Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I can think of no better way to start then this from Holy Taco called "If Tom Cruise Had A Comic Book." If you are having trouble reading it, just click on it and it will blow up nice and big for you.
After the last time we saw Billy Baldwin looking like crap, I thought he deserved another chance. He doesn't look as bad. Am I the only one who kind of sees a DeNiro resemblance?
Dina Lohan at an event called 10 years of gorgeousness. Considering she hasn't ever been gorgeous, I think that is some false advertising. If I were Sephora, I'm not sure this is who I would want to invite to my party.

Okay. So what I gather is that Charlotte Ronson is a clothes designer. So, if you want to look like some kid on Halloween who was forced to thrown on a Flashdance outfit, then this designer is for you.

Really want to see X-Files. Not even a red carpet or anything for Chris Carter, just a discussion of the film, but hey, I got X-Files fever,

Everyone loves Illeana Douglas don't they? I mean did you see Grace Of My Heart?

Heidi Newfield - Twin Lakes, WI
Gloria Trevi - Miami
Fonseca - Miami
Yowza. Felicity Huffman looks great. Did she change something. Everyone is looking so different lately. Maybe it is because it is summer or something.

Oh my. Kelly Osbourne actually looks really good. One thing though is she is like what, 21 or something? Perhaps she may want to consider doing something about the breasts, because I fear that by the time she is 35 they will also be kneepads.

Until yesterday, Kristin Chenoweth hadn't even been in the photos and now she is in twice in a row. I think it is because I watched RV again last night. I know, I know, but I love it. She's hilarious in it.
Keith Anderson - Twin Lakes, WI
Don't get to see Judy Tenuta very often. I miss seeing her all the time.
Errr. Ummm. Joan Rivers ladies and gentleman. At some point do you just want to stop trying to stop the aging process?
Brian Wilson - Brooklyn

Don't you think that Miss America is probably trying to line up that Pro-Activ spot as we speak.

Except for the Samantha Ronson hat, I think Lindsay looks great. Incredible actually.
Even Lydia Hearst looks great. She doesn't seem to be suffering anymore from the I'm sleeping with Cisco Adler so I have to look like a skank look which was perfected by Mischa Barton.
Luis Fonsi - Miami
So in an obvious bid to get attention, Kat von D goes with the blue eye shadow. You know, because no one would ever notice her otherwise.
Dierks Bentley - Twin Lakes, WI

Didn't even know it was Nicollette Sheridan the first time I saw it.

Natasha Bedingfield - New York
Well Stitch is just a classic rebound relationship and probably perfect for Mandy Moore.
Miley Cyrus - New York
I'm telling you now. If Malan is at an event, his picture will be here.
Teri Hatcher from a distance.

Lets face it. Distance is best.
A nice little photo with Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron and a cleaned up looking Stephen Dorff.
It's always a better day with a Swoosie
To make it an even better day add Rosario Dawson, a bikini and a hose.
Aventura & Enrique Iglesias - Miami

Maybe the start of a dance move for Zach Braff?

Vanessa Williams looks delicious.
I love the Ugly Betty sign in the front.
A first time appearance for Tony Plana. Hey, he deserves it.
The one and only Terence McNally.


Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

Thank god for Rosario Dawson. It's nice to see some real bodies for a change.

And yes, Lilo looked exceptionally well. Crazy.

Kristen S. said...

Malan <3

Getting kicked off PR was the best thing that ever happened to him!

Ms. said...

What's with Kat von D's neck? She looks like she's on steroids. yuck.

LRS said...

I've got X-Files fever too -- It's been to long

jax said...

i second that Big Sur, its a belly on a celeb..RUN!!!!!!!!

Stephen Dorf..SFW..yum.

Kelly O looks fab.

notachance said...

Dierks Bentley - probably one of the nicest guys in country music. And cute too!

adrian said...

why is Nicolette an "it" twice?

Dave said...

Wow, wouldn't have guessed that was Stephen Dorff in 20 years.

Dunno if I can take pictures of Ronson, Joan Rivers, and Teri Hatcher at the same time. I need to go bleach my eyes now.

Cute Little Redhead said...

I think Lindsay looks so good because for once she is truly happy.

Whatever she and Samantha Ronson have going on together...I hope it
lasts! Maybe it's love.

::: fingers crossed! :::

shiny_special_one said...

OMG, I had to read the caption to realize that was Kat von D. I seriously thought that was a man. said...

Okay, that Kelly Osbourne picture looks way out of whack.

Lindsey - who knew lesbianism was so good for the soul?

Dina needs to cut that damn hair

Ariel said...

How about some photos of Chris Gorham?

RagDoll said...

Kristin Chenoweth! Oh, man! When we were solving the Timmy blind there was a poster named "Chenofan" It made me think of that poster... KC is funny, funny!! I especially love the "Taylor, the Latte Boy" skit/song!

Boywonder said...

About Teri Hatcher:
Lets face it. Distance is best.
Lol! I was thinking the same thing. Jeez! She is living (and I use that word VERY loosely)proof that botox only makes you look like a freezed alien.

brum said...

the look on sam ronson's face, dont have nightmares.

Eve said...

The greatness of the Tom Cruise cartoon notwithstanding, it seems a little ironic to get all up in Joan Rivers's grill for her plastic surgery distortions while in the same breath admonishing the naturally aging Teri Hatcher. I think Teri Hatcher looks beautiful. What the hell is wrong with wrinkles? Wrinkles happen. The alternative is that awful pinched, pulled botox look.

april said...

Is that Jason Preston, Marc Jacob's ex (..) with Malan? Malan better watch it!

ElsieFire said...

So. I'm a little confuzzled. I think Terri looks good. Are we slagging her for not using botox, or using too much, 'cause I'm not getting the "too much" vibe here, as she appears to be, gasp, smiling with her WHOLE FACE. That ol crusty bitch Joan couldn't even attempt it. If that IS Joan, cause I'm pretty sure that once you've injected over 90% silicone into your body parts, you become inanimate. Listen to her walk, you'll hear whirring noises.

Manda said...

Ragdoll, the very fact you know that song has you up there in the adoration scale for me.

I adore Kristen Chenoweth, she is almost unheard of here but myself and a few musical types i know love her:)

Mooshki said...

"I got X-Files fever"

Me too! Especially since Gillian looks so gorgeous these days!

About Teri Hatcher, she has had work done, right? Anyway, for me the reason she doesn't look good up close is because she's too freakin' skinny. If she had a couple of more pounds on her, her face would look more natural and less skin-and-bones. I thought she looked great until she went on the starvation diet.

Rosario - <3

Whenever I see Vanessa Williams I think of Eraser. Man, was that a hilariously bad movie.

Paisley said...

For Tony Plana, does he deserve to be in random photos because he's a great guy or because he's a blind?

tania said...

Yes, I saw 'Grace of my Heart', and liked it a lot. Illeana is ok by me.

Tony Plana deserves to be there because he warms the heart as Daddy Suarez - IMO.

Ernestine said...

White Oprah seriously looks like SHIT. That hair! UGH. And it sucks that Lindsay's gorgeous crimson locks of yore seem to be forever gone. *sniff.* Why in the HELL would a natural redhead try and hide it? It's such a gorgeous, rare genetic trait. She should really work that shit for all it's worth, a la Julianne Moore.

Oh, God. I LOVE Illeana. Ghost World, anyone? Her pretentious art teacher was PERFECT. Trust me.

Nearer, father. Nearer. Nearer, father. Nearer.

Has she been the subject of a blind?

crichmond1000 said...

What if Lindsay is really a vampire and she has been sucking every little last drop of blood from Samantha ROnson? That is why she is looking so young and vital lately, and Sam is looking a little depleted. Just a theory.

bionic bunny! said...

brian wilson. so nice to see him.