Friday, August 29, 2008

Rumer Willis Got Another Job

Only with Rumer Willis would these kinds of roles make news. Rumer is going to be in an episode of Army Wives over on Lifetime. She is going to play the wife of a soldier injured in Iraq. To all the other actors and actresses in the world, these kinds of roles are used as building blocks to bigger things and also as a paycheck so they can afford rent.

Now, I didn't see House Bunny so I don't know if Rumer is any good in it at all. Maybe she is. Maybe she leaves so stunned at her talent that you walk out of the movies in a daze. If so, then I admire her for doing what every other actor does and using these small bit parts to learn her craft. If, on the other hand she sucked balls in House Bunny and has no hope of ever amounting to anything other than a familial oddity, then it kind of ticks me off that she is taking these smaller roles for herself and depriving someone else of a paycheck. She doesn't need the money and if she knows she sucks, then she shouldn't let producers offer her roles simply for the publicity she will bring, while depriving someone else who is good, but doesn't have famous parents.

As for the acting gene. You know, Bruce Willis is a star, but he only has one character. One. Demi Moore. She is a little more versatile but I don't think any of us would say she is one of the best actresses of this generation. Anyway, I know lots and lots of you watch Army Wives, and Rumer's episode is supposed to air on October 12th.


Emobacca said...

How the fuck did that thing come out of Demi Moore's vagina?

palealebrew10 said...

It's one of the greatest unsolved mysteries, emobacca.

captivagrl said...

i agree that bruce has zero range. he can't get past his enormous ego. demi can't develope any character. her performance is always flat. it's not likely that rumer will be more talented than her parents and she needs to be. good looks keep her parents working, not great talent.

MISCH said...



Sinjin said...

Enty, are you her godfather or something? Because many of us have requested that you stop with the Rumer notices. I think you must be family because I can truly see no reason to single out and subject us, your loyal readers to this butterface, no talent, loser knows as Potato Head Willis. In other words, WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HER! I beg of you, please stop!

bionic bunny! said...

agree with the bruce willis summation, but i kinda like him, so i give him a free pass.
i actually like demi okay in "one crazy summer".
but then, i like all of savage steve's movies, so it probably had nothing to do with demi.
there are some "interesting" looking character actresses who have done very well BECAUSE of their non-traditional hollywood style.
this isn't "interesting". this is, put a bag over the poor child's head and teach her a real trade. i dunno, maybe she has a talent for the action/adventure movies like daddy. i can see that.
but not this "miss golden globes" type shit.

bionic bunny! said...

you know, if you keep scrolling up and down, you discover that her eyes are actually kind of pretty. from the nostrils down she's a disaster, but nothing mama's kindly plastic surgeon couldn't correct.
wardrobe and make-up professionals, acting and elocution lessons, she might be able to accomplish something.
i say we need to call an intervention. it's all possible.
poor little 'tater.

Unknown said...

You know there is a need for character actresses, and she could fit the bill. She's trying by taking jobs, that is exactly how you get good at acting, you act.

Is she getting preferential treatment, yes she is, but ultimately she has to do the job, and she will keep getting hired if she improves with each job. Like every other girl trying to make it in hollywood. You get jobs, if you keep doing it, you have suceeded, in hollywood and in life. Good for her, she's got more going on that Lindsay Lohan at this point.

Jerry said...

Rumer's episode is supposed to air on October 12th.

Damn, I'll have to miss it. I'm gonna have a headache that day.

Jungle007 said...

I haven't seen her acting yet, and if she's good then who cares what she looks like? Why does she have to get plastic surgery to be a good actress??

The funniest part is, if she did get work done a lot of u would be on here dissing her for that too. Seriously, make up your minds. You either totally buy into the phoney bullshit or you hate it.

On the other hand, if she's being handed fame because of who her parents are and she has no talent, then we shouldn't be discussing her on here as if she's actually someone to waste ten minutes thinking about.

sauvage said...
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sauvage said...

Interesting: Am I really the only one to actually like both Bruce Willis and Demi Moore as actors? I know they both have been in very good and very bad movies, but for example I loved Bruce Willis' character in "Colour of Night", honestly. A really warm, gentle person (I'm not talking of the films other qualities 'though I also really liked Jane March - maybe I do have some kind of pity-for-endangered-species-gene?). My point being that Brucie the therapist had nothing to do with Brucie the handler of shooting weapons.

I also, as already pointed out, really like Demi Moore's acting (think about "If These Walls Could Talk", for example).

So, when it comes to me and the question of the inheritage of acting skills, things are looking up for Rumer! But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I love her, and never get tired of seeing her in posts. In fact, I'm hungry for more info on her!!


ms snarky said...

I like the Rumer posts.

and my theory about her looks is that she got Demi's hair, eyes and nose, and Bruce's jawline, which is unfortunate. seriously, check out photos of them side by side. Rumer got the Diehard Jaw.

by the way, Bruce is not looking so great lately. old all of a sudden.

slappywhyte said...

House Bunny was one of the bigger pieces of shit ive seen in a long time (Chuck n Larry bad)

but Rumer actually looks cute in the scene when she has blond hair and her body cast comes off revealing a surpisingly hot bod

slappy whyte


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