Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lorna Luft Was In Charge Of Judy Garland's Drugs

Patti Davis is about to release a book entitled "The Lives Our Mothers Leave Us." In the book, Lorna Luft spoke about how she was responsible for regulating the drug usage of her mother Judy Garland. Starting at about the age of 10 or 11, her mother made her responsible for regulating her pill usage. Judy liked to always be taking pills, but knew that she couldn't have every pill filled with drugs, so it was Lorna's job to empty out the capsules of some pills and fill them with sugar.

In the same way that most parents instill in their children the phrase to never talk to strangers, Lorna was constantly reminded that "I was taught to never, ever call an ambulance, no matter what happened. I was to call my father or someone else - never an ambulance because it would get into the press. I was taught at a young age to lie, to deceive, to manipulate.”

Apparently this is the life her mother left her. Of course it hasn't stopped Lorna from also making a living off her mother's name or releasing that album of hers called "Songs My Mother Taught Me." I think one of them had the line, "you take the bad drugs out and shake it all about."


Quintessential Southerner said...

judy was a good talent, but she was a big ball of mess. may she RIP.

Ice Angel said...

Why can't young stars take a good hard look at the life of Judy Garland and realize that drugs are NOT the answer. I don't blame Judy. Adults got her hooked and she was a mess ever after, poor thing.

not on my dollar said...

This sounds like the same thing that happened to Heath Ledger. The maid knew not to call 911 instead she was probably told to call Mary Kate.

That's why Mary Kate sent her security people in place of an ambulance.

Okay back on topic, didn't Liza Minnelli say that her mother wasn't a drug addict?

Of course we all knew she was lying.

I'm not mad at Lorna for telling her story. It has to be traumatic to live that kind of life. At least SHE told the truth.

Pookie said...

this breaks my heart...i'm a huge JG fan, and it's always saddened me the way the studio system used her. i can't imagine a little girl having to be accountable for her mother's pill-popping. this is just sad all-around.

selenakyle said...

Same thing with Marie Osmond, Karen Carpenter, Raven, too many to mention over the decades.

H'Wood only wants STICKS on their payroll, I tell ya, sticks.

Unless a performer's gig is being plus-sized, she'd damn well better have an ED or a habit.

jax said...

i heard Toto was bulimic.

J said...

poor judy...but i have to say, i would never say such things about my own mother PUBLICLY..

what does it solve? it only taints her memory and had she wanted everyone to know, she would have shared

i always got the feeling that lorna was the black sheep...never as successful or recognized as liza..She was in Grease 2 for goodness sake!

califblondy said...

Hey J, let's leave Grease 2 out of this. Smooth Rider (I think that was the name of the song) was a classic. LOL.

We all know the Judy stories, that's the way it was.

The one who pisses me off for the whining is Patti Davis. She needs to get over it already. Ya, I'm sure Lorna has stories, but how bad did Patti really have it other than her parents loving each other more then their kids?

c17 said...

Hey, some folks have kids to mow the lawn & take out the trash - Judy needed someone to sort her meds & be on OD watch.

At least Lorna was being useful. More than most kids prolly are at that age.

Mooshki said...

LOL, Jax. And Grease 2 was awesome.

Ms.Leigh said...

after all this time, why the hell would you sell out your own mother?

say what you want to about making a buck, but to air your deceaced parents dirty laundry like that is deplorable.

Dahlia said...

An old post yes, but I will clear up some things. Lorna was not charged with this responsibility by her Mother. Her father who had become something of a care taker for Judy, told her how to deal with things when they divorced.

As Lorna grew up, her exposure to the reality of her mothers life became more prominent.

I believe what Liza was implying was that she was not someone who actively wanted to be high for recreation. She was a victim of prescription drug dependency.