapes of himself to Perez for hits. lol.

jax is short for Jackie.

selenakyle said...

James Franco looks like Charles Bronson--totally cooooooollll!
Kinda like Brad Pitt, who's lately rocking the 70's Steve McQueen/ Robert Redford vibe.
I LOVE the hot retro dudes!
(although I have no idea who James Franco is, however...)
Wait--oh yeah--Green Goblin's son in the Spidey movies?

Miss X said...

So who's the woman with the books?

Twisted Sister said...

miss x - I had to look three times, but I'm pretty sure it's Kathleen Turner. Sad, yes?

sloanegal said...

LOL sorry jax

sloanegal said...

yeah Kathleen Turner. Just read in Post that she "collapsed" again and had to be helped out of theater. What happened to the no more drinking?

Jac said...

Snap Jax...
Good God Efron is in my breathing space...ugh.

flamingomom2 said...

I almost hate to admit how much I love Dirt, too.

I loved Katherine Heigl in the Roswell days, but now I just think she needs to buy some Nicorette.

Mena has Hilary hair!

Suzy said...

Wow, someone doesn't know what a cankle is.

Kim said...

Thank you for putting HIM in today's pictures! You made my day. They are amazing live!

Thanks, Enty.

someone said...

Mena Suvari is gorgeous.

Zac Efron has clearly had a facelift. Can't these people see how ugly they look and how old plastic surgery makes them look? I hope they continue getting more work done so that I can continue to laugh at their poor choices.

How many real people actually think Zac Efron is hot? I do not believe that he has real fans that are female.

GammaGirl said...

@someone: I find the fan girl fascination with Clay Aiken 2.0 just as puzzling as you do. He's too pretty for me. I like my men to look like men.

Thanks for including Him, Ent!

Katy said...

Brenda, you're a HIM fan too?? That's awesome.

Enty, thanks for making my day by putting a pic of Valo up here.

And is it odd that I find Franco slightly attractive looking like that?

Marnie said...

As soon as Franco learns "me" and "now" I will be there to chew through his pants.

p.s. don't make fun of ankles. There's nothing you can do about them (surgically, unless you want to get calf implants), and you can't wear heels or pants all the time. It's just mean.

schneefloeckli said...

Doesn't Kathleen Turner have some kind of illness and had to take a lot of drugs [as in medication]?

Dirt is such a slutty show, I looove it. She masturbates in every episode and she does it really well IMO. I'm glad it'll be back tomorrow. said...

wow... james franco looks oddly HOT to me here. i thought he was cute in that movie 'city by the sea" too, but that was years ago i guess.

mena suvari looks like a soccer mom who has been home for too long and the only barometer of cool she has is her kids high school babysitter, so she did her best to copy that look for her big night out on the town with her other married girlfriends. blegh, sorry it just looks old trying to be young to me.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Looks like they finally had to deflate Jessica Biel's lips.