Monday, April 20, 2009

Heather Mills Whines About Herself

Most of the time when people get invited to a charity event as a speaker, your remarks are about the issues facing that particular charity. Maybe you throw in a plea for money or how the charity has affected your life or someone you know. Whatever. But, what you don't usually see is the speaker using the podium to complain about their divorce settlement.

Then again, most people are not Heather Mills. Speaking at an event for the vegetarian charity, Viva, Heather didn't talk about whatever issues are effecting the vegetarians of the world. Actually I have no real idea what Viva does and who they do it to. I do know that Heather was a speaker at the event and she gets as much as $100K for giving a speech. OK wait. Seriously? She gets 100K? For one speech? She gets paid more for a 45 minute speech than most people make in a year? There is something seriously wrong with that. If my favorite charity invited her or spent money on her I would never send them another check.

Is there anyone in the world who would pay her that much? Obviously the answer is yes, but those people must have lost touch with reality or something. Well for this fee, Heather decided to wax poetic about her divorce.

"I got five per cent of what we earned together in seven years. And we earned it together; I worked my butt off doing the tours and everything."

Did she say that she did the tours? So, she made a few phone calls and she gets half? She says she got 5% of what Paul earned over seven years. My math is a little fuzzy and all, but she got about $34M which means she thinks Paul earned $680M in the 7 years they were married. Umm, not even close, but thanks for playing. I really can't stand her.


Pookie said...

i don't get why people are "hiring" her to speak at anything. wth!

KellyLynn said...

And again, someone else who walked away with millions bitching because it's only a few million and not a lot. Ugh.

Come live in my $25,000-a-year household for a little while, and you'll start appreciating those millions a lot more.

Rising Sun said...

Who's Heather Mills again? haha

Karmen said...

Paul McCartney's ex-wife. She's PSYCHO. It breaks my heart that he was even attracted to an axe wound like that. I HATE that term, but it applies to no one else better than her. She doesn't deserve a cent from him, and she certainly doesn't deserve the fame.

firestorm888 said...

She looks like Dr. Elliot Reed - from the evil mirror universe! said...

yeah and while she was busy bitching about money, Paul was busy wowing the Coachella crowd with a special cover of "Something" by his friend and former bandmate George Harrison. Who ya gonna respect more?

p.s. Linda McCartney is going to beat Heather's ass in the afterlife.

stiffkittens said...

brendalove - karma-face is already doing it's worst on her in this one.

All that money, and she still looks like an elderly horse. No wonder she's so bitter!

bionic bunny! said...

i don't know who or what viva is either, but wouldn't that amount of money have better suited their cause?

Sara Bellum said...

He also dedicated "My Love" to Linda because the 17th was the anniversary of her death. Very poignant.

ardleigh said...

I don't think a person on the planet believes she married Paul because she loved him. So the really expensive whore is complaining she didn't get enough.
(1) Even if she got half of it all she'd still be unhappy.
(2) What she did get beats walking the streets for it.
Paul takes the high road because of their daughter and she shows how class-less she is by talking about herself rather then the cause.

Judi said...

Why bother with her? She needs attention to exist. Don't give it to her.

GoddessNow said...

I was raised that if you don't not have anything nice to say about someone, then don't say anything....BUT I agree w/you Enty...I just do not like her. I tried,but I can't!


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