Thursday, October 09, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Well, I think that if you are brave enough to pose on the cover of a national magazine while breast feeding you should get the top spot, so here is Angelina Jolie doing just that.

George Clooney. Definitely not breast feeding. Well, at least not in this photo.

First time appearance for Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman, but definitely not so for Katey Sagal.
Yeah Carmen. That's the way we felt when we saw Disaster Movie. So, when are you going to announce your pregnancy, or did she? I can't keep up.
Beverley Knight - London
Buckethead - Asbury Park, NJ
Just because it has been awhile since I had Lindsay Lohan alone in the photos.

You might not like her music, but I always love the way Katy Perry dresses.
Like the world needs a 60 foot high billboard of Jennifer Lopez. Lucky for us it is only in Tokyo.
Some art of John Lennon on display in New York.
I don't think I have ever had Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler in the same photo. Throw in Summer Phoenix and you have a winner.

I will always love Samantha Mathis because I loved Pump Up The Volume.

Apparently when Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't want to do her hair, the whole damn family doesn't get to do their hair.
Xenu Cereal coming to a store near you. Yes, I know it is pudding, but the cereal thing works better.
I love these posed photos in the park.
Michael Chiklis. Totally unappreciated in my opinion.


Kat said...

Love the Angelina photo. When I first heard about it, I wasn't sure I cared, but there's something very sweet and honest about this photo, and she exudes love both for the child, and the person taking the photo. Lovely. George, though, needs to lose the moustache. He looks like a porn star or someone who works in waste management.

Good photos today! They seem optimistic.

Oh, and why is there a crazy delay on this site. It takes me many minutes of my life to load a page and it's irking me. Anyone?

ms_wonderland said...

Ewww Charlie Humnam used to be so hot.

Ms Cool said...

Angelina looks beautiful. I don't think it is too revealing a photo and shouldn't garner too much attention (IMO, that is). It was a big deal a few years ago when Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfed her daughter in public knowing photographers would be around. I don't understand the fuss for such a natural part of life.

Good for Angie for doing it proudly and hopefully letting others feel more comfortable about the subject. said...

Katy Perry cannot sing. When she sang "Like a Virgin" at that last awards show (whatever it was), it was totally off-key and atrocious. It makes me so mad that there are so many people who can really sing, but we get THAT as entertainment.

Sis said...

Love the photo of Angelina! Totally agree with the stache on George!

shelly_bean said...

Michael Chiklis is so amazing in the Shield. I freakin love that show

shazzzba said...

BEAUTIFUL...The Jolie taken by Pitt photo......yes way better than posed photo's...def sexier than Halle...sorry Halle you loose on this one..

califblondy said...

What Mother in her right mind walks holding a kid who is eating pudding with the spoon?

I don't care if I'm wearing my hair-dye shirt and a pair of cut-offs, no kid would comes close to me with a spoon and a pudding pack. Haven't the Cruise crowd heard of sitting down at a table to eat?

Please tell me George has that look for a movie part. He looks like a Nazi.

Everytime I see a picture of little James Wilke I think that poor kid is in for a world of hurtin' when he grows up.

Hey Ent, no inside scoop about Hef whining about losing the girls? I can't believe he'd say Holly left him because of his low sperm count. That's funny. Who thinks he's just looking for some sympathy coochie?

Yep, that's everybody.

eileen said...

AAWW yay! I've missed 2005. Glad to see drug addled, skeletal Lilo bringing it back.

Eeny Beeny said...

@kat: I had the same prob when I tried to open CDAN up in IE7 - froze everything and made me nuts. Now I use Firefox3 and it loads MUCH faster!

I, too, love the Angie photo, and really love that Brad took it. I doubt anyone else could coax that smile from her. She looks blissful. Almost makes me want to have another little varmint. Almost. Somebody slap me hard.

According to IMDB, George (3x in a row, t.y. Enty!) is starting a movie called "Men Who Stare at Goats" about "a desperate reporter who stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when he meets Lyn Cassady (Clooney), who claims to be a former secret U.S. military psychic soldier who was reactivated post-Sept. 11.” I guess that means he needs a mustache. But ick anyway.

I can't figure out if that J Lo billboard is advertising handbags or diaper bags or bags that attract babies despite gale force winds or ?????

The Parker/Broderick kid sure looks like a mini-Matt. He's doomed either way.

Suri doesn't look like Tom at all. She's doomed either way.

DNfromMN said...

That photo of Garner, Tyler and Phoenix is so warm, sweet, and happy.

Ernestine said...

Kat -- ironically, I was going to note that today marks the first time in many, many months that I was able to click on this site and access it immediately without being hung up by some American Apparel ad with some fuglyass model in it or whatever. Yay.

Oh, and I agree with everything you said about the Angelina photo. It's unpretentious, and she's beaming, and her beauty is just very honest here or something. It really is a lovely shot. I'm so glad Brangelina are such famewhores.

Katie Perry looks so adorable when she's not wearing a dumb satin unitard and a coy/*surprised!* expression on her face.

SJP's kid looks awesome! I'll bet he's smart, and kind of a little wiseass. I'd babysit that kid!

I would NOT babysit Suri. I don't care how much they paid me. Sci goons would be there hovering over me, anyway. No thanks. And I'll bet Suri's a total brat. Sorry. Not trying to talk shit about a baby per se, but I'm sure she pretty much gets whatever the hell she wants at any time, and that makes for a child who gets lovingly labeled by the parents as a Little Diva! Ugh. Except, you know, I'll bet Suri doesn't have normal kid books and clothes that aren't expensive and itchy and dressy, not to mention human little kid friends, etc. No playdates for Suri. I'll bet she never shares her toys, even if they're all chewed up and she hates them. Okay, I'll stop.

jax said...

chiklis is yummy. very.

Brad shoots all these candids,they better not btich about privacy anytime soon.

zandra said...

If you aren't watching Son's of Anarchy on Wed night at 10 you are missing one hell of a good show. It's actually crazy good, and I believe just picked up for season 2.

Charlie Hunnam, is really good in the show, but honestly it's great cast all around, Katey Segal rocks as the queen of the show!

Stacy said...

Holy Shit! Look at all that in George's shorts! I can't believe you all missed that.

Harriet Hellfire said...

So is Katey Segal the answer to a blind then?

patti_cake said...

No Stacy, definitely did not miss George's, ummm "all that" ;) Glad the moustache's for a movie though. Not crazy about the look. Been trying to post again after being away for a while but couldn't get access. Hopefully this works, and I'm irked as well about the delay.

not a famous adrian said...

George looks like Schneider from One Day at a Time with the 'stache.

Sonia said...

Well, George finally looks like every other middle-aged man in America - the kind who likes to wear polo shirts and dockers to work, considers a round of golf a workout, and sits around on the weekends bar-b-queing and drinking beer. Very ordinary. Amazing what a 'stache will do, no?

gossip said...

Seriously could Angelina's lips be any bigger in that photo?

Bring on more George Clooney.

Oh and Pump up the Volume FTW. :)

crichmond1000 said...

Michael Chiklis is super cool. I loved him years ago on "The Commish" And, somehow, he got younger and buff 20 years later, and he's a real Bad MF on this other cop show. My husband stays up to watch it at, like, 2 in the morning.

I worry about Suri, too. It's hard to have a life when you can't do anything for yourself. Especially walk. Also, if you are going to feed your baby barley juice or whatever and not let anyone speak while they are being born so they aren't "affected", why would you let them eat chemical pudding out of a plastic cup? It just doesn't add up. =0)

libby said...

I'm sure everybody here knows, that Jen Garner and Summer Phoenix are sisters-in-law. But I don't know how Liv Tyler fits in there!

Summer Phoenix is amazing looking. Like River and Joaquin combined.

Brad Pitt has a wonderful eye for light in photography. The ultimate "mother and newborn" photo! It just breaks my heart.

The Writer said...

Oh where to start. Let's see: I am tired of seeing Marcia and her twins in their "candid" trips to the park.

Suri could benefit from some Baby Gap jeans and a pair of sneakers. She's not Tom's little Scientology doll.

Angelina's photo is gorgeous, but it would be nice to see a little of the kid's head.

Clooney is no longer aging well. His moustache reminds me of Hitler's.

And I believe that Nicky Hilton used to design and/or endorse the purses J.Lo is now hawking. If you're really quiet, you can hear the sound of a career dying.

Ace Tomato said...

Love love love the pictures of Angelina. Everything about that picture is happy, cozy and full of love. It got me right in the heart and made me think of my children and my husband and how much I love them. Yay family =)

LOL Adrian - Clooney looks EXACTLY like Schneider. Isn't that the look he sports for his hilarious Martini ads?

Is Carmen Electra going to turn into one of those women who keeps dressing like a showgirl into their 60's? I will giver her this - I don't know the age difference between her and Pam Anderson, but poochy middle or not - Carmen looks a lot better for wear.

xturkx said...

hi everyone, new poster here!
(please be gentle!)

i was thinking the same thing as libby, with the garner, phoenix and tyler pic. im sure i read somewhere that joaquin and liv were together while filming together and hes since said that he was majorly in love with her. i read somewhere else that now her marriage is over maybe they might be rekindling??
possible connection?

and whats going on with carmen? did i miss the announcement?


donna said...

I love the angelina pic too ..she just looks so natural and different .. softer maybe ..

I think clooney must be playing dennis farina in a remake of any mob movie made in the 80's .. he was a staple .. the funniest ever being Midnight Run .. I digress

I love Lords of Anarchy .. great frickin show .. and mike Chicklas .. remember the commish .. loved him them .. love him now ..

Mooshki said...

Xturx, don't worry - apart from the occasional pms flare-up, we are a really friendly bunch around here. :)

Brenda, I agree 100% - Katy Perry is one of the worst examples of the music industry's star-making machine.

Ernestine, TMZ had a video clip of the Cruise limo, and you could hear Suri screaming her head off inside - I think you're right, she's probably a complete brat.

Stacy - I did miss that! (Shame on me!) Thanks for pointing it out!

I'm on the Angie pic love train. There was a pap pic from a couple of days ago where they were standing together, and you could tell by their body language how much they care about each other. It made me happy, 'cause I was stupidly starting to believe some of the tabs' stories about them having trouble.

Ron Perlman blows me away. He is so unique and so talented.

"Pump Up the Volume" is one of the best movies ever. Between that and "Heathers," everyone I knew was completely head-over-heels for Christian Slater. So sad he ended up being such a wreck.

lyz said...

Explain to me why SJP's kid is always wearing pants that are too freakin' short! They put him in the stupidest's not like they can't afford clothes that fit.

It's like they use the kid to send the message that they aren't superficial clothes horses. Yeah, right.

sheetrock said...

Angelina gots herself a big ol' pair of dick sucking lips. That's about all the talent I see there.

donna said...

hey sheetrock .. at least you found some redeeming quality, huh?

sheetrock said...

Well Donna, I try to find the good qualities in everybody;) Everyone is on here saying hooray for Angelina, she's breast feeding. Big fucking deal. I breast fed both of my kids and nobody sang songs about me or any of my friends that did the same thing. Angelina farts and everyone just goes crazy for her. I don't get it. I've got my bitch switch on today. Sorry. She's just not that great of person when seen through my eyes.

elly said...

Libby- Live dated Joaquin, Summer's brother.

blankprincess said...

RE: Suri

Yes, but maybe it's BARLEY pudding.

RE: Ron Perlman

Has anyone seen his movie called "The City of Lost Children" ("La Cité des enfants perdus")? It is a heartbreaking, heartwarming, cinematographical masterpiece that will absolutely make you fall in love with Ron Perlman. What a fabulously versatile actor who is completely underappreciated. You have GOT to see this movie if you can get your hands on it!