Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I think when you have Helen Mirren rocking a bikini, it is pretty obvious what photo should go on top. She will be 63 years old next week for all those wondering. Amazing.
This photo would have been the top spot, because I don't think a Red Sox player has ever been, or will be honored in Yankee Stadium again. Plus, it's like 3am New York time and they are still there.
Adrianne Palicki is pretty, but I think Austin Nichols is breaking out in the flop sweat because no one actually believes, despite the cuddling that he is actually dating her. Don't see Austin around as much now that he and Jake don't spend their weekends working out and going to bookstores together.
So, favorite female Brat Packer? Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald or Demi Moore. Ally looks great here, but I was always more of a Molly guy.
Demelza Reveley is Australia's Next Top Model winner. Apparently as part of the prize there must have been some personal makeup instruction class with Christina Aguilera. Or Ringling Brothers. You won a modeling contest. The idea is that you are naturally beautiful and don't need to look like Bozo (RIP) to be beautiful.

Def Leppard - Liverpool
Yeah, I'm sure that has true love written all over it. Right under the word Mastercard.
Hey guess what? David Beckham plays the pull my finger game too. Do you think Victoria plays?
Caroline Rhea looks great and looks like she should have already given birth.
For some reason I actually like the Mrs. Roper dress on Hayden Panettiere. I think also I'm feeling a little sorry for her because she had a new single that was released yesterday and no one even noticed. We promise to pay attention in the future. In the meantime, if you want to see a rough version of the video and hear the song, click here.

Gidget Gormley. My favorite dog. Gidget, who rose to fame in the Sex And The City film of which I still have not and will never see, worked the red carpet yesterday and then somehow made it home at a decent enough hour to blog about it. Guess she didn't get any.

Ernie Hudson. Seriously, this guy looks bad ass. No one can go look at Ghostbusters and then look at him here and say that he doesn't look 100 times better now than he did then.
Yeah, the button at the top makes the rest of the outfit almost virginal.

Katie Holmes is like meth to me. I want to stop, my teeth are falling out, but dammit, she just makes it too easy. First of all. LET THE KID WALK!! Seriously, they don't even bother with shoes anymore because they know her feet aren't going to touch the ground. Does she get carried by flunkies at her house from room to room? And at what point can she stop using a bottle? OK, enough about parenting, lets talk about Eli Stone. Would anyone have guessed that the one show Tom Cruise thought was the right one for his wife was the one where George Michael makes frequent guest appearances. Do you think that maybe Tom is hoping there might be a little accidental run in with George, or they can play a game of hide from the park ranger?

Josh Duhamel hears the news that Fergie wants to leave him. No, not really. It is the way the rest of the world would react if she was leaving us though.
Is this the first time here for Jeff Corwin?
Not the first time for Jason Bateman. In fact it seems as if there has been a Bateman in the photos quite frequently lately. So how come Justine Bateman didn't get to be included in that whole Brat Pack conversation. She was big then, but just not in those films. Big whoop.
What every mom hopes for after birth. $1.5M and some airbrushing.

I'll let the other blogs discuss the fugliness of Rumer Willis. What I want to know is if anyone has seen that tattoo before, and what it says.

Richard Belzer in the photo that has made me laugh all day.
Even in Italy they are taking to that crazy new dance called the Katie Walk.
Tell me where else you are going to see photos of Leslie Jordan and Rue McClanahan. Nowhere. Oh sure there might be some sick site that has mashed them together in some porn embrace, but other than that, nowhere.
When sponsors throw money at name even if that person would never be caught dead in their store.

Sometimes, when I drink too much and the photo is taken with really good light and from a distance, I think Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive.

Shwayze - Los Angeles
You want Random Photos? How about Shakira and Ingrid Betancourt. I don't know how much more random photos can get.
That whole dancing relationship kind of ended when the votes stopped coming huh?
Reese Witherspoon on the set of a fashion shoot.

The Hoff with both of his daughters. The one on the right needs to be sternly admonished that Lindsay Lohan is not the authority on fashion.

You know who is hot? Mary Steenburgen. She looks incredible.
I'm too lazy to look this up, but please, oh please let Tom Arnold be seen here with some female relative or close friend of the family.
Samantha Ronson does her best David Spade. Not doing him actually because, hey he might look like a girl, but I still don't think she would do him.
Spoon - Brooklyn
Whitesnake - Liverpool

Just because you almost feel like you have to.
The outside of the most expensive home in the world. $500 million. But hey, it comes with those neat trees.

Taryn Manning just because she never takes a good photo and so when I see one I feel like I need to post it.


Mooshki said...

Thanks for putting Helen on top. My friends and I have been discussing our girl-crushes on her all morning. Hot!

Did anyone watch the Yankee Stadium show last night? It was amazing seeing all those baseball legends together.

So, Jake decided to go hetero for Reese? Poor Austin. :(

re: Posh - don't you have to eat to pass gas?

Hayden - the reason you like the look is 'cause her boobies are still popping out.

Is the Hartnett/Duhamel thing a mistake or a reveal?

Richard Belzer is the bomb!

Ernestine said...

I was HOPING you'd post this picture of Helen, Enty! I saw this shot on dlisted this morning and my jaw seriously dropped. She is the HOTTEST. WOMAN. ALIVE. I cannot BELIEVE that body belongs to a 63 year old!!!! I remember thinking that she looked pretty slammin' at the Oscars, but I had NO idea exactly HOW bangin' she really is.

Oh, and she can act her ass off, too. God, she's perfect. I love her so, so, so, so much. I honestly think that older women are a billion times more attractive than little teenage neophytes who are just learning how to be comfortable in their own bodies.

I honestly have nothing else to say about the other pictures. Helen takes it. She should be proud to be so hot. She's so goddamn fierce it's not even funny.

alan said...

i was wondering about the duhamel mislabeling too. is enty off his game today (see ronaldo from earlier) or is this a hint of some sort.

ent lawyer said...

A mistake. Been seeing so much Hartnett lately that I typed his name.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Rumor's cans look really droopy for someone her age. Ewww.

Mooshki said...

I'm glad you made the mistake - it's fun when you join us in the comments. :)

kris said...

all is forgiven ent...nice to know even YOU make

Helen...unreal...I can only hope...

Marnie said...


Lauren Graham back with Matt Perry? Help a sister out.

princess buttercup said...

EL is off his game unless he was being sarcastic with his Shakira/Betancourt. They are both from Columbia, Shakira is known for her humanitarian work, and Betancourt was just rescued from the FARC...seems natural that the two women would meet.

Sexecution said...

Jessica Alba
Dream Baby
Shotgun Wedding
Lifetime of quiet desperation at being a human ATM for Cash.

What an idiot she is.

princess buttercup said...

Also Helen's body is bangin'...I cannot believe I used that word but it is true. See what wonders a little weight can do VB?

RagDoll said...

Helen Mirren: Ya know, my friends all give me guff for not having any kids (or planning to) and today, I showed them this picture and said "...because she never had any kids!!!" and now I think they'll let me be..LOL!!

Jeff Corwin, YAY!

Is it horrible that I like David Faustino's purchase's dress?

Taryn Manning DOES look good. I like this hair with her complexion. And I'm one who has always thought she looked like a (more) cracked-out version of Lohan.

jw12 said...

Mooshi- I got chills when Mariano Rivera ran out in the 9th inning.

Helen looks FAB.

I think most celebrity kids are carried b/c if not they would run away from their parents. I would carry my son if the paps were always taking pics. Suri probably uses that bottle as a security blanket. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but sometimes you do what you gotta do. I'm sure she will be carrying a different bottle in years to come.

hmmm....Josh D>>>>>>Josh H

Lynne said...

EL, you either need to lay off the juice or take your tippling to the next level. Sarah Jessica Parker still looks like Sea Biscuit, more and more every day it seems.

Ditto, blah, on Rumor's dugs.

irishstayc2 said...

That picture of Dame Helen is just too fantastic for words. i do believe I have a girl crush on a 63 yr old woman! LOL

Thanks for clearing up the Duhmel/hartnett thing - we would have discussed the possibilities of a clue for HOURS!

Why the hell are Rumors boobs so droopy? She's too young for that much flop... poor thing =- she can never catch a break...

always happy to see Jason Bateman... LOVE him.

Ally Sheedy looks like she needs a sammich or 2 or 3...

adrian said...

RIP Bozo. That was sad.
I love the Katie walk.
and yes, from a certain angle & light. SJP isn't bad. Just don't look at her on HDTV. AACK!

jw12 said...

irishstayc2- How bad was your hangover on July 5th?

irishstayc2 said...

Mooshki - i was out with friends playing Bar Bingo (I Know...i know) so I couldn't hear it but did watch it. Big Hank Aaron fan here and was soooo happy to see him. And Mike Schmidt and steve Carlton did this philly girls heart good too. It looked like a great show. Only one I missed was my Tugger...may he RIP

And why the hell wasn't Ryan Howard from the Phillies playing last night?? Travesty i say... Travesty!

irishstayc2 said...

JW12 - hahahahaha It wasn't bad - I was munching on snacks all day so that and a vitamin b before bed set me right on the 5th. God that was fun though wasn't it? Thanks for asking...

kimmypie1 said...

Good God Suri is 2 now. I can't believe they still let her have a bottle. It is horrible for her teeth, absolutely horrible.

And please let Katie's hair be for the show and not in real life? Feathers like that only belong on a bird.

Bryn said...

I've noticed that you never see Suri smile or laugh. Ben & Jen's Violet is always pictured smiling or laughing. Suri - never.

irishstayc2 said...

BTW - probably old news by now but did you all hear that the parole board refused the murderers request for early release so she could die at home.

awwwww what a shame... HAH! Karma baby!

jlb said...

Wow HM is hot - doesn't matter how old she is - she's obviously taken good care of herself.

I would be ever so sad if any of the horrible blinds were about Jason Bateman - he's one actor I'd like to keep my blinders on about.

So whatever happened to Jake & Austin's baby they were rumoured to have?

I think Ted Danson's still pretty hot too.

Beverly Leslie always made me laugh.

AphraelDanae said...

Helen Mirren = hot, fierce bitch.

I hope I look like that when I'm even half her age.

Oh wait, I am. And I don't.


lwall7 said...

Hey Oedipus, your complex is showing. SJP looks exactly the same as in all other photos I've seen of her recently except that one (of two) of her body parts is a little more prominently featured than usual.

lwall7 said...

P.S. SJP does indeed look great.

selenakyle said...

where'd Pony Parker get those boobs? I don't recall them ever being that big before.

Sonia said...

Suri is no doubt not allowed to walk in public because her parents are trying to avoid the whole awkward photo-op of running awkwardly and desperately after a laughing 2 year old who thinks it's hysterically funny to run away from Mom & Dad. Not that I know anything about that from experience or anything :)

chickenrotini said...

Rumer's tattoo says "be present"

Martin Devon said...

So, Jake decided to go hetero for Reese? Poor Austin. :(

Don't be silly, who on Earth would go hetero for Reese Witherspoon?!? LOL!

Don't believe everything you read in the rags.

Hollywood, PR, fauxmance.

Ayesha said...

What you all said about Helen Mirren. She is SEXY.

Rumer looks pretty in that photo! But I agree about her boobs. At least I have an excuse for mine - I'm almost 40 and fed two kids for a long time with 'em!

Production Girl said...

Helen Mirren Looks great!!!!

WOW!!!! Just WOW!!!!

plot said...

Ages ago, I stopped in my local video store (now OFB.) The usual 20 something was behind the counter watching a video with about 6 of his slacker friends. "Wait" he says "she's about to take her shirt off!" All 7 crowd around the screen. I figure it's a porno from the back room after they erupt into "Damn!"'s and "Jesus!"s. I approach the counter to see they're watching Prime Suspect 2 or 3 - the one where Jane comes home, pours a stiff drink, lights a cigarette and gets down to her skivvies.


She was what, 50? Amazing.

Little Blue Pill said...

Mrs Roper dress - LOL! caftans unite

Gidget Gormley - pawsibly sniffin out Moondoggie?

Def Leppard - LOVE THEM. Thanks Ent:*

Rumer - forget the boobs, is that a new face?

Richard Belzer Rocks. I'd do him. bending over not face to face but still....I'd do him.

Beckham - Next California Law "No pulling fingers while driving"

Austin and Jake - What about Monday thru Friday?

Leslie Jordan is a classic. hope he's with us for a long long time.

Rue is more than golden. She's solid platinum.

Mary Steamyburgen

So SJP has a long face, get over it. You want everyone to look alike?

Reese - LOL of all the pics Ent uses the one that says "Maxi B" on the ladder.

HM - fabulousFabulousFABULOUS

Happydog said...

Disagree with you Ent, on Australia's Top Model. I think she looks pretty with the paint on.

Reese looks scared to death.

Jason Bateman is the man! said...

Holy shit, is Ally Sheedy on meth? She is looking BEAT DOWN

Little Blue Pill said...

Reese - LOL of all the pics Ent uses the one that says "Maxi B" on the ladder.

I looked closer and the B could be an 8. Maxi 8......Maxi ate. So what was that blind about, the one about the A-list gay/bi actress who shared a sexual relationship with an old girlfriend of Angelina Jolie's [AJ was revealed 7/4] that totally shocked Ent? Most of the guesses were Reese. Wonder if this pic is confirmation or just accidental.

trashtalker said...

Helen looks fantastic. I don't even think I looked that good when I was 18.

You didn't include SPJ's hand in the photo. Eek.

Jason B. gets cuter, sexier and more adorable every time you post his photo.

I would like to bake Ally Sheedy some cupcakes. I was gonna say cake, or maybe cookies, but I'm pretty sure she'd like cupcakes.

The woman behind Ernie clearly wants to get up all in that.

I'm really fuckin' tired of how Jessica Alba thinks she reinventing motherhood. "I'm going to be strict." "I don't want to be my baby's friend." Get over yourself, bitch.

A tattoo that says "be present"? How very pretentious.

Ent, I had hoped you'd post something about Reese and her anal-retentive house rules. Jake would rather take out the trash when the can is half full than go book-shopping with a cute boy?

Ms. said...

Ally Sheedy is an anorexic and has been battling it for almost 20 years.

This is the best she's looked in years. Seriously. I met her about 10 years ago (very very nice woman) and was shocked by her appearance. Bones jutting out... she almost looked like a skeleton with skin.

Ms. said...

BTW - watching Lainey on e-talk and she just gave the answer to a blind item. Know I read this blind somewhere, not sure it is hers.

Blind Item. Rock star left his wife and children for a chick he met online.

answer - Stephen Page from Barenaked Ladies.

Lainie just said that her sources are telling her that Stephen left his wife last summer for the online chick. Said she didn't know if one of the women he was busted with was that woman.

boobsu said...

Thanks for the scoop MS.!

siwillia said...

I have always had a secret crush on Jeff Corwin. Watched his show for the humor, and just waiting for him to take his shirt off. And the coral snake tattoo on his left bicep is so hot! Jeff, come back!

FreeThinker said...

Here's a video of the most expensive house.


Mooshki said...

lwall7 - she doesn't look exactly the same - she's had her mole removed in the last couple of weeks. :)

Martin D, I thought it was a fauxmance too until I saw Lainey's pictures of them cuddling backstage (when they didn't know a camera was on them). I think Jake & Reese really do have something more than friendship going on.

adrian said...

here's an email I got about SJP's mole. Must be big news if emails are being sent!