Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

It is a whole new bunch of Kardashians. Well actually Jenners I guess. The one on the far left is 12 and the one on the far right is 14. It won't be long before they get their own reality show.
Grace Jones and Kelly Osbourne sharing some love.
Katy Perry wearing something not latex. On Graham Norton's show she said that she and Russell Brand were already married. Interesting.
Lady GaGa and Elton John at his charity event.
Maxwell - New York
The first time I have seen Mary J Blige in swimwear.
A first time appearance for Michael Lombardi.
Matthew Morrison all tuxed out.
Nicole Eggert at the Twilight premiere last night.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Tatum O'Neal alone on the red carpet. No date with dad?


skeeball said...

reader #1 ~totally rocking pic!!!
reader #2 ~totally cute pic!!!

I see that the whorehouse Madam kris jenner is allowing her 12 and 14 year old daughters to dress like sluts! why not just send them out naked? These girls look like they are 30 and had a hard nite at the bar. what a piece of shit mother!

Syko said...

I think Mary J. Blige looks great in a swimsuit - sort of like a real woman, or something.

jess said...

Are you kidding me? those two are the little Kardashians?
-Interesting? how so? (On Katy's marriage)
-Matthew Morrison is fading away.

-Hi Readers!! Awesome pic #1, Beautiful eyes #2

jax said...

lol at reader 2...reader 1 still trying to figure you out!

Gretchen said...

Way to dress the Kardashian adolescents up like 30-something skanks. Nice. They should form a club with the younger Lohan girl, the one who looks 40.

Russell Brand HAS to be the blind from awhile back who's already married from some Vegas quicky wedding. HA!

Mary J Blige looks fantastic! exCEPT for the stupid tattoo. Why why why does every celeb feel compelled to ruin their beautiful skins with these permanent trashy looking "works of art"?

Harriet Hellfire said...

Yes, reader #1 has been in the pictures every round of reader photos but I'm not sure she's ever identified herself...beautiful pictures though!

And reader #2 - what had you been eating? *L* Love the pic!

Stephen said...

Reality show?? It won't be long before those Jenner girls have their own sex tape.

Gretchen said...

And Reader #1--hot Hot HOT!! Love that!

Stephen said...

Reader #2 .. Annette Bening? Cool!

Syd said...

Matthew Morrison shouldn't have his suits cut so slim. He looks like a lollipop wearing snow skis.

mngddess said...

Love both reader photos!!

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Russell brand and Katy Perry were already married..

RJ said...

I'm Reader 2. Thanks for the love. I'd just eaten a sugar-free shaved ice, and stuck my tongue out at the hubby who snapped the pic. I was on vacation and that was the only thing I consumed all week that didn't lead to a hangover or a hang over (as in my belly over my jeans). I love the reader photos. We're clearly a fun bunch of people.

Sorka8 said...

So sad to see a 12 and 14 year old dressed up like skanks. The Jenner/Kardasian clan should be ashamed of themselves for promoting their youngsters this way!

califblondy said...

Maxwell, yummmmmm, he was sexy sweaty this morning on Today.

Tatum is looking good.

chihuahuense said...

cool pic reader #1, what up RJ!? Cute pic.

Oh, and Maxwell was so.damn.fine this morning.

jen said...

Stephen said...
Reader #2 .. Annette Bening? Cool!

LOL that was TOTALLY my first thought! RJ, has anyone ever told you you look like Annette Benning? HOT! :D

It's funny that I see this pic of Grace Jones & think "Cool", while EVERY pic of Gaga makes me think "Lame." Funny that... ;)

Mooshki said...

Syko, how can you use the word "real" after looking at those boobs? :)

kvr said...

Can we please have a Kardashian ban?
I'm over it.

hotchacha said...

Reader #2, you remind me of a cross between Annette Bening and Emily Watson.


MCH said...

Hi Readers!

I heart Elton John.

Dick Insideu said...

I can see fucking Katy Perry up the ass while she screams "I'm talking about zits, people!"

bionic bunny! said...

isn't reader #1 hotchacha?
isn't she the actress who always posts the amazing pix like that?

RocketQueen said...

Oh no. More Kardashians. Sigh.

Enty - we need more patrol on the Dick guy two posters above me. He's a disease.

I'm not sure who Reader #1 is - but she looks like Beyonce! (a good thing :))

I wish Nicole Eggert hadn't fucked with her face. She was so pretty.

Was Kelly O. at some sort of Flintstones event with her friend?