Thursday, February 19, 2009

Groupidity Episode 6 - Part 2

Episodes 1-5 have been the secret life of Julie. In part 2 of Episode 6 we continue with the real, and unfortunate life of Julie. Although she finally does get some vindication, or is it? Matt Offerman and Elizabeth Harris play some of Julie's odd co-workers.

GROUPIDITY - Episode 6 part 2 from Groupidity on Vimeo.


Mooshki said...

I love it. God, am I glad I don't work in customer service any more.

Patrick said...

ahh i can't watch it yet. because everyones napping in the house, and if i laugh too loud...i blow that. plus i'm on hold with the insurance company trying to get Lyrica covered for my husband.
wish me luck.

oooooo a live person!!!

jax said...

oh christ America, that was me...right there 5 days a week. LOL. they pay just enough not to off myself every friday.

DNfromMN said...

I think everyone's done Customer Service at some point in their lives and can identify with this. However whenever I chose to go off-script with a caller, it always happened to be the one that was being listened in on by the supervisor.

Patrick - good luck getting it covered, Lyrica's a damn pricey med, you certainly wouldn't want to pay for it out of pocket.

Majik said..., too. Call centres are spiritually devistating places that suck the soul outta ya.

I love these, Enty...please keep posting them!!

shakey said...

I love the coworkers reaction when Julie gives that guy a tongue-lashing. Classic!


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