Monday, July 14, 2008

Courtney Love Needs To Grow Up

I keep expecting Courtney Love to grow up, or get older or get a brain. You would just think that after 40 or so years on this earth that someone, no matter how many drugs they took would start to get their crap together. Apparently Courtney hasn't quite found that level yet though. She is kind of like Billy Madison, but is having trouble getting through that third grade year.

In her latest hieroglyphic rant on her MySpace page, Courtney lays into Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins because he isn't going to attend Fances Bean's 16th birthday. (I know, I know, the Bean is 16 and we are all ancient.)

Unless you are a parent or a child of the birthday person, since when is not coming to a birthday party a trashable offense?

"A sweet sixteen is a big event and I think she looked upon you as family. I know she did, as a trustworthy and wise (child), and you can't lay your shit on a child of nine, and you as a man of 40 - my child sobbing, due to you, is unacceptable. I hate stating this on some random public forum, but the line is the kid, man."

Umm, then don't state it in a forum. Pick up the phone and call him. What makes her rant really hard to understand is that she is referring to a child of nine. Now, Billy Corgan did live at the Love household for whatever reason back in 2006, but by my math that would have made Bean 14, and not 9. The nine could be referring to Courtney's age, or the number of drugs she takes everyday, but the kid is 16.

I also doubt that the Bean was crying that Billy wasn't going to come because of some emotional attachment, but rather the fact that she probably told all her friends he was going to be there and play or something. Is there a rule that says that anyone who has visited your house for longer than a couple of weeks has to attend your 16th birthday party because if there is, then I got seriously ripped off when it came to presents.

To make Billy feel even worse, the heroin one writes, "Gearrd Way (sic), who would do it in five seconds and has even asked and begged for his bandmate to cancel out on the honeymoon of his (coinciding with the sweet sixteen) so he can do it, made sure to promise to be there."

My Chemical Romance is a great band so everything should work out great. If Courtney's story is true, then if I were going on my honeymoon and Gerard asked me to do it, I would tell him to f**k off because as much as I love the Bean, it's your honeymoon. If I were the newly married wife I would be pissed. My guess is that said bandmate will not be there despite the threat of a heroin addled rant headed his way.


Sexecution said...

So really she was just booking a free band for the party? Way to go Court! She's teaching this kid to use other people when it's convenient to use them to get what you want.

Frances seems like a pretty great kid, so I am guessing in some ways Courtney is a good mom, this just wasn't one of the times she was giving her a good life lesson. Also, through in some graciousness as well, it goes a long way.

MontanaMarriott said...

Wow, thats a great picture of Courtney.

Instead of looking like a heroin addict she actually looks like a high priced call girl, Let's hear it for cosmetic surgery, it creates miracles!

Liz said...

I think she meant "child of mine."

Kara said...

I think if I were 16 again, I would be more embarrassed about the public tirade than I would be that Billy Corgan couldn't make it to my birthday party.

Kara said...

I think if I were 16 again, I would be more embarrassed about the public tirade than I would be that Billy Corgan couldn't make it to my birthday party.

Kara said...

Shoot! Sorry for the double post!

adrian said...

How old is that photo?

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Child of MINE, Courtney! Jesus, I thought she could spell 4-letter words! said...

That photo is around 2 years ago. Courtney has always used her husband's name, and now Frances' - to both intimidate her enemies and to entice friendships/lovers, whatever. Not long after Kurt died, Courtney introduced a concert by Evan Dando by telling the audience that "Kurt and Evan were really good friends" they weren't. But Courtney was already sleeping with Evan at that time.

At another time she wasn't welcome backstage at a Queens of the Stone Age concert, and she tried to avoid getting thrown out by telling Josh Homme that "Kurt loved Kyuss!" (Josh's old band) It's years later, and she's still throwing Kurt's name around trying to be accepted by the music crowd.

Now she's using Frances'name publicly to get some form of attention from Billy Corgan. Yawn

If I were Frances' age, I would much rather have MCR as the band at my party than a tired and played out Smashed Pumpkin.

Courtney is the original poster girl for Attention Whore-ism.

clonie said...

Hasn't Billy Corgan been involved in Frances Bean's life for a long time, though? Perhaps that's why his absence is upsetting to Frances. If she truly looked upon him as family, his refusal to attend her birthday party could really be hurtful.

I'm not justifying Courtney's actions, which are batshit crazy. However, Frances might have been really disappointed.

Gayla said...

I love you Ent, and yes, it IS Courtney Love, but you do have to appreciate the irony in you, the king of typos, going off on "child of nine" when it was clearly a typo. Come on, the n is right next to the m on the keyboard!

But yeah, this rant was cracked out and she should have CALLED him and left a message if it was that important. Like someone said above she is just using this as an excuse to pull a public power trip on someone, however legitimate her actual complaint might be. Corgan does not want you anymore, Courtney. Now let it go, shut the fuck up, and sit the fuck down, please.

Judi said...

You're right, Enty; she needs to grow up. If Billy's that much a part of the family, he can schedule another day to see them after the gig, but it's insane of her to think that he's going to reneg on a contract, a paying gig, and inconvenience thousands of people for anyone's b'day party. He's not the only one in Smashing Pumpkins. And if that bandmate of GWay's wants to stay married, he'll say no, too. 16 yr olds would probably prefer a DJ anyway. Honestly! Much ado about nothing.

Jamie's Girl said...

Actually, this is Kurt Cobain's kid too. Let's face it, we all know when the kid turns 16. If she wants him there, she wants him there. It is personal though and Courtney needs to pick up the phone. But she has probably made 40 drunk dial phone calls to his ass, asking him why he's ditching. Anyway, it is Frances' Sweet 16, and by God, if she wants her Uncle Bill Corgan to perform, that ragball needs to be there. You only turn Sweet 16 once. Sorry, Courtney is right on this one. Enty is such a .......guy!

Moonmaid said...

It astounds me that as addled and nuts as Courtney Love comes off, her daughter seems so grounded and mature - like the parent. I'm sure Frances is embarrassed, but at least she knows her mom cares about her, unlike some celebrity parents. CL is a tad unstable, to say the least, and I've read interviews with her and Billy Corgan where it's obvious they have a long and affectionate history, interspersed with periods of acrimony. I think he is probably used to dealing with her, and for us to put our normal reasoning POV on this - well, you're not dealing with a normal, reasoning grownup here, you're dealing with Courtney Love.

I know my own 15 year old daughter would prefer MCR by light years over Billy Corgan at her party, so I don't think Frances is suffering here.

She probably did something way out of line to really piss him off, and he's not taking her calls or answering emails. So instead of laying low, or apologizing and acting mature, she goes on a public rant to try and get her way. She's a big brat, yes, but she'll calm down and they'll make up.

As bratty and nuts as this girl is and has always been, there is something about her I have always liked. There is a core of genuineness under all that mess and plastic surgery, and it is kind of endearing. She'll probably live to 90 years old. She bothers me far less that people like LL or Paris Hilton.

Julie said...

ok, as much as I love Courtney, and have come to her defense even when she hasn't deserved it... I hate it when Evan gets brought into it! LOL
I'm a die-hard Evan fan. Always have been. I do think that it stemmed from my obsession with C.Love but eh, whatev.
I thought she swore off Plastic Surgery, btw.

I agree that Billy Pumpkinhead should kinda be there if Frances wants him. Courtney and him have had such a tumultuous relationship over the passed almost 2 decades. Seriously. She loves him, she loves him not. Either way, shes called him a misogynist on MANY accounts, so I don't know why she's surprised?


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