Friday, March 06, 2009

America Young - Groupidity Episode 8

Our little Brian falls in it awwwww or ewwwwww? You tell me!

Sierra Fisk Guest Stars and Robbie's (Brian) mom makes a funny cameo.

GROUPIDITY Ep 8 - Something Healthy is Finally Happening? from Groupidity on Vimeo.


shakey said...

ooohhh, I wonder if she winds up stalking him if he dumps her?

Majik said...

Is it me, or did it seem a little off this time? Sound quality wasn't right.

Other than that, very enjoyable as always.

Mooshki said...

"The parliamentary process hardly stops being pertinent after the age of 12." LOL!!!

Aw, poor Brian is whipped.

YES! I love bloopers during the credits!


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