Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Photos Part One

It is certainly random, so why not have Jon Bon Jovi, Mario Batali, and Bono at the top of the photos.
Apparently Beyonce is on Letterman tonight. I was actually shocked she was holding her own umbrella.
Redbook actually tries something imaginative. Faith Hill as Twiggy.
Brigitte Bardot
and Grace Kelly.
Christopher Walken is getting old. Nooooo.
I can't believe NBC gave Debra Messing a new show. Notice there is no wedding band on her finger as well.
Josh Lucas, but no Rachel McAdams in sight.
Joel Madden and his new hair color.
What do you do when you hate an actor but love his show?
"Are the cameras still focused in our direction? Can we stop fake smiling yet?"
Kanye West looks like a bunch of laughs.
It's been a long time since Lacey Chabert was in the photos.
Remember, a company is paying Mischa Barton because they think we will follow her fashion lead. Uh huh.
Minnie Driver and her guest. No comment, except there sure are a lot of people named Guest in the world.
The always stunning Mena Suvari. It's true. I can say nothing bad about her anymore since she was nice to my Dad. I can't.
The new Miss Universe - Australia
Nick Cannon and Mariah turning off the lights at the Empire State Building.
The one and only Nick Rhodes.
There is no way you guessed the woman on the right is Nia Vardalos.
When you are a billionaire, naked women drop from the sky and go kite surfing with you.
Uma has what? About a foot on Robert DeNiro?
The Housewives are like crack. I can't stop.
More randomness. Rihanna and Katy Perry together in Barbados.
Emeril and Rachael Ray.
It is so good to see Samaire Armstrong at events again.
One of the best actors ever. Steve Buscemi. Here is he is with John Ventimiglia.
Sienna still loses to the Queen.
Suzanne Somers looks amazing.
It is hard to believe, but this is the first time I think for Anthony Bourdain in the photos. Here he is with Tom Colicchio.


Emobacca said...

You have been hinting that Messing's marriage is over for about a year now. Still waiting on that separation announcement Debra.

Was that a hint that Minnie Driver is a lesbot?

I think Nia Vardolos actually looks good. Props to her surgeon.

Emma31 said...

Mario is just gross and he creeps me out. He just screams douche.

Did Rachel Ray get some work done?

Enty...enough with the housewives.

Miss said...

Tony Bourdain should be on top!! Oh god how I love that man. He did the best and ONLY real representation of my city ( Portland,OR ) on No Reservations. He is a god. Or at least a demi-god :)

figgy said...

So is Debra Messing the Coke Mom??? Tell us PLEASE! I can't wait until July for the reveals, must know NOW!

kris said...

"Nick Cannon and Mariah turning off the lights at the Empire State Building." made my whole day....

Ice Angel said...

OK...could someone please explain to me the picture of the old coot and the naked babe on his back???

DNfromMN said...

SCREW/MARRY/KILL on the top photo everyone. (normally F/M/K but family site)

screw bon jovi, marry bono, kill mario.

I really like those Faith Hill photos, there's no denying she's a beautiful woman.

Pivs is looking kinda chunky for having had mercury poisoning.

How tall is Bourdain if he's that much taller than bear daddy Colicchio?

Ice Angel said...

Also, if she slips off, boy is she going to get the Mother of All Grundies!

lutefisk said...

Christopher Walken looks like Michael Douglas in drag.

AnnMarie said...

Looks like Bono is sitting on Mario's lap. "Tell me a recipe, Mario!"

Did anyone hear Beyonce's unedited "singing" for the Today Show on Howard Stern? She's awful, if the thing's to be believed.

Walken just needs to trim the 'do. He'd still be old, but here he already looks dead.

I wonder if celebrities get together and share their favorite un-credited acting moments captured in pictures. "This was the week we had that fight and I told her, 'You put on a happy face or I will dump you and blot out your career so completely that you'll be BEGGING for a 'Seventh Heaven' reunion special."

Barton dresses so poorly so consistently, I'd be disappointed if she started showing some taste now.

califblondy said...

Thanks for the Crazy Housewives pic. Love it.

Tom and Anthony together? Oh yum. I love when Anthony guest judges on Top Chef and Tom cracks up at his smart ass comments.

nancer said...

i'd rather watch mario cook than any chef out there. he's a great chef. i don't want to marry, fuck or kill him. i just want to eat whatever he makes.

if messing's the reveal from the coke mom BI, i hope she's doing better since she's going to have a new show.

keep the crazy housewives coming. they fit in nicely with the other worthless whores we hack to bits on this site.

Cheryl said...

Nick Rhodes has always been my favorite Duran and I'm a fan from WAAAAAYYY back.

Quintessential Southerner said...

i love how nick cannon can dress for success! he one dapper dude.

walken looks bad.

nunaurbiz said...

LOVE the housewives (only the NYC ones)

Was going to say Walken and Buscemi look sickly, but then they always did, didn't they?

melissa said...

Mario isn't a douche! No way.

Staring longingly at picture of Tony and Tom. *Drool*

Ice Angel said...

I know most of you hate Rachel Ray and not sure what you think of Emeril, but boy would I like them to play Take Home Chef at my house! BAM!!!!

P.S. Ate at one of Emeril's places in New Orleans and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Kelley said...

Ooooh ... Bourdain ... yes please ...

Kat said...

Gotta admit that Anthony Bourdain is delicious. Really glad to see him in the photos today.

Wish it was John Taylor instead of Nick Rhodes, but that's just me.

Ms Cool said...

Can't stand Faith Hill.

Nia V. looks great.

juicy said...

Miss Universe looks like Posh...

Laura said...

Reveal for Samaire.

Judi said...

Yeah, but which one? Where has Samaire been?

Love Faith as Bardot. Beautiful.

Oh, Anthony? Anthony, dahling....

Re the photo of Nia V: Did you HAVE include the one on the left?! There are few I loathe in the biz and this useless piece of **** is one.

I think I wore Lacey's dress to my 1971 prom.

Messing AGAIN?! When will they realize no one's interested anymore. Is she schtupping someone at NBCUni?

Stacy said...

Suzanne Somers looks amazing? With a case of cameltoe like that?

Kim said...

Jeez I thought Nick Rhodes was Mr Bean at first glance.

ardleigh said...

Wow! The pic of Nick Rhodes makes me feel OLD. I remember when my bestfriend LOVED Nick.

The Piv reminds me of Octomom. Yuck.

Is Kayne ALWAYS cranky?

Mischa has the dead eyes in that pict. Wow zombie much?

I like Mena's shoes.

How cute Nick Cannon is holding hands with Sponge Bob and looks happier then he does with Mimi.

I agree on Steve Buscemi. He is great.

You could hint at the Coke Mom. Say there is(D. Messing) I wonder how her son is doing at swim class.Please Deb, black dress,gold purse,& WHITE SHOES? I hope you're
high on something.

Love DeNiro's grin.

ms snarky said...

Has Faith done her top lip? I'm suspicious.

I always want to dislike Tom Colicchio, but I never can. I think I have a chefcrush on him. And of course on Bourdain.

And my secret shame.......I know the Piv is a total douche. But I still like to watch him.

ms snarky said...

p.s. I don't believe the Coke mom will ever be revealed. Especially if she has a new show.

blankprincess said...

OK, I've never watched any of the "Real Housewives of..." series, so if my comment is out of line because she has some kind of medical problem please forgive me...

but SERIOUSLY! The "woman" in the fuchsia dress has the worst tuck I have ever seen! What in the world is that thing?

ms snarky said...

Suzanne Somers is 62. She does look amazing.

Miss X said...

Hating Uma's look in these photos. The hair and the jacket make her look awfully masculine.

Is that comment about DM the closest we'll get to a reveal on the coke mom? I hope not!

And what are you trying to say about Minnie? The woman with Minnie looks like she could be her twin.

Miss said...

BTW I am friendly with a Portland icon "Tres" owner of Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland which was featured in No Reservations ( google it! ) and Tres said that of ALL the film crews that interviewed him and his shop ( infamous for its bacon maple donut ) that tony Bourdain and his crew were by far the BEST crew he ever had in his shop. He said that most interviews are set up and the producers prep him for the responses he is supposed to give, but when Bourdain and crew came by there was no prep, one take and the whole interview was hilarious and an honor to do. Coming from him ( Tres ) I will take that as the whole truth. If you have a spare minute.. look up the link to one of my all time ( and tony bourdains! ) favorite donut shops!

AMD said...

Thank you Enty! I've always been a huge Nick Rhodes fan! Can't wait for the new album! You should put the rest of the band up this week.

shakey said...

I'm guessing whoever the umbrella-holder was, he or she got fired. Maybe they didn't hold it properly.

Josh Lucas has an interesting pose.

AnnMarie, I love your comment on J&J!

Nick Rhodes kind of reminds me of David Bowie from Labrynth there. With shorter hair. Or maybe Peter Gabriel with longer, lighter hair.

That idiot model looks photoshopped onto Sir Dick, doesn't she. And not feeling that DeNiro/Thurman picture. She looks plastic.

At least Suzanne Somers is dressed appropriately for the opening of a Malibu Lumber Yard.

PJ Nelson said...

I second the 'Noooo' to Christopher Walken - but he looks more sick than old.
Who is the kite surfer... can't tell.

Arachne said...

bono, nick rhodes (eee!) *and* steve buscemi ALL in the same day? enty, you ARE the best! xo

Lian said...

Gotta add to the chorus of "Bourdain"s! :) (Maybe this means you'll post more of him? :-))

bionic bunny! said...

i've always known i was in good company here, but the resounding chorus of tony b. fans is WONDERFUL! i just love him to death!

@ DN, he's 6 ft. 4. the same as my first love, when i was a mere 5'3".

AND i just finished (quite literally. finished "kitchen confidential" 2 hours ago) two of his books, will be starting "the nasty bits" probably tonight or tomorrow.
i dearly love the man, especially since he remarried, had a daughter and quit smoking. i honestly don't know where the forbidden lust comes from. :)
i also have the uncut collection of his travel channel episodes, which i'm ITCHING to get to!!

THANK you enty!!
oh, and i recommend "kitchen confidential" especially, for my fellow bourdain fans!!

AMD said...

I guess I'll have to actually watch one of Bourdain's shows. In the promos he always seemed like a dick, so I never watched.

Need to reiterate my love of Nick Rhodes. He makes me squishy!

Judi said...

AMD, you may be confusing him with Gordon Ramsey.

Christine said...

Thanks for posting the photo of Nick Rhodes. So talented and such a sweetie! I can't wait for the new album as well.

merrick said...

JBJ and Bono - the two pieces of bread I would like to be sandwiched between

Micha Micha Micha, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, look in the mirror once in awhile.

Maybe Nick is auditioning to be Patrick's replacement

Isnt that the Virgin Mobil guy with the nekked chick? Richard Branson ..

I love DeNiro with all my heart

You want an addiction, wait til the Dirty Jers housewifes start ..

Tony B is one awesome guy!

merrick said...

oh forgot to mention Nick Rhodes .. he was the stuff my 80's dreams were made of!

Leah said...

So was Samarie the girl missing from the fashion shows because she was secretly in rehab?

Or is it a different blind?
I remember when she went to rehab for "personal problems" but did she announce it?

Mooshki said...

This post needs more cowbell.

As much as I hate, hate, hate her, I think Debra Messing actually is a pretty good actress.

"What do you do when you hate an actor but love his show?"

You throw cheetos at the screen when he comes on.

"Nick Cannon and Mariah"


THANK YOU FOR THE NICK RHODES!!!!! I was a perv even as a youngster - I always wanted a threesome with Nick and John.

Isn't naked kite surfing kinda dangerous?


Wasn't Samaire openly in rehab for drug addiction?

cageykiwi said...

mooshki, LOVE your cowbell comment. Will Ferrell cracks me up BIG TIME in that skit and Christopher Walken is just superb in anything comedic!! I'll be seeing Will's stomach busting out of his shirt all day!! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!

Ella B. said...

OMG, Walken and Buscemi look alike in those photos!

linnea said...

i totally see that, ella b!

linnea said...

lutefisk - im sorry, i just got confused! here i was, thinking i had was on top on at least most of the gossip around and i had never even heard of the whole hartnett-father thing... what would be the story there?

Miss said...

Bionic Bunny - Kitchen Confidential is one of my FAV books.. it's a staple in many of the chefs homes around town I know. TB is a guy's guy and every (good) chef I know worships him!

bionic bunny! said...

i'm no chef, and _I_ worship him, albeit probably in a slightly dirtier way!
i think it IS the guy's guy thing. he doesn't seem to pull any punches, and he's the only food guy i've ever wanted to hang out with.

okay, maybe graham kerr back in the late 60's early 70's. because of him my brother's quite a cook, too.

Kris said...

Thank you for the Nick Rhodes pic. Still love him.

Diana said...

Ditto, tritto, quaddro, etc. on the Tony B. accolades. Loved the KC book - he seems like such an honest, fun, smart man. Pull no punches, take no prisoners.