Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Nothing special that Vince Vaughn has done to earn the top spot today. I just love this photo. Pissed at the pap or pissed because he has got to exercise?
Judging by the number of women taking photos of Aaron Eckhart in the background I would say he has some female admirers.
Amos Lee - New York
So which one do you think has spent the most on strippers? I'm going with A-Rod just because baseball players have 81 road games and basketball players only have 41.
Sure, I guess that is one way to pop a zit.

Colbie Caillat - New York
Christian Bale and his date Sibi Blazic.
Brian Austin Green chose to walk the red carpet.
Megan Fox did not. Take that for what you will, but I haven't seen a photo of them together from last night anywhere.
Tell me again why I'm supposed to care about Aubrey O' Day, because honestly, she's just a waste of space.

Danny Devito on the other hand is just about the best there is. If you think about what he's done and his career, it is just amazing. Plus, you never hear any dirt about him.
I swear to you that David Boreanaz looks younger every year. I age by the hour and this guy looks younger than he did ten years ago.
Clive Owen on the set of his new film which seems to have been filming for about a year.
Chris Isaak - Costa Mesa, CA

Emile Hirsch and his date who looks thrilled to be there.

Any Deschanel is better than no Deschanel as far as I'm concerned. This time we have Emily.
One of my favorite kindness items ever was Eliza Dushku's.
And I hear the clicks as you go find Dominic Purcell on FFF.
So just when you thought Dolly Parton couldn't get any richer she is going to get this 9 to 5 The Musical money. Go look up the films and television shows this woman produced and start adding up the money. I'll give you one she owns to give you an idea. A little show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The one and only Gary Oldman.

Gina Gershon and her date rushed off soon after so Gina could enter the Britney Spears look-a-like contest.
You remember when it seemed like every year either Glenn Close or Meryl Streep won the Oscar for Best Actress. It was almost like there were no other women for any parts other than them.
Hope Victoria Beckham and Venus Williams get along.
In another sign the world is ending, I'm going to say that I really like Eva Longoria's new haircut.
Honestly I wasn't even in a good mood this morning, but I'm going to say that Lauren Conrad looks great. I also love the interview she gave recently where she said she Googled all of her dates to find out not about them, but to see what kind of women they have been dating and sleeping with. Not a bad idea at all.

I almost put Katey Sagal at the top just because I have always thought she was incredible and versatile and always looks incredible.
So had a Queer Eye guy last week so might as well give you another with Jai Rodriguez and Wilson Cruz.
For some reason, one actress I have always wanted to go out to dinner with is Julianne Moore. No secret clues or hidden meanings, just someone I think would be fun.
Meanwhile I'll let all of you go out to dinner with Hugh Laurie.
Olivia Wilde does her best Spanish Princess imitation, but she is showing way too much emotion.

So, how many times a day do you think he changes his underwear?
Michael Vartan is someone always requested.
Maggie Gyllenhaal looking about the best I have seen her look in a very long time.
Liev Schreiber and Morgan Freeman which is why I love these photos.

This is either a plea by Tate Donovan to be included in FFF or he was trying to make his finger disappear for a kid and it got stuck.

You are always asking for the Swedes. Here she is. Princess Victoria on her 31st birthday. Yes, she's lovely.
I didn't know I had Shaq in here twice. He's not really one of my favorite people right now and then whenever I really start hating on him, that damn water commercial comes on with him riding the horse and I start laughing.
Ryan Cabrera and Calum Best at the Playboy Mansion. That sounds interesting.
Another guy who doesn't age is Paul Rudd. Just has that innocent look about him.
No more William Peterson on CSI after the middle of next season.

I wish there were no more Wentworth Miller.
Vanity Fair making fun of itself. Love it.
Uma. Oprah. Oprah. Uma. And a photo to make you speculate about whether she's pregnant.
Talib Kweli - New York


donna said...

Thanks ent for posting a pic of the awesome David Boreanaz .. a home boy from Philly and we love his dad on Action News ... go Phillies!

jax said...

specualte? damn if that ain't a baby someone needs to send some sugar/salt mixture to Uma on behalf of Red Cross.

Ernestine said...

Isn't Sibi Blazek Christian's WIFE? She's more than just a mere DATE, doncha think?! She's gorgeous, too. Do they have children? Man, what genes. Boy, oh boy.

Yeah, I DO love Maggie's dress. Still don't like her, but I DO love that ensemble.

No, Enty. You ARE just being way too nice. Eva Longoria still looks generic and horrid. Now she's a bitchy SOCCER MOM, and what's worse than THAT?

Gina Gershon is gorgeous, but I really hope she wasn't blowing Bill.

I've gotten into Bones, because I really love the chemistry between David and Emily. And they're both smokin' hot, I must say.

And I also love Hugh Laurie. He's such an amazing actor. I was floored when I heard him speak -- I had NO clue he was British!

Megan Fox isn't even attractive enough to be the poor man's Angelina. Her eyebrows are ridiculous and her skin is godawful. Part of Angelina's beauty is that underneath all the cryptic tattoos and wacky knifeplay and whatnot, there lurks an incredibly NATURALLY beautiful woman. Megan is all artifice, and the bitch can't act.

Hey, I've got a question for mommies who read this site who happen to be Amazonian in height: now, I've never been knocked up and I'm only 5'7", but Uma TOTALLY looks pregnant to me. That is NOT belly bloat. That's a fetus, right?

Harriet Hellfire said...

FYI, Crown Princess Victoria refers to non-royals as "regular people". I don't know if she has ever crawled around on the floor looking for coke but I don't think so. Our royals have always been pretty non-scandalous.

MrsRhododendronson said...

Oh my, David Boreanaz and Clive Owen right in a row -- that made my day. And have I been watching too much Terminator, or is Brian Austin Green actually looking kind of hot?

MrsRhododendronson said...
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Grace said...

Sorry, ENT, you would NOT like to go to dinner with Julianne Moore, who said, “I still battle with my deeply boring diet of, essentially, yogurt and breakfast cereal and granola bars.

“I hate dieting. I hate having to do it to be the ‘right’ size. I’m hungry all the time.”

Another neurotic actress who doesn't eat.

schneefloeckli said...

Why no more Wentworth? Did I miss a jackass-BI-reveal or something?

Judi said...

Sibi is Christian's wife... Were you referring to a blind perhaps?
Who cares what Eva looks like? She's a hag.
Love Wilson Cruz. Wish we could see more of his work.
Olivia Wilde is SO gorgeous! What a face!
Waving "hellooooo" to Michael V. Maggie looks awesome. Love Paul Rudd.
I can't even tell which finger Tate is holding! Anyone?
Yes, that would be "Crown" Princess Victoria.

Marnie said...

I say: Uma not pregnant, just another one of us who says "fuck it."

And Angelina may have been a natural beauty, but she's still gone under the knife. Don't kid yourself. However if she can bounce her image back from drinking Billy Bob's blood with a spike in her arm, tonguing her brother and home-wrecking, Megan Fox can too. Just has to find an A list husband to steal and get a better stylist.

Kristen S. said...

I can make my belly do that if I hunch like that. Not as flat as Uma's naturally, but it pooches out more than normal if that's my posture.

Flora said...

Duckshoot's kindness was my favorite as well. Long live Eliza!

Mooshki said...

Dolly Parton & Buffy? How strange!

Ooh, I want to see pics of Venus next to Victoria. Now that's a real woman!

I saw pics of Eva's haircut earlier, and I thought she looked awfully cute too. Gotta give props where they're due.

Julianne may not eat, but she could entertain you while you do. I love interviews with her.

3 more weeks 'til Michael Vartan's crocodile movie comes out on dvd, yay! I was so pissed it didn't make the theaters here.

Yeah, what's the Wentworth problem? He's too pretty to dislike! Damn, I don't want to read that Jackass item. :(

RagDoll said...

Olivia Wilde is an actual princess, too, I do believe. Her husband's principality is I-know-not-where, though.

Gina Gershon needs a new sugar-daddy. She's worn that Karen Zambos dress before.

Dylan said...

Thank you for David Boreanaz and Chris Isaak!!

Katy said...

Thank you for the David Boreanaz, an even hotter David B than Mr Beckham!!

And I never knew that about Dolly. I did wonder how she could afford all those surgeries and the rhinestones!! haha

Ms. said...

off topic... the David Lee Roth impersonator has been identified. And there's a photo with the article :-)


Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

Amen Marnie!

YA, Uma's not pregnant. That is just mommy-belly and happens if you're not paying attention (ie sucking in for a camera). Reese W has one too, haven't you seen?

brainypirate said...

We love Julianne Moore!!!! More Juli in Random Photos please!

Unfortunately, you were a bit off about Glenn Close -- she's NEVER won an Oscar! 5 noms between 83-89 and that's it!

She's an even bigger loser than Julianne (4 noms). Stupid Academy!

Ms. said...

Hey Marnie, you're right - angelina has had plastic surgery. She had her nose trimmed and had a chin implant. I forget which site I saw before and after photos, but yeah, she's had a bit of work. She was still very beatiful pre nose & chin job. Her chin looked fine to me before, but the implant really made her face 'pop'. Her surgeons definitely knew what they were doing.

vamp said...

i think the use of "innocent" regarding Paul Rudd is the answer to this blind:
If I gave you these names you would say, "oh, I love them. They are so innocent and fun." Well that wasn't always the case. The actor is B list. Probably C list name recognition and A when it comes to facial recognition. The actress is A list on television for sure, and B+ list in films. Each of the two is married. When this occurred both were together with their respective spouses, but NOT married to them yet. Oh, both have at least one child. On set romance. Both professed their undying love to their significant others but spent every possible second they could having sex. The only time they ever stopped was during the actual filming and when their significant others paid a visit to the set.

according to his imdb page:
Julie Yaeger (23 February 2003 - present) 1 child
I love him so I hope I am wrong :(

HthrHllywd said...

wooot talib!

I suggest you all listen to Black Star.

He and Mos Def are very talented.

Plus who doesn't love Mos Def as an actor? Italian Job anyone? =]

Jewels said...

K, Vince has a serious case of hyper extension in those elbows, dude needs some muskles to hold them arms straight.

I'm guessing Shak has spent more money on the rippers, 'cause he's GOT more money to spend. Although, now that I think about it, sometimes the guys with the most money were the ones who spent the least, cheap bastards...

Oh please, that's how I pop my zits ALL THE TIME! Especially useful for the ones on my back.
I'm not much into Megan Fox, but I absolutely NEED to know where I can get those shoes. Yes, my name is Jewels, and I am a shoe addict.
Ok, purses too.

Debra (I know, Aubrey) O'Day is slowly starting to morph into her fuck buddy Jenna

Gary Oldman doesn't look like Gary Oldman.

Julianne Moore is so bony. Seriously, she needs to eat something more than yogurt and breakfast bars.

M'kay, that thing Uma's doing with her belly, I can do that. It's called a BELLY ROLL. But seeing as she's quite thin in the ribcage section, she looks preggers.

Snautrag said...

OK. Ent must know that Christian Bale is married so I MUST know what all that was about....

MontanaMarriott said...

Ohhhhh Crown Princess Vicki, LOVE HER! lol

Love me some Dolly, she always makes fun of herself and you gotta love that.

Glenn unfortunately has never won an Oscar she's only been nominated like forever.

Katey Sagal, Miss Peg Bundy, ROCKS!

adrian said...

Uma has been saying lately she wants more kids.

*girl said...

I'm totally in love with Eliza Dushku - she's been my girl crush for years. Too bad whenever I tell people that, their reaction is "who?"

@Vamp: I think you may be right! I was trying to match up the timeline for when he worked with Christina Applegate, but I think she was married by the time they filmed Anchorman. But those 2 would be a perfect fit to the blind!

Sarah Jane said...

David Boreanaz is originally from Buffalo thank you. Let us keep him please, we have so little :)

Sara said...

Paul Rudd and Molly Shannon, during Wet Hot American Summer?

vamp said...

i don't want to be right! i heart him for seeming innocent!

Harriet Hellfire said...

The Paul Rudd guess is a good one...although, that would suck. He seems like such a good guy, but in many cases, the "innocent" ones are the biggest pervs, just because they can get away with it.

But I still have a huge crush on him. He's like, a Shia it's OK for me to want to undress. Hehe.

√Črica said...

gary oldman is my favorite person in the world. the love of my life since I was 11. so THANK YOU

Ariel said...

What an awesome random photos today! I love Talib Kwali, William Peterson, Morgan Freeman, Dolly, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz!!

Willow said...

Damn .. I sure as hell hope Uma is preggers! If not .. that girl needs medical attention - STAT! : /

Grace said...

How can Uma have a pooch like that without any skin hanging over her bikini from her previous two pregnancies? Even a skinny woman would have skin wodge left over.

Maybe she is pregnant...

Or life is really unfair.

Or she had a tummy tuck.

Dianne P said...

re: Uma. I say pregnant. That bulge looks firm, not flabby. Too bad her boobies are obscured in that pose--can't tell if they're bigger, too. That would be a dead giveaway.

poster_child said...

I thought the blind from a few days ago was Paul Rudd & Amy Poehler or Molly Shannon from that Summer movie.... I think this confirms it!

Amy said...

Todays photos were full of yummy goodness! Christian Bale, Wenty, David Boreanaz, Hugh Laurie, ...Yum Yum Yum

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

A couple of things, because it's my b-day and hey, I can nitpick if I want to:

(1) IIRC, Christian & Sibi Bale have been married for quite some time now--my copy of Kevin Aucoin's Face Forward, copyright 2000, has a 2-page spread on her (pp. 44-45, if you're curious), and describes how she left Bosnia, became Winona Ryder's personal assistant, and then married Christian not long before the book came out.

(2) I know what you mean about Meryl Streep & Glenn Close duking it out for Oscars in the '80s, but alas, Glenn has never won one...maybe someday?--and Meryl hasn't won since Sophie's Choice in '82 or '83 IIRC.

(3) Olivia Wilde actually IS a princess--her Italian husband is a prince (pretty much in same only and purely ceremonial), but she joked in Allure about occasionally getting mail addressed to "Princess Olivia".

(4) Dolly Parton owns Buffy's ass? OMGWTFBBQ? Damn, who'da thunk it? I've always liked Dolly, and here's just one more reason to do so.

adrian said...

Happy Birthday Robin!

frou frou said...

what the eff happened to gary oldman? that cannot be him. i refuse to believe it.

c17 said...

Lolz - is CP Vicky a raver? Check out all the candy around her neck!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

OK, 5 other people jumped in to post about Sibi, Glenn & Olivia before I did...sorry about that. (And yes, Olivia's husband's title is mainly name only...damn, I can't type tonight, getting old...)

Grace said...

That is Lauren Conrad's version of Carrie's "naked dress" from the first season of Sex and the City.

Grace said...

Dianne P -- I'm with you regarding Uma. That's pretty firm and hard-looking for not being pregnant.

MAC said...

Anyone else think the Dolly caption confirms the blind about the person that is hard to classify, because she has done everything, but gets drunk on the J&B and comes on to everyone?

trashtalker said...


Glenn Close and Brian Austin Green were at the same party? Yikes.

What if Christian and his wife split, and she's just his date, for appearances? He's famously tight-lipped about his private life.

Megan Fox needs to stop shirt-shopping in the girls department.

Gary Old Man is only 50?? His date is lovely, though.

Tate looks like he got it caught in his zipper.

Michael Vartan and Paul Rudd are both yummy. I will be extremely disappointed if Paul is the "innocent and fun" blind. He does have a penchant for playing major jerkwad roles -- and quite well.

What kind of douchebag gang does Ryan Cabrera think he's in?

duncanpowers said...

Shut UP! Dolly produced Buffy?! I gotta hand it to her, that woman is a business GENIUS.

And you are so right about David Boreanaz. How is that possible? Remember how awful he looked in the Dido video with all that Stalker Bloat?

Carrie said...

What about Gina Gershon being the answer on Lainy's about the woman who hasn't worked in a long time because she is a mistress and now and not 'allowed' to work??? We haven't seen her in something in what seems like FOREVER.

Liza said...

Every edition of random photos seems to me like it's packed with hints for previous blinds. The problem is I never remember all the details to connect the hint with the blind. Good job whoever guessed Paul Rudd. The guess seems spot on.

oh*my*buddha said...

Thanks for the reveal! Paul Rudd is so fun and INNOCENT.

And Christian has been with his wife forever. Either Ent is wrong here or wrong if Bale was a reveal to the blind about the franchise actor who is secretly gay since the reveal said he hadn't played a gay character which discounted him. Or is he a reveal to an all different blind? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Pimmy said...

Writing as a huge Buffy fan, I had never heard that Dolly had a piece of Buffy. So, highly skeptical, I did some poking around and my f-ing god, there she is, Sandollar Productions. Sandy Gallin (the other half of Sandollar) is exec prod on all of Buffy (including the movie) as well as Angel. Dolly's name was never on it. Never paid much attention to the business end, but now my interest is piqued...

redgurl72 said...

I'm in Buffy heaven.

Clair said...

I love Chris Isaak, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel (and Zooey - you're right, any Deschanel works), and Hugh Laurie Best Random Photos EVER. Thanks ENT! Here is hopping for some David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson with the new X-File movie coming out. Billy Connelly is in it...it can't suck right?

Ernestine said...

CARRIE -- you could be TOTALLY right about Gina Gershon. Of course, that Vanity Fair article came out around the same time Lainey's blind did, so she could have been talking about another mistress.

Why do women go for married men, anyway? I worked as a bartender for a while and was hit on a few times by dudes my dad's age with visible rings and I was always simply disgusted. I didn't want to serve them more alcohol, let alone allow them to jump in my pants.

Does ANYbody else think she was referring to that Big Gigantic Homewrecking Whore Sienna and Balthzar Getty, though? He does come from "a legendary family." That's the phrase that always popped out at me.

Lainey seems to know her shit, and her blinds are killer.

de anne said...

Such conflicted emotions about Bale...

Because I love him so, I want him to be happy, so I don't want to imagine any kind of unhappiness for him....but by GOD - if he's now available, I need to fly to whereever he is and throw myself at him.....


Of course, it could just be ENT not realizing that's his wife, etc. etc.

Mooshki said...

Ooh, Vamp, great guess!

"Plus who doesn't love Mos Def as an actor? Italian Job anyone?"

Hell, yes!!! Damn, I wish they'd get their act together and finally make The Brazilian Job!

gillian said...

Damn, the Naked Cowboys' looking haggard. Must be them cold winters and not enough sun screen in summer! Maybe time to rebrand: Warm and Cozy Cowboy?

Love the VF send up pic. I actually thought the original with Miley was ethereally beautiful- then it got all twisted and contorted by overly critical eyes...phew, rant over!

gillian said...

btw, would love the dinner date with Hugh Laurie. Hook me up Enty! But that's a HL in 'House' mode. Masochistic, maybe, but love his US accent on the show and gruff genius persona:-)

bionic bunny! said...


drinks with hugh laurie.
dinner with william peterson.

dessert would BE dr. gregory house, in a naughty mood!