Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Bill Aucoin - RIP
Abigail Breslin sure did go from 8 to 18 quickly.
This is Anna Chapman. She is one of the Russian spies arrested yesterday. She was also a big fan of Facebook. This came from her profile.
Ashton Kutcher is the new social media director for popchips. Whatever. At least it is better than him making more movies.
The lovely Ally Sheedy.
I love Bryan Batt. Here he is with Bailey Batt.
B.D Wong can make this look good. I would look like a lime sherbet ice cream cone.
I can't believe they didn't go for the wedding picture payday.
Newlywed Calista Flockhart in London with her son.
David Duchovny and Madeleine Martin on the set of Californication.
Ed Westwick looking a little rough at the Sydney airport.
Gordon Ramsay checking out the naked old guy and
then getting his number.


Lady J said...

lol @ the gordon ramsay captions

I actually think Megan and Brian may really be in love, they have been together for awhile and they seem to make each other happy.
i love abigail breslin. she is a fabulous actress and has grown up soo much.

Harriet Hellfire said...

So there IS another season of Californication coming!

This pleases me.

RocketQueen said...

Oh Ed. You know I'd hit it, but would you shower first?

I wish Megan and BAG well, I really do. I think they genuinely love each other.

Holy crap do I ever want potato chips now. Anyone want to bet neither Ashton nor Demi EVER eat potato chips, though?

Lisa (original) said...

That Russian spy chick is pretty. She looks too stupid to be a spy though....oh wait...she got caught. Nevermind. (lol)

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I just read Bryan Batt's lovely book which is a tribute to his mother, a true "steel magnolia." Love this guy! I hope Sal Romano is back on Mad Men this season.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

p.s. Has Mel Gibson impregnated Anna Chapman yet?

Ms.Leigh said...

every time i see a sweet picture of fox and bag together like this, i get a visual of him smashing her in face. i can't help it. once a beater, always a beater.

jess said...

Megan looks so much better when she's not dress up as a man-eater
-Oh man...was that a nudist beach? I mean there are kids in there.

not on my dollar said...

Abigail please don't grow up too quickly. You're only 14 but could pass for 18 in this picture.

B.D. Wong I love you!

Calista has an angry mom look on her face.

ellapetal said...

Ok I know this is going to be super unpopular but Gordon Ramsay is the sexiest man on the planet earth to me. Please don't judge and yes, I am in therapy. But there, I've said it.

New Life and Attitude said...

Why do I think that Megan and BAG tried to sell their wedding pictures but no one wanted them.

Goodgrief said...

Didn't Megan lose her engagement ring in the sand as soon as BAG gave it to her and they never found it?

Love the Gordon Ramsey pics. If that is a nude beach, I am surprised there are kids there. When I was about 10 my family went to Lake Powell. It is not a nude beach, but some old, naked guy(why are they always old?)came and sat down next to us. I had nightmares for a month afterward.

Mango said...

I love Abigail Breslin. She's smart and blessedly normal and I hope that both she and Dakota Fanning grow to be undamaged by the child-actor mill, much like Jodie Foster. A little sad that it looks like her parents let her dress herself rather than something age appropriate.

Ashton Kutcher = DOUCHE. And I'll bet Demi doesn't come within a football field of carbs.

Re: Bryan Batt: I didn't get on the Mad Men train early on, so hope to catch up with it one day via DVD's or On Demand.

Great to see BD Wong! I get a little weary of Olivia's swagger and Eliot's clenched jaw, but I always love the performances of BD Wong from L&O:SVU (and Leslie Hendrix from L&O:CI).

Calista doesn't look like a happy newlywed. Maybe she doesn't care for the paps?

LOL @ Gordon Ramsey checkin' out the old man butt.

:( @ old man pee pee flailing about in the ocean. I've had fish nip at my toes. Not sure if I'd want to swim nekkid in the ocean. OUCHIES!

Mango said...

Regarding Anna Chapman... Russian Spies?

Isn't the Cold War over? We have Natasha in custody. Where is Boris?

ms_goddess said...
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chihuahuense said...

what is this Russian spy thing all about?

Ed Westwick is FUG!!! major FUG!! yuck!

Why do these celeb parents walk so far in front of their kids like they are walking alone. I mean, how rude. Or even worse, Marky Mark, wear earphones when walking with them.

BD, please, shave, you are ruining my fantasy.

ms_goddess said...

I remember getting my first pair of heels in the 7th grade (12-13 years old), so I don't believe Abigail Breslin is growing up too quickly. I think she's just plain growing up (into a beautiful young woman). Love her and really hope she continues down the (relatively) straight and narrow. (Hey - I remember "experimenting" with various vices as a teenager. I just didn't have the world watching me do it. GAH!)

Robert said...

Talk about a rump roast!

Monalicious said...

R.I.P. Bill......... thank you for giving us the Hottest Band In The World!!!!


J-Mo said...

the guy on the beach isn't naked, he's wearing those shorts from the Venus William's line of resort wear.

Becky said...
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Bar Harmonies said...

Ohhh Madeleine Martin looks so cute! I missed the last season, but I'll catch up one day.

Mooshki said...


Henriette said...

Bill Aucoin thanks for pushing for "Beth" on the Destroyer album.

john said...

I kinda hate myself for saying this but Ashton Kutcher is really handsome. I think he is a d-bag but sooo nice to look at. I don't think Megan and BAG are the 'chase publicity' type.. they seem happy.