Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eddie Murphy Found A New Sucker

No, not like sucker as in someone sucking. Because then what would Johnny do. Instead, I meant sucker as in someone who believes the stuff Eddie Murphy is shoveling. According to In Touch, Eddie is dating a waitress with the name of Lara LaRue. Seriously. That is her name. Sounds like a tranny name doesn't it? Maybe she is a tranny and that's why Eddie is allegedly in love. No, she isn't a tranny. I don't think. She is the half-sister of Eva LaRue who is on CSI:Miami.

Eddie has been sending Lara flowers everyday and just being his usual charming self. According to the source, Eddie is already talking to her about moving in. Moving in by the way does not really mean sleeping with Eddie. It just means moving in so the world thinks he is sleeping with her.

For her part, Lara had this to say. "I know Eddie. He's an amazing guy. I respect him and he respects me." Wow. That is true love. Amazing and mutual respect. That won't last. Oh, if you want to hang out with Lara or see her up close, and you live in the LA area she works over at Sushiya on Sunset. The food is really good there, and it sounds like a floor show is a real possibility.

Lara is the one on the left in the photo.


Twisted Sister said...

For her part, Lara had this to say. "I know Eddie. He's an amazing guy. I respect him and he respects me."

This sounds like the same pap Katie Holmes said about Tom Cruise. Do these idiots go to Beard School to learn this stuff, or what?

Sylvia said...

lol@beard School

Why are the women that hang out with gay guys are called beared? I still don't get that I understand fag hat but not the beard thing. LOL

Twisted Sister said...

Sylvia, I think the phrase may have come about because beards often make men look more manly. Like those other beards are meant to

Sylvia said...

ohhh ok lol. thanks twisted.

deity2 said...

I wonder if this is the same sister who had some "modeling" photos takenby that serial killer years ago, who then went back and killed quite a few of the models?

doris said...

Eva Larue...i remember her from All My Children! (or was it General Hospital?). Mr. Murphy will always be on the DL, nothing can sink him. Not even getting arrested trying to pick up a tranny prostitute. That's how good his reps are.