Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Photos Part One

The Who - Los Angeles

Does anyone know what Ace Young does exactly these days? Is he pretty much confined to doing birthday parties for 14 year old girls or does he actually record?

Adam Sandler - Los Angeles
Amy Macdonald - Kinross, Scotland
It has been far too long since Alyssa Milano graced the photos with her presence. Welcome back.
Another past American Idol person who keeps turning up. This time Diana DeGarmo at a club in Nashville. Kim Kardashian was there. That must have been fun. Good times.

I don't even know if Danny Aiello has been in the photos before. I tend to stay away from articles or photos of him because for whatever reason, when I think of Danny I get nightmares. I know its odd, but it just happens.
Chris Brown - Lagos, Nigeria
Carla Bruni reacting to the news that someone purchased her new CD.
Bon Jovi - New York

Joss Stone is the woman who allegedly threw herself at Mark Ronson.

Gordon. Get some f**king sunscreen on right the f**k now or I'll kick your f**king ass.
We had Jade Jagger last week, so now here is another Jagger offspring. This time Georgia who is shown here on vacation with her 16 year old boyfriend. Yes, Jerry Hall was there, but still, if you saw the photos of Georgia in a bikini you would know that dude in the funny hat isn't going to let a little thing like Jerry get in his way.
Foo Fighters - Los Angeles
Eddie Vedder then turned and slipped Jack Black the tongue.

Kiefer Sutherland looking good. It must be those unfiltered Camels in his hand. Great weight loss program.

Wow, another American Idol singer. Didn't even realize it until now. See that ring on the finger? Not so much. Oh, the ring is there, just not much else if you know what I mean.
Well there must be at least three or four guys in the world who would find this attractive and who would want a shot at Kate Moss.
Joe Satriani - Sydney
I want you to know that despite Jessica Simpson making numerous appearances on the site, I really have nothing against her. Honestly. I know she has lots of supporters. I do find it odd though that she wants the world to take her voice seriously and only focus on her songs and this is the outfit she chooses to wear for a concert.
Pete Doherty - London

Luckily someone was there to catch the baby when Naomi Campbell threw it at the photographer shortly after this photo was taken.
I think you know I'm a big fan of Mila Kunis, but there is something really strange going on.
Don't you think?
Leire Martinez is the new singer for La Oreja de Van Gogh. Apparently this is a big deal in Spain. I just think it is a cool name for a group. Tough to fit on a ticket, but a cool name.
You know Rainn Wilson was loving this.

And desperately tries to get Pete's number before Pete changes his mind.
Paul Rodriguez wins father of the day honors as he was in Costa Mesa to celebrate the victory of his son. I think it is kind of cool he was there.
Penny Marshall working it like only she can.
I have to say that Prince Harry is my favorite royal right after Lestiza of Spain.

So, with Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel splitting up, who was the homewrecker. Was it Ben Affleck or Matt Damon? Well whoever it was, now they have plenty of time to f**k them.

Everyone seems to enjoy Shia LaBeouf so I'm happy to oblige.
Has anyone ever, at anytime in the history of the world actually seen Spike Lee running?
Disney approved.
Ricky Gervais was in town on Friday and Saturday night and I missed it. Of course since I didn't find out until late Saturday night, there wasn't anything I could do about ti. Looks like he enjoyed the food though. I won't be missing Eddie Izzard next month though.
Zachary Mazur gets the job of a lifetime. Keeping Slash from falling to the ground.

The one and only Whoopi Goldberg.
Love this photo of The Vivians.
The Mars Volta - Rotterdam
Sigourney Weaver looks amazing and Peter Gabriel is a new dad, so congratulations Peter.


jax said...

is mila high or knocked up?
she looks a lil bloaty.

donna said...

WOW .. love all the rock god pictures today ... the who and peter gabriel .. with some eddie and a little slash .. follow up by the fabulous foos .. what more could a girl ask for .. oh yeah .. a photo showing bon jovi's ass .. thanks ent!

kevin said...

So again, who is th genius that gave the greenlight to have someone with a DUI (let alone his track record) be the voice of Ford? Anyone? Bueller.....

K said...

Eddie Izzard knocks Ricky Gervaise into a cocked hat anytime... I'm waiting for your report Ent!

lainiekazan said...

Mila looks like she's been drinking - or at least hitting Chinese food a little hard -- and thought copying the 60's look the fashion shows have been doing would disguise her puffy eyes.

Um, not so much.

Amber said...

Mila's eyes look like they are different colours.. maybe that's what is strange looking? Her eyes look a bit squinty or something.. I'm not sure!

DNfromMN said...

Enty, Ace Young just looks pretty. That's all he ever had, hopefully all he ever will.

I didn't know that Sandler was doing concerts again. That's exciting.

Sylvia said...

Did Mila have work done on her face???

I still can't stand Ms. Bimbo Simpson hehehe.

c said...

Ace Young's debut album is being released tomorrow.

And yes, he is purdy.

valerie said...

OMG, I never thought I'd see my favorite band - La Oreja de Van Gogh - on this site. ENT, you are *awesome*! Can't wait to hear them with their new lead singer. Was so sad to hear that they had broken up, am thrilled that they will have a new singer and continue recording!

icywench said...

Ent...if you could get Eddie Vedder in FFF I would die a happy woman.

Grace said...

When are Ricky Gervaise's twins due?

Kate Moss will always be a catch as long as her bank account is fat.

kimi said...

Loved Jimmy and Sarah together. Too bad.

Ernestine said...

I think Sarah Silverman kinda sucks. I don't think she's funny, and I might be the only one, but whatever.

*shakes head.* Wherefore doth thy dress like such a strumpet, Jessica? I'm trying SO HARD to defend you on every blog I frequent, to like you because you really are so pretty and you seem sweet. But you can't wear shit like that. You little wench, you.

Mila shouldn't wear red eyeshadow. If she can't pull it off, no woman can.

Cute Little Redhead said...

I am truly sad that Jimmy and Sarah broke up. I so much loved them as a couple.

I wonder how long it will take for the reason to come out.

I LOVED Sarah's "I'm fucking Matt Damon" and Jimmy's rebuttal with "I'm fucking Ben Affleck".
Good stuff.

I hope the truth will be that no one cheated and no one broke anyone's heart...that it just ran it's course and so they part still friends. I know it's Hollywood but I can hope.

Harriet Hellfire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harriet Hellfire said...

Slash AND Shia in the same post! Well, I'm just...DELIGHTED! A delighted, dirty old lady. Then again, not too old for Slash! This could really work out!

Harriet Hellfire said...

Oh and as for Mila...I think she's been hitting the Botox.

too said...

Joss Stone looks a mess. Not surprised she's chasing Mark Ronson since he's a big time producer.

Some other producer slated her and Aguilera saying how they'd flirt and come onto producers to get the best tracks for their albums.

The guy had worked with them and Ciara and said they were really diff from Ciara. She didn't try anything underhand to get the tracks she wanted.

Ellebee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
april said...

Am I the only one who thinks Mila Kunis looks as high as a kite?

Melinda said...

No april, she looks totally stoned, and way older than she should.

sassafrass said...

Doesn't Mila have blue eyes?

I cannot stand Silverman.

Love Peter Gabriel.

Melinda said...

I took a second look at the Mila Kunis picture. She's had work done. Her nose looks like it was thinned and maybe cheek implants or her back teeth were pulled. It makes her look older. As for the "stoned" part, I think she always looks that way because of her unusual eyes.

sheetrock said...

Um, if I could wear the dress Jessica has on I would and I would strut around like I was queen f'n sh!t and who ever didn't like it could just suck it! What a blast that would be.

Prince Harry - total hottie.

Naomi holding a baby - Stop scaring me!

Kate Moss w/ a fag hanging out the corner of her mouth - too funny!! She'd hate my State of Iowa which turned smoke free June 30th - oh yeah!!! Lovin' it!!

Quintessential Southerner said...

i, too, can't take sarah silverman. she's tries to be so edgy and offensive that she just comes across as offensive.

i never dug richard pryor too.

Mel said...

You saved the best till last. Peter and Sigourney are both class.

Reese said...

It is a sad day when both Pete Doherty and Slash look better than Kate Moss does.

Love the Who pictures.

Georgia May Jagger is a gorgeous girl; far better looking than her older sister Lizzie.

Sigourney Weaver does look very good, but then she usually does. She's a Hollywood rarity: a true grown-up.

Flora said...


Oh, cake please!

What, no more cake? So, my option is "Or death?"

selenakyle said...

Jess is f*cked up, not sure on what (or what combo), though. Mila, too.

Meanwhile, it's so nice to see Slash's whole face for a change--he's handsome and not nearly as f*cked up looking!

brainypirate said...

We LOATHE and DESPISE Shia LaBoeuf -- please stop showing him!

Dave said...

You can't knock what a singer wears on stage, this is entertainment. If she were wearing that all the time, then sure. Sigh...I'd almost touch her if she wore that all the time :)

Why do Spike and Whoopi look almost the same? (I mean body mass wise).

Sarah Silverman is available?! damn, better take a shower.

Sigourney looks great!

adore said...

Good pics Ent, especially Shia's and The Mars Volta (who are going to be in San Diego :])

Gayla said...

I never liked Sarah Silverman. I always felt like she pulled the "It's shocking and funny when I say it because I'm cute!" b.s. that I can't stand. No, Sarah. It's not funny at all. And it stopped being shocking five seconds after your first routine. Meh.

too, that is interesting! And nice to hear about Ciara, I know she isn't exactly a powerhouse but for some reason I just like her. She seems very sweet, but also very determined to do things 'her own way.' I wish more females in the business would have that kind of confidence and respect for themselves. Do you remember the producer's name?

Sadly I'm not surprised that it's Joss, I remember hearing rumors that she screwed Raphael Saadiq for tracks on her last album (I think it was the last album, anyway).

Yep, Ace actually has an album coming out. I haven't heard any of his songs yet but I've seen some people say it's actually good...we'll see.

Diana Degarmo looks good (I like the brunette hair on her) but something looks very different about her in that pic. And she is working with John Rich from Big and Rich on her upcoming country album.

LOL at Kat's ring. I guess her husband DID pay for hit because I imagine that Kat would have picked out something better for herself if she was going to be the one stuck with the bill.

...and I'm kind of lame so the Idols are about all I care to comment on.

MonkeyHelperL said...

Silverman & Kimmel breaking up is fantastic news in my book because now she's finally going to fade away into obscurity...



Oh please Gawd, let me be right...

adrian said...

Mila's new nose:

Lucky1der said...

just fyi Jessica wasn't wearing that while performing, she was wearing it to a concert, on a date with Tony Romo, her boyfriend. I'm just curious, can any of my fellow ladies honestly say you've never brought out "the girls" for a date?...I'm not even really a fan, just playing devils advocate for the day :)

nunaurbiz said...

ENT, I like you even more now that I know you are a fellow Eddie Izzard fan.

Cake or death?

libby said...

" I never liked Sarah Silverman. I always felt like she pulled the "It's shocking and funny when I say it because I'm cute!" b.s. that I can't stand. No, Sarah. It's not funny at all. And it stopped being shocking five seconds after your first routine. Meh."

THANK YOU gayla! I have been saying EXACTLY that shit since I saw her first (and I think last) "weekend update" monologue on SNL. Girl says naughty things---who gives a shit? She seems so totally self-impressed all the time.

Yellow Rose said...

Paul Jr is one incredibly talented kid (& from everything I've read about him & interviews I've seen, very down-to-earth). BTW-the victory he's celebrating w/ dad is a $100,000 prize-the biggest grand prize in skateboarding history (he's a street-skater).

Way to go P-Rod!!

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

luff, luff the musician photos today Ent!

Pete Doherty was sober enuf to sing on stage? Miracles do happen.

Mila had plastic surgery. Why oh why? She also looks high.

When did Penny Marshall grow that azz?

Bleh, put a shirt on Gordon.

Enuf with the same dress Joss Stone. The 60s are ovah.

Give us the low down on Danny Aiello, Ent. There is sumptin you aint telling us.

Cute Little Redhead said...

I realize that some don't like Sarah's humor and I get that....

I was just trying to look at it in the context of two people who loved each other breaking up.

No matter what some may think of Sarah professionally...she is still a woman and a person who is probobly hurting right now.

Cute Little Redhead said...


Not "probobly"


yeah, I have an issue with spelling. I can't help it.

boobsu said...

Thanks for the link Adrian!

Podbaydoor said...

So Sarah found a new comedian to screw her way further up?

I loved it during the Pam Anderson roast, Greg Giraldo said to Courney Love;
" What happened to you? Your career dried up faster than Sarah Silverman's **** around guys who can't help her in the business."

adrian said...

boobsu-- I always check either or
Most celebs show up on badplasticsurgery!!!

Moonmaid said...

Ah, Joss Stone. Remember when she was a fresh young shy thing who looked like this:

Fame sucks. It really does ruin people. I hope she regains her equilibrium.

Ice Angel said...

Mila used to look so cute with her pug nose and ruined it. It gave her so much character. Her cheeks look sunken as well and her lips look a little plumped up. Why would someone perfect looking do anything to change that? Also-she needs to go back to the dark hair! Can't stand her anyway after her Jesus comment. Believe what you want, but don't trash my faith!

Ice Angel said...

Jessica is just wearing the kind of outfit that has made her famous. I think she looks great and wish I could get away with wearing something like that!

Ice Angel said...

Can someone please tell me what anyone has EVER seen in that skanky, skinny, pasty faces druggie, anorexic Kate Moss??? I've NEVER seen the appeal...and Pete Doherty must either have a HUGE peen or has the best dope EVER to get anyone to be with him...YUCK!!!!

Snautrag said...

Great Foo foto

cinnarose said...

I'm reading this while listening to Won't Get Fooled Again, very appropriate.

I will always love Slash. I don't care how old he is, or what he looks like (and he looks pretty damn good, albeit drunk, in that picture). I would even love him in his carbohydrate, sequined-jumpsuit, young-girls-in-white-cotton-panties, waking-up-in-a-pool-of-your-own-vomit, bloated-purple-dead-on-a-toilet phase.