Thursday, July 17, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Can you really think of a better way to start off than with pure, unadulterated joy from Kristin Chenoweth at hearing of her Emmy nomination. Plus, it's her 40th birthday one week from today. Congratulations Kristin. Oh, and Neil looks good and the Emmy guy looks like he wants to cop a feel. See, you can get snark and love all in the same post.

She's been a blind, but I don't think Aishwarya Rai has ever been in the photos. As is expected, she looks great.
Another first timer is Christoph Metzelder.

At home with Billy Ray Cyrus. Today on CMT insider we caught up with Billy as he finished running over dinner and was just starting to cook it up on his brand new hot plate. Not wanting to take the chance he would have to share his food with anyone he ate it straight off the plate with no regard to utensils, fingers, or salmonella.
Billy Joel & Tony Bennett - New York
Brad Garrett - Morristown, NJ
Married men live longer than single men. I think Brendan Fraser is a living case study of that point. Jet Li looks great though. Must be married.
So, one of my favorite activities is to watch Dennis Haskins gain weight. It's almost as much fun as Val Kilmer, but the only difference is that if you are ever in LA and have nothing to do, head on over to the Improv where you can usually catch Mr. Belding here enjoying food and drink fit for six. You would think that Celebrity Fit Club would have him on speed dial, but still no appearance.

You know what? I think we all know that David Beckham always looks good. He's like the Heidi Klum of guys. But, Victoria Beckham actually looks normal here, and pretty.
Connor Cruise wants David Beckham to be his dad.
I think Dave Annable's hair is leaning a little to the left. His right. Our left, unless of course you were standing behind him because then it would be your right also.
Carrie Underwood - Twin Lakes, WI
Helio Castroneves does his Tom Cruise impression to the delight of no one.

Gaslight Anthem - Columbia, MD
Fisher Stevenson - Twin Lakes, WI
Eli Manning at the beginning of the night with his wife.
Eli Manning at the end of the night without his wife.

Jon Hamm is one of the most requested photos. It is a nice suit.

This is why there is a random photos. Jason Davis and Jon Lovitz. Who would ever believe it?
"It's vague."
Hoda Kotb might really want to consider an all over spray tan.
Kate Walsh, because, hey I just think it's funny that the first time she shows up in public in a bazillion years is at an event with a bunch of female athletes.

I guess Holly was spending the night at home, you know, doing her full-time job.
You can say whatever you want about Katie Price, but remember she is not a bad parent.
I'm guessing Kevin Garnett has got close to 3 feet on his wife. If that's true, you could stand Verne Troyer on her head and it still wouldn't be enough. Of course this would assume that a person would want Verne Troyer standing on your head.
John Mellencamp - New York
Matt Leinart hasn't been on this site much, which is surprising considering the amount of crap he gets into.

Ummm, note to Michelle Kwan's publicist. You may want to actually turn on your computer on a daily basis. If you don't actually own a computer, perhaps your son or daughter or an assistant could do so for you. After you turn it on, open it to any gossip blog and you would have seen that Lauren Conrad wore this dress two days ago. Of course, this could just be a smooth move on your part because you knew that no one would even notice Michelle last night if she hadn't been wearing the same dress and thus, got your client attention and a bunch of who looks better features.
Matt Dillon still on Ischia. Hell, I would be also. Did you see that place?
Two for her last two by Mischa Barton. Don't worry, I think she'll slip up soon enough, and the world will return to normal.
Speaking of normal, it's the Sutters. So, how long does Trista keep getting invited to stuff do you think?

This is Ralf Schumacher and his wife. No, it really is. She isn't a wax doll or someone trying to do an Ellen Barkin impression. She really does move and talk. Slowly, but she does it.
Prince Charles on the set of his new film. "Horse Whisperer 2" I really wanted to add a : because I had something good, but really, really pushing the edge of snark. But, it will show up somewhere today probably.
Penelope Cruz in W.
This is a blast from the past. Speaking of Blast From The Past, did you see Dave Foley in FFF? OK, just checking. Where have you been Natassja Kinski? I've missed you.
Yaz - New York

Speaking of where in the hell have you been, here's Treat Williams.
Taylor Swift - Twin Falls, WI
TAT - Columbia, MD
Seriously. How many people recognized Rita Wilson?


Janele said...

OMG - why does Rita looks so different????

Emobacca said...

I guess there might be some truth to the rumors that Kate Walsh's marriage is a sham and she really is a lesbian. Ent, I remember your spy's Emmy post last year when she said that Kate and her husband ignored each other unless the camera panned in their direction.

Mooshki said...

Re: Kate Walsh - why Enty, what on earth could you be implying? ;)

Ah, K.G. The Franchise. The Big Ticket. How I do miss thee.

"Of course this would assume that a person would want Verne Troyer standing on your head."

STOOOOOOPPPPP!!!! You're determined to scar me for life!

Mischa needs to snap up a job quick while she looks halfway decent.

Ralf Schumacher's wife - almost as scary as Verne!

"...really, really pushing the edge of snark."

C'mon baby, you can do it. This ain't a family site. :) said...

The best thing Jennifer Aniston could do at this point is STOP DATING OTHER CELEBS. There are all kinds of guys out there, business execs, oil tycoons, politicians, pool boys....

Bad Fish said...

That repeat dress was also worn by Khloe Kardashian, and before Lauren, I believe, but I bet no one recognized it because she stretched it out so bad.

jax said...

rita! dayum girl got the summer special at Dr. 90210.

wha? carrie underwood playing geetar? did she always or is that a madonna move becasue taylor swift can?

jen aniston= paint trying.

mischa,cute dress but did they not have it in your size??

love kristen chenoweth.

jax said...

ENTY that horse does NOT look like Camilla....from the back.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

brendalove - Word.

Mooshki said...

Re: Kristin C. - any other Pushing Daisies fans who wish Ned would dump Chuck for Olive? I love the forbidden love thing, but I'm just not feeling Anna Friel. :(

Jax - LOL!

eileen said...

Thanks for the Yaz love! David Beckham's suit is made of awesome. Matt Dillion looks kind of doughy.

Ernestine said...

Um. I might get crucified for saying this, but Mischa just has an absolutely horrible body. She is the epitome of skinny fat -- like the type of person who just smokes weed allll day long and eats cheetos and plays with her Wii instead of enjoying fresh air and physical movement. I don't think she's done an entire sit-up in her whole entire life. She has relatively big thighs for her size, and her proportions are just...WEIRD. That dress would be alright in her size. I'm guessing she's a six. I'm also guessing that dress is something like a zero. Nuh-uh, Marissa Cooper. Nice try, though.

I feel kinda bad. But then I remember that I'm feeling sympathetic towards Mischa fucking Barton -- who still inexplicably SHOWS UP on red carpets and doesn't have to worry about paying for rent or her electric bill or graduate school tuition, and I don't feel as horrible.

Jen Aniston always looks bitter, and she needs a bra. *yawn* She's boring and hasn't worked in forever. What's her relevance anymore, anyway? All anyone cares about is who she's fucking.

Here's a fun game called Who Would You Rather Do? I'm gonna throw two names out: Billy Ray, or Brandon Davis. Dude, this is, like the hardest decision ever. We're talking about SOPHIE'S CHOICE-type territory. They're both absolutely vile. HE HAS FOOD ON HIS FACE. EEEWWWW.

On a less snarky note: I love that shot of Penelope.

And Ashwarya's mega hot, but she's still not as smokin' as Helen Mirren.

And Yaz RULES! Remember that song "Situation"?

MOVE out. Don't mess arooooound! MOVE out. You bring me dooooown...

adrian said...

Is Jet Li the actor with the secret
overseas wife?

CeCe said...

"Prince Charles leaned in close to his wife of several years, Camilla Parker Bowles, and began to whisper sweet nothings in the direction of her ear, realizing in a quick moment that he needed new contacts, but continued with the sweet nothings because this Camilla was so much more attractive than the old Camilla......"

Marnie said...

Agreed on Aniston's dating. Ending up with a Joe six-pack would earn her a lot of good will with her aging fanbase. Make her look down to earth. Because she will never be "glamorous" - find another niche. What are the odds of finding an acceptably famous good celebrity dad so she can become a celeb mommy? slim. Groupie-dom is just embarrassing, especially with that noodle-y creep Mayer. Not buying the cougar / Stella-got-her-groove-back bit. Please, please develop some kind of original identity. It's never too late.

Boywonder said...

What is the obsession with David Beckham? Ugh! What is sexy about this guy! His body? He looks like every other sports guys! Jeez. I need SOMEONE to answer this. Every time I say it people think I'm hating. I'm not! I just don't see it.

Harriet Hellfire said...

What the hell is Katie Price supposed to look like? A giant clitoris?

jw12 said...

OMG, John Hamm is delicious..

Jennifer Aniston should date John Stamos. I think that they would make a cute couple.

Grace said...

Penelope Cruz is just gorgeous here -- I'm assuming she's doing a homage to Sophia Loren?

Adrian -- Jet Li with the overseas wife??? GREAT GUESS!!!

gillian said...

"It's Vague"- love it!

btw Enty, pretty sure that's not Yaz- looks like Alison Moyet

eileen said...

Gillian, I can't get that link to work but what is that at the end - I won't do things by Alf again...Does she mean she won't sing anything from ALf??? THAT WAS MY FAVORITE ALBUM!!!

blankprincess said...

"Matt Leinart hasn't been on this site much, which is surprising considering the amount of crap he gets into."

Like that sweater...

SFG said...

The only thing Matt Leinart looks like he has been getting into lately is the bag of cheetos. Holy fatman.

Trista Ryan will stop getting invited places when PEOPLE STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. She won a reality show and has thus far stayed married to the guy from it. WHO CARES. I could give a shit "how she lost the baby weight." But then again, here I am talking about her. DAMMIT.

Ernestine, could not have said it better myself about Mischa! Her untoned legs and cankles drive me CRAZY. If she would just do some lunges she would look soooo much better.

trashtalker said...

Billy Ray is so very yucky.

I hadn't really noticed Victoria's fivehead before.

Jennifer Aniston is acting so desperate. And you KNOW John Mayer is too cool for desperate chicks. She needs to chill the eff out. And yes, find a regular dude and not spend frickin' $20,000 a month on "beauty" treatments.

mooshki - I think Anna is adorable. As for Olive/Ned, I get more of a brother-sister vibe from them. I just don't buy that she really truly longs for him.

califblondy said...

David Beckham? Well, if you don't get it, I can't explain it for you. He's yummy and I don't give a crap about what anybody says about his voice, I think he sounds as good as he looks and that is yummy.

Several years ago I read an interview with Jennifer Aniston (Vanity Fair?) and was surprised with how self-absorbed she was. If she wants to screw chubby comedians or homely (yet talented) musicians, I say let her go for it. It's all about her anyway and I will never believe Brad broke her heart in any way.

What in the hell is going on with Rita Wilson? That shit is scarey.

Manda said...

Now is probably a good time to own up to my long time jet li crush:)

The Dude Abides said...

Wasn't Yaz the group Allison Moyet was in before she went solo?

Anyway...Penelope looks amazing. Mischa? Not so much.

Carla said...

dude - you're right on. Alison Moyet was in Yaz, along with former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke.

tania said...

Yay, Dr Horrible!! NPH is so cute.

I'm pretty sure Moyet's group was called Yazoo, not Yaz. Yaz was the singer who did 'The Only Way Is Up', wasn't she?

So, is Ashwarya the actress married to a guy but sleeping with his father? I think so.

That's a nice pic of Penelope.

Mooshki said...

Yep, Allison Moyet was in Yaz.

trashtalker - "I think Anna is adorable."

I didn't say that quite right - I love her, just not feeling her in this particular role, I'm not sure why.

"As for Olive/Ned, I get more of a brother-sister vibe from them. I just don't buy that she really truly longs for him."

I can see that. Even though I don't really want Chuck/Ned to end up together, they, and pretty much any other two characters on the show, have electric chemistry. I think Bryan Fuller has a bag full of magic dust that he sprinkles on his shows.

gillian said...

Thanks for clarification Mooshki- there was an artist called Yaz, so I thought Enty meant llison WAS Yaz. Mistake!

hey Eileen- didn't know how to hyperlink that link to the allison moyet article. Tried it, didn't seem reponsive but you can access the article by entering 'belfast telegraph- alison moyet' on Google. It's basically saying Alison's gig would have lots of new material- so don't expect a trip down memory lane!

eileen said...

Gillian thanks! And also for the record Yazoo is essentially Yaz.

trashtalker said...

mooshki - And Chi McBride! Oh, he's so fantastic on that show. He should have gotten an Emmy nod!

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

Hoda Kotb's tan lines look natural and great.

Tan lines are sexy because they indicate that something was covered in kept private...and its subsequent exposure is like seeing something you're not supposed to see. Its an element of taboo, which is fun and sexy.

A whole 'nuther level: the latest beauty craze of anal bleaching, a terrible development for the exact same reasons.

Don't be lead to believe you need to do unnantural things to be beautiful, ladies. Most things are far sexier if they're simply genuine. Really.

Ernestine said...


TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

Yes. To make the naurally darker flesh there appear the same color as whats on the cheeks. Its an attempt to blend it all in, with no differentiation. All over tan, taken a bit further.

Ernestine said...

Jesus DOGBALLS. Sometimes I really do think this country is the biggest cesspool in the world. I mean, there is NO WAY anal bleaching originated in, say, New Zealand. Or Canada.

I mean, not to sound totally sanctimonious, but people are DYING, maaaan! Aren't there better ways to spend your money?! Keep your darkass anus and donate that money to some sort of charity!

Of course, this is also the era of vaginal reconstruction -- so you can be nice n' tight for your lover!

Again: dogballs. Jesus DOGballs.