Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I mean why the hell not. Everyone else is showing Brad Pitt and George Clooney, so might as well join the party.
And another of them checking out Tilda Swinton. You can tell she knows they are checking her out.
Don't worry. Your kids are safe. This is as close as the photographer dared to get to Annabelle Gutman.
At this point, Paula Abdul must just have the liquor injected directly into her veins. She has got to be wondering what she can do or who. Notice the new judge copping a feel of Paula too. Nice.
Chris Daughtry - Denver

The Coen brothers because, well they are the Coen brothers. Everyone shows Brad and George, but not the Coen brothers.
Ariana and Charlie. Sounds like a talk show.
Brody Jenner on his 25 birthday sponsored by LG. Can't wait until celebrities have their funerals sponsored by companies.
Bryan Clay is our gratuitous Olympian of the day.
On the set of Entourage.

Eva Mendes in Australia. Enjoy her while you can. We want her back. However next time Paris goes over you can keep her.
David Banner - New York
I just have this pet peeve about dresses that could double as tablecloths or curtains. Yes, it is Claudia Schiffer, and yes she is gorgeous, but I feel like there should be a set of china on her dress.
Honestly, how would you like to be Carey Hart right now and have Pink slamming you everyday on the radio with her song?

Does anyone not like Jenny McCarthy at this point?

"No honey. I promise. Go ahead and wear it. No, you don't look trashy at all."
Eva Mendes and Jamie Lynn Sigler on the same day. This calls for a drink. Hello Jose.
I still am unsure about the US version of Life On Mars, but Harvey Keitel in it makes me breathe a little easier.
The only days that Gabriel Garko doesn't get laid are the days he stays at home. Seriously. Just give me one day like that.

Yeah, I know. But honestly there are lots and lots of Hills fans on here and so they like to stalk from photos.

Today is a great day. Laura Bennett and Tim Gunn and Eva Mendes and Jamie Lynn. Damn, might have to move up the tequila scale today.
Katie in the morning before the drugs wear off.
Either that or this is a different person from the morning. They just are two different personalities.
The obnoxiously gorgeous couple of the day award goes to Jake Wall and Jennifer Hawkins. You know what Hawkins I miss? Sophie B. Hawkins. I love her.

Even the way Miley Cyrus holds her dad's hand creeps me out.

I guess Bradley Walsh, who is the guy on the right, didn't move that little stick well enough because he got voted off the show.
Lindsay Price. Hasn't she been a blind item or something?
No shit. She did it again. This is Lola Ponce and if you will remember, yesterday she wore a gold Michael Jackson glove. Apparently she is doing the glove Olympics because today is silver.
Luis Fonsi - Miami

Ryan Seacrest really needs to stop getting wasted before work.

And during work.
In case you were wondering what happened to Rebecca Loos. She got into a fight with a Van Gogh painting and lost.
MacKenzie Phillips tried to board a plane with heroin and coke. Allegedly. It could have just been white powder. Wow, I would not have been wanting to sit next to her if she had got them on. She would have been going to town on those tray tables.
Ben Affleck on the other hand, just gets his shoes taken.
Last week we had Isla and the baby. Today Sacha Baron Cohen.

Just because I think this is Clown Day in the US.
Haven't set congratulations to Vin Diesel and the baby. So, congrats.
Yeah, yeah. Because I know one was not enough.
And because George Clooney looks like an ad from a Sears catalog, circa 1978.


Molly said...

vin diesel sounds like the answer to yesterday's blind.

australia can keep eva mendes.

annabelle gutman - why do i think she's going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein in another thirty years?

love harvey keitel!!!

sacha baron cohen looks really awkward handling that baby. he needs lessons.

Quintessential Southerner said...

miss mckenzie looks like an 80 year old woman.

i hope jim is not possessive and controlling like some others from different blogs suggest. jen does look naturally happy.

littlemanwhatnow said...

Lindsay Price was one of the 90210 blinds!!! Duh

shakey said...

Did Tide and Downey come up with a new scent and threw a party for it? Geez, there are red carpets for everything.

shakey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jw12 said...

which 90210 BI was Lindsey?

#1 - This actress recently reunited with her former flame for about a week of loving when each of their current relationships turned sour at about the same time. After a week they realized why the hell they had broken up in the first place.

#2 and #3 - Despite the age difference, this younger actress on the show came out to this older actress on the show and they had a love affair for about a year. The older actress had been married, but was not at the time of the romance. The younger actress has never been married.

#4 - Although she was portrayed as innocent on the show, in real life, this actress was not so innocent. During the course of each season she would generally get with 4-5 different members of the cast and crew. If you do the math, it is quite the number.

Molly said...

oh yea - tilda - could she look any more awkward? i don't get the big attraction for her.

Uber*nought said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mooshki said...

"The Coen brothers because, well they are the Coen brothers. Everyone shows Brad and George, but not the Coen brothers."

And that is why you have our undying love.

Oooh, so Lindsay P. was the lesbian? Hot!!! Just PLEASE tell me it wasn't Mrs. Walsh, PLEASE!!!


Wait, was Tori Spelling the older actress Lindsay had a fling with? ;)

Uber*nought said...

And another of them checking out Tilda Swinton. You can tell she knows they are checking her out.

Even I can tell (and I'm half blind) that Clooney is not looking anywhere near Tilda Swinton's ass, and even with shades on Brad Pitt is staring off right down the road!

Sorry to partypoop. But stop trying to make this threesome happen! ;)

Mooshki said...

Molly, it was Friday, but I bet you're right.

Cheryl said...

Fun photos today!

Molly said...

mooshki, thanks for the link, i didn't want to go looking for it.

DNfromMN said...

I'm wondering if the Lola Ponce glove is just wrist brace of some sort?

Laura and Tim = love

Gabriel Garko looks a little creepy to me.

Brody Jenner is so damn pretty it hurts (to know what a sleaze he is).

And I will always love Tilda, she's a tremendous actress.

palealebrew10 said...

Baby Olive looks so much like Isla.

Mooshki said...

Crap, DN, I just read on ONTD that Steve Foley, the drummer from the Replacements died this weekend of a prescription drug overdose. :(

amazonblue said...

I thought the Lindsay Price BI was from a couple of months ago; the one about an actress not so secretly dating a co-star.

Love Laura Bennett's dresses. I wish she'd get the financial backing to do a mass market line.

Tilda is extreme looking when not on screen, gotta love her independence. She's a totally amazing actress. I've been a huge fan of hers since I saw "The Deep End". Great story, beautiful scenery check it out.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Tilda's dress-hot mess. That color looks like shit on her. Get a stylist.

Brad and Clooney-swoon!

Mackenzie back on the hype and pipe. Sad. She looks like wonder.

I wanna puff, puff, pass with whatever Ryan is smoking. Dude is wicked stoned.

Katie looks like a 40 yr old. The Midget must age one pretty bad.

WTF with Miley and Billy Ray...why can't someone just kill them and put us out of our misery? Please!

I agree that Australia can keep Eva. Over rated.

Clooney looks like an weird action figure in the last photo. Or a Ken doll....something.

Brenda22 said...

I agree with amazonblue...I think ENT means Lindsay is dating Robert Buckley.

hotchacha said...

Tilda scares me.

BinkyM said...

What BI was Lindsay Price in? I ran into her this weekend on the street, and she was wearing a peasant top, and I wondered whether she was in the early stages on pregnancy. (I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw what looked like a small bump. I kept waiting for a breeze to press the blouse against her abdomen again, but one didn't come before she crossed the street and walked away.) I was also horrified to notice that her legs looked AWFULLY veiny. Doesn't she claim to be 32? That's ten years younger than I am, and I haven't ANY veins. Her legs looked hideous for a 32-year-old. (The shape was good; don't get me wrong about that. The appearance was terrible.)

Mooshki said...

"I agree with amazonblue...I think ENT means Lindsay is dating Robert Buckley."

But that's SO much less interesting. :(

jax said...

Carey Hart just lost a brother, im sure that jacked up Susan Powter lookalike ex wife is an issue right now. harsh she kept the song playing in light of his probs.

That is MORNING SICKNESS for Katie.

Huffington, you alright.

Brody is pretty hot for a skeeze.

Adrian Grenier isn't much of an actor...he IS Vincent Chase. love the show though.

Vin having a kid huh? comment. i know what i saw. GAY!

Man Clooney is ageing a mile a minute.

Rhianna said...

I'd hate to be Carey Hart, but only for his losing his brother. Ditching Pink is probably one of the sanest things he's done in his life, and lets just say he's not the kind one thinks of when even-keel comes to mind.

I think that tablecloth/drapes dress fiasco is supposed to be Greco-Roman. I can sew a better Palla using a 2000 year-old design that that crapola. Wonder how much $$ she wasted on it?

Okay Ent Laura is fabulous, but it looks like someone took the leftover dregs of the Christmas tree, made them into a skirt, and ran out of fake snow spray half-way through. That, or she's wearing the bathroom rug.

Papa Ray looks like he's got a case of the Mumps. He also looks closer and closer to Papa Joe every photo of him and the kid. Eeewww!

Sacha seems in need of remedial kid carrying lessons. Oh, and I love the free ad for United.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Carey Hart is in that Pink video, so somehow I think he's alright with the whole thing. It's a terrible song though. Just terrible.

I just got season 4 of Entourage on DVD, gonna go home soon, park on the couch and have a marathon session with Vinnie Chase.

You may interpret that however you want. But really, all I'll be doing is watch the show and eat chocolate covered pretzels. Mmmm. Pretzels.

selenakyle said...

Clooney is pidgeon-toed.

I wish Tilda Swinton would draw in even faint traces of eyebrow.
Otherwise, she's a totally rad, alluring giantess, but that face needs a frame.

Aww, MacKenzie Phillips. Oh well.

chris said...

Ms. Swinton needs to treat that Rosacea.

Dave said...

So who is the big trashy blonde bimbo "JM" in black?

Marnie said...

You are ON today, ent.

But Jenny McCarty's anti-vaccination bit is lame, even if she does seem nice enough.

bmini said... did you see? SPILL!! Was it at Celebrities???

jax said...

lol it was at Cultas Lake summer...2006 i believe. him and a shitload of gay guys hanging out at the beach. hot girl after girl approached and was pretty much ignored...but the young gay men weren't! let's just say he was very affectionate with a few..

if he's not gay he swings it that way once in awhile.

PollyPureBred said...

Mooshki -
Bummer about Steve. I knew him waaaay back in the day in Mpls. Very nice guy. Sad.

Ace Tomato said...

Brad and Clooney look pretty damn good. So good I won't be mean about anyone else.

TY Ent!

Ms. said...

DNFROMMN said: I'm wondering if the Lola Ponce glove is just wrist brace of some sort?

That's exactly what I'm thinking. I had tendon issues for a while and had to wear a variety of braces for months. Her glove is tight and extends the wrist which would restrict movement...
Sacha's gonna dislocate the kid's arms carrying him like that. Up to age three, you're supposed to grip the rib cage, not arm area because the arm sockets aren't fully formed and it is way to easy to damage them.

Okay, obviously I'm on medical mode today. Doc signing out.

califblondy said...

Ooooh, I just love Laura from Project Runway. She always looks good.

I just saw a pic of Carey and Pink together, so they msut be friendly.

Lindsey Price's outfit is too cute.

junglekitten said...

OMG ENT, I was Just listening to Sophie B. Hawkins!! Damn, I wish I was your lover!!! Lol!! I LOVE her!!!

redgurl72 said...

Your comments seem a little off the mark today Ent, are you in a rush these days because your spelling/Grammar has been worse than mine lately. Sorry to be a grump.

Sad news about The Replacements drummer, great band.

ClaireFrasier said...


1. Corey Hart looks so sad... hope you feel better soon...

2. I've like Jenny McCarthy since she was on Oprah with her poster and showed every where she was 'touched up'. She marked her hip about 2 inches beyond the photo... lol

3. Afternoon Katie... I like your shirt!

4. Billy Ray... please stop using the straighting iron on your hair. That's so 2 years ago. Quit taking styling tips from Miley. Please.

5. Who is Lindsay Price?

6. Okay, except for the weird show of skin, I like the print on Rebecca Loos's dress.... just don't like the gap...

7. OK, I'm done. thanks :-)

not a famous adrian said...

Please tell me Affleck is flying to Boston for the weekend....

trashtalker said...

"This is me, Clive Anderson, saying good night. Good night."

dave: That's some tramp named Jodie Marsh. I don't know why she's famous, though.

sara said...

Sophie B. HAwkins was on an ep of "Living with Ed" recently - maybe more than one. She's building a "green" house. Random comment for a random comment in random photos.

eternity said...

Brad's looking real rough

newsgrrl said...

Let's see... Love Harvey Keitel... if you have never seen 'The Duelists' - do so.
Did Sacha put the boy through the scanner? He's holding him like he's getting ready to plot him on the conveyer belt.

p m said...

Oh, Jax, what would we do without you? You always add a cherry to the top!

Ent - This is a GREAT random day! Thanks for all the goodies.

Tilda S can wear whatever she wants and still bewitch everyone around her. I'm not even sure she's really mortal.

Brody and the Hills girls are just so damn good looking. If the reality show had never worked out, they still would've ended up in entertainment. Especially b/c they don't seem to have many other skills, lol.

I've got a lot of comments today, but I got long nails today so typing is a bitch, so...

finally, last week i had never heard of Lola Ponce, but i wanna see more of her now. She's so gorgeous she even makes the glove look normal. (almost)

Emobacca said...

Tilda Swinton is fucking hideous

kelliknows said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know who the hell Lola Ponce is and why she gets photographed standing around famous people?

Mooshki said...

Adrian - that's what I was thinking!!! LOL.

Redgurl, I think Enty's had a bad couple of days. :( A bunch of us are going to track down whoever's getting him down and give them a beatdown if you want to come. (If it's girl trouble, we'll find some other way to make him feel better. ;) )

8 more hours and I'll be landing in Vegas! I'll miss y'all this weekend!

sauvage said...

I feel like I shouldn't be, but I'm in love with Laura Bennetts dress.

classalpha said...

... Paula "Abdul" is sounding (and "acting") more and more like Hrittany Anne Murphy now when she [Paula] "talks"- slurred speech for days... and her d"Em"eanor is totally *dazed and confused*...

Either they are BOTH "using" the same *drugs*... or they're both suffering from the "after effects" of *such abuse*... or perhaps either Paula or Britt (or BOTH) are "getting" that Annette Funicello/Terri Garr *disease*...

... figures M. Phillips got caught in Terminal 4 @ LAX. I used to work there... in those *hidden offices downstairs... of which* the public never "sees"...

... oh YA... *drugs are* BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD*...

CarolMR said...

I think Sacha's baby is a girl, not a boy.

crichmond1000 said...

Opinion poll.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is a beautiful girl and always looks really nice.

The foot boots with a cute little dress. What do you guys think? I have always, since the eighties with the cut-out high heel lace up short boots that Heart wore, hated the cut-off boot look with anything other than trousers.

I see it fairly regularly now, but I wonder whar people really think about it. I think it cuts the leg off and make the feet look heavy.

Am I alone in this opinion?

Jungle007 said...

If Clooney IS checking out Tilda, he doesn't look too happy with what he sees....

Sacha.. i love you, but put the baby down!!!

Boy, do i ever hate Tori Spelling. what a............ i don`t even know the word for her.
ditch pig. yea, i like that one better.

Jenny mc carthy`s awesome...

Crichmond1000, I agree that Jamie Lynn`s boots look a bit heavy on her feet in that dress... some nice matching sandals would have gone a lot better with that style dress

sheetrock said...

I take craps that look better than Tilda. She f'n freaks me out.

God, please stop the Pitt-Clooney in our faces bs. There are so many other people on the planet doing notable things other than dressing up and posing for a camera. I don't want political advice from two dorks who make a living at pretending which is what acting is.

kimmypie1 said...

Carey Hart is just so yummy!!!!

Ayesha said...

Ryan Seacrest is so not straight.

bionic bunny! said...

pssst! enty! before i read the other comments, stay away from the cuervo, that shit will kill you!!
go straight for the sauza tres. you know the stuff i mean.
tell 'em i sent you, they know me there. *hic*