Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Katie Holmes Record Is Stuck

Someone needs to call the people over at Scientology who fix the robots because there is something messed up with the Katie Holmes one. This week, Katie Holmes gave an interview to Hello Magazine. I'm not sure why she gave one or why any publication will want one in the future if she is just going to recycle the same answers she gave last year.

In the interview she talks about Tom Cruise obviously because he is Tom Cruise and honestly, no one would probably care about Katie Holmes at this point in her career if she hadn't married Tom Cruise.

Oh, on a Scientology note. The guy who audits Tom Cruise and gets him to confess to every little thing, how much is that guy worth to the church? You think Tom Cruise has some security, how about the guy who knows everything. Do you think he can even leave his house or breathe without someone right next to him.

So, going back to Katie. “I love it when Tom tells me I look great. It gives me such confidence." Umm didn't I hear her spew out that same nonsense about 20 times last year. Do they actually sit down with Katie or does someone ask a question over the phone and someone on the other end presses a button.

Any question regarding looks or whether Tom thinks Katie is hot and Katie answers in the same way.

Every answer she gives is exactly like one she gave in every other interview. I think that Hello could have asked her any question about any subject and eventually all the other quotes would have come out whether they fit or not. It's kind of like she is given lines and is told to deliver them in the same wooden style that she has ever since she started drinking the kool-aid.

Here are some talking points to make the average woman in the world like you.

“I try to embrace my imperfections. “But I will forever wage the battle of the thighs! So I prefer not to show them off.

“I am pretty tall. Usually most actresses are tiny and I’m not – I’m a big one.”

She basically has you covered in those two sentences whether you are conservative, liberal, fat, skinny, tall, or concerned with how you look.

Let me know when Colbert interviews her. Until then, it is going to be the same stuff each time. Staged.


Kristen S. said...

She didn't give an interview to Hello...the mag just took bits and pieces of amaaaaaazing and magical crapola she's said over time and regurgitated it.

C'mon now!

Sylvia said...

If they did that it makes her look like a brainless person.

Grace said...

Either way, what else does she have to say? What else is there??

Ernestine said...

She's the most boring person alive: boring looking, boring sounding, etc. She is Dowdy McBlandyton. I CANNOT fathom why people call her a fashion icon. I had high school math teachers who were more sartorially daring than Katie, and I'm sure they said things that were far more interesting. I wouldn't know, because I hated math, but whatever. You get it.


pusssykatt said...

All of Tom's interviews were the same way until he fired his publicist, Pat Kingsley. After that, all hell broke loose, he was allowed to be himself...and it frightened the rest of the world. They're making sure she doesn't get loose and be allowed to talk on her own behalf. She strikes me as fairly stupid anyways.

AM said...

Okay, I hate to side with her because I'm afraid she sold her soul to Scientology but I think having prepared answers is probably smart. How many sites like this are out there waiting to go over interviews with a fine tooth comb? In this age of instant communication and YouTube and TMZ et al isn't it smart to try and control the press a bit yourself? I would do it if I was famous. I don't think I'd want every single private detail about me spilled all over the internet nor all over the tabs.
That said I'm the market for said tabs/internet sites and I'll totally be back for more blind item reveals.

a said...

In Scientology, after you're "clear" you get to "solo audit."

So the only one auditing Tom Cruise now is Tom Cruise. But I bet Dave Miscavige has that pre-clear folder under lock and key.

Ernestine said...

I feel a huge wave of sorrow when I remember that Beck is a Scientologist.

Please. You fuckers have already warped Juliette Lewis, but LEAVE my precious BECK HANSEN ALONE!

Nat said...

Maybe the TomKat camp are paying mags or writers to deem Katie a fashion icon.