Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Photos Part One

This is it? Promise?
I know this is a movie, but it is such a shocker to actually see Angelina Jolie do more than just shuffle along that I had to post it.
Apparently there must be a lot of running in the movie as Liev Schreiber gets into it as well.
I have seen Amy Winehouse look much worse.
The one and only Billy Crystal.
Umm. Connie Britton just gets better looking everyday.
I believe this might be a first appearance for Chelsea Handler.
Not so for Cynthia Nixon, but usually she is the after thought in all those SATC photos.
Dave Batista is our random wrestler of the day.
So, what do you do after a hard day at work? Well, if you are Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy, you come home and post a photo of yourself online after filming Deathly Hallows. Looks like there will be some blood.
It has been a long time since Dennis Quaid was in the photos.
Could someone get Fergie a hairnet. I appreciate the effort of feeding the homeless, but they don't want a bunch of hair sitting in their food.
The lovely Isla Fisher and child, who appears to be going for the parking lot nose pick.
Katie Holmes channeling Keith Richards during his reggae phase.
The happy engaged couple. Rachel & Hayden.
If they ever remake Dennis The Menace for the 85th time, I think Jeff Goldblum would make an excellent Mr. Wilson.
Don't get all excited. It's for her television show.
You know why this picture of Kristen Bell is so great? Dax isn't in it.

A blast from the past. Ken Howard.
And another blast from the more recent past is the always lovely Katey Sagal. I think Katey is completely underrated as an actress. When you meet her and then compare her to Peggy Bundy you realize how good she is.
This is the room of an 11 year old kid. This represents about 7,000 McDonalds items that the kid sold for about $12,000. He paid $400 for them. The kid is going to be rich. Oh, to get all this stuff you would have had to consume approximately 10,000 Happy Meals. I've done that, but have nothing to show for it except a few heart attacks and a fear of clowns.
It's Punky Brewster and her husband.
Peaches Geldof shows off her new reformed look. Of course the really bad tattoos kind of make it all pointless.

It's John Edwards' kid's first birthday party. Yeah, so he hasn't admitted it. Sue me and then we can have a DNA test and find out who the kid belongs to.
My good buddy Jenn Wertz was in Rusted Root for what seems like forever. Now, she has left the band and making some great art. If you are in Pittsburgh, she has a show at the Mendelson Gallery which starts tomorrow I think and runs for about a month. Now all of you are probably humming Send Me On My Way, so click here and you can listen.
Swoosie Kurtz wins the best plastic surgeon of the day award.
Pssst. Seth. Don't move. There is an alien right next to you.
The Answering Machine - Manchester


lutefisk said...

Fergie isn't wearing gloves, either.

Mooshki said...

MJ's new chin is almost as scary as his nose.

Connie Britton is a goddess.

I can't wait for L&O:CI to come back. Not only do I love D'Onofrio, but I loved Golblum's detective show that was on for 5 minutes.

There are a couple of other Ghost Whisperer watchers here, right? I was so happy to hear today that Melinda's getting knocked up. That was the one thing I didn't like about her hubby's death story - I wanted her to have a baby.

Not only is Dax not in it, but that's one of the best fashion choices K.Bell has ever made! She doesn't look 2 feet tall for a change.

Is that alien grabbing Seth's ass?

Ice Angel said...

umm...Ent...LOVE the picture of Batista, but how could you fail to mention Rey Mysterio???

6-1-9 BABY!!!

figgy said...

I think Michael's looking better than he has in a LONG time. Musta gotten one of those face transplant surgeries.

I love Billy Crystal, but doesn't it seem like he went from looking 45 to looking 65 in like, 2 years??

shakey said...

I always thought that song was a David Byrne song. Was that song in Ice Age?

kimi said...

Dressed up for her or dressed down, Winehouse is always in those crazy ballet slippers! It cracks me up! No pun intended.

Goodgrief said...

I think that kid looks an awful like John edwards.

Kristen's dress is making me hungry for some scaley fish tonight.

Hope the McDonalds kid saves that money for the triple by-pass he might need in a few years.

Goodgrief said...
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Lauren said...

Weird how that baby looks just like John Edwards.

I love Isla Fisher, and her baby is too cute!

Oh, and Dennis Quaid is still hot, Fergie is still not.

nancer said...

i thought john edwards HAD admitted that's his kid because the kid's mother is writing a 'tell all' and he kind of had to. what an ass. and i used to like him.

katey sagal is great. if you haven't seen 'sons of anarchy', DO. she's fabulous in it---she pretty much steals the show.

connie britton is the perfect woman to me. she's just such a......WOMAN!! love her.

B626 said...

Blasts from the past were so refershing compared to the look at me I'm a star pics.
So glad Chelsea Handler's show moved up a 1/2 hour in the evening on E!More sleep for everyone.
She's SOOO catty. Are she and Enty(fraternal)twins separated at birth??

Majik said...

dear god MY EYES!!!!!

A little warning before you post the MJ pics, eh?

Amy actually looks pretty healthy here...but for how long?

Dennis Quaid--yummy.


She's genuinely laughing, but KatE Cruise still has those cold, dead eyes.

Jeff Goldblum looks like he might make a better Mr. Bean.

White Shadow!!!!

Bad Fish said...

OMG it is startling how much that child looks like John Edwards. Dead. Ringer.

not on my dollar said...

I wonder what would happen if someone stole Amy Winehouse's little flat shoes? Would she go barefooted or would she wear heels?

Just wondering because she seems addicted to the little shoes even when they're all beat up.

Ernestine said...

I'll be leaving this site for a couple of minutes -- gotta go to Itunes and download some RUSTED ROOT!!! I had forgotten ALL about them!! I loved them so much in high school! See all these exclamation points?!

bionic bunny! said...

moosh, count me in! i only hope it's a real (show) PG, and not some sort of flash forward weirdness. that story line has pissed me off, too.

Lila said...

Just when you thought Michael Jackson couldn't get any freakier...he does.

Chelsea's great. Can't blame her for not wanting to leave cable. Dennis Quaid looks really good and Katie looks 15 years sad.

Punky Brewster's husband is kinda HOT! They look so happy together.

Private said...

That's not Angelina running - it's hr stunt double. The poor SB did almost all of the running.

Ms.Leigh said...

i love chelsea handler! she's hilarious!

j love pregnant? in her dreams! why do i suddenly get the "octomom vs. 2.0" vibe from her??

Marisa said...

Can anyone tell what medium Jenn Wertz worked with? Tried to Google but couldn't find out. It's beautiful- looks like stained glass, but maybe it's oil paint mixed with collage? Curious.

Also, love(d) Rusted Root! "Send Me on My Way" was the theme song to my 3 week camping trip in Kuai. Had all the cds in high school. Awesome.

Jennmcn said...

Damn, I love Connie Britton and you can tell in the HDTV closeups, no botox or plastic surgery going on there. She's such a good actress and so compelling to watch, I know an Emmy is too much to ask.

That being said, Swoosie looks fabulous! She has a talented plastic surgeon. If you are going to get it done, at least get it done right.

Jungle007 said...

I always kinda felt bad for Cynthia Nixon. She seems like a great woman, but is undoubtedly the ugly SATC chick. I always felt like when she gets picked up on, it's almost un-realistic. Does that make me mean and shallow?

Don't answer that. I don't really care. She gets mad dick on the show.

Cindy said...

Didnt Ms. Nixon come out of the closet after the show closed? Well now -- an Emmy should have been awarded for THAT acting!! Good for her!

Ror said...

Some go to heaven
And some say we won't
But if there's a reckoning day
Please God I'll see you
But maybe I wont
I've a bag packed
To go either way

Jerry said...

mmmm, Soleil Moon Frye. My day just got better.

Jungle007 said...

Wow Cindy I never knew. Not that surprised, but I never knew... hm.

Mooshki said...

Most people assumed she was a lesbian irl, but she was married to a guy, I think, while the show was on. When their marriage broke up she fell for Rojo Caliente, and they seem really happy. I don't think she was closeted, I think she just didn't really realize she was into women until she met her soul mate. :)

Babs said...

Wow - didn't even recognize Billy Crystal!

And Jeff Goldblum looks like a homeless man holding out his paper cup for a little change.

@Jungle007 - Are you kidding? No, Cynthia Nixon wasn't the prettiest on SATC, but was she really the token ugly one? I mean, have you seen SJP? She and Camilla Parker Bowles could share a stall somewhere. ("Wil-burrrrrr!")

Sporky said...

I'm very disappointed there's no shot of Cynthia's significant other, Rojo Caliente.

Yep that is definitely John Edwards' kid. For a second I when I first read it I thought Enty meant John Edward, the psychic guy's, kid. And I was thinking, big fucking deal.

The White Shadow is now Shade. But I still love him!

I get definite rent boy vibes from that Draco kid. Why are all the boys from that movie franchise so damn fruity?

Sheilahd said...

That looks like Angelina's double running.....

reallyreally81 said...

I also love this art from the Rusty Roots girl. When I searched news items on google under her name there is an article that talks about her medium.

Also found her on two fine art gallery sites, but only one has the art showing. The other pieces are fantastic. I am calling for a price.

reallyreally81 said...

Whoops! I forgot the link...
You search artist then click on new work