Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Miley Cyrus tries to explain to Taylor Swift why Taylor should wear less clothes.
Meanwhile, the younger and even trashier Taylor Momsen played a show last night.
Mischa Barton channels her inner Minnie Mouse.
Mark Hoppus is going to have his own weekly show on fuse.
Apparently M.I.A enjoys food and booze.
Randomness. Mira Sorvino and Beth Ostrosky.
Michelle Trachtenberg looks more and more like Cher everyday.
One big yoga class in central Park.
Mark Zuckerberg was talking about Facebook yesterday. I imagine it went something like this. "Privacy Shmivacy."
Meanwhile, the co-founder of Twitter was on a panel in LA yesterday with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Todd Phillips and Ryan Seacrest.
I can't believe Nick Cannon is in Cannes without Mariah Carey. Very interesting. Here is Nick with Common.
Niecy Nash is really excited to be giving out free subway passes.


angelina said...

Joseph Gordon Levitt, so damn hot!! damn damn damn!

linnea said...

I think Misha looks good. At least in that pic.

I had no idea Miley was so short! Or is Taylor tall?

jess said...

Can Momsen actually sing?

-I agree, Mischa looks good and even though she looks like Minnie the dress has the right fit for her body.

Tenley said...

Taylor went to high school in the city I'm in and I stood next to her at a restaurant here (she was in Applebees, waiting on two of her friends who were waitresses there) in 2007 and she towered over me and I'm 5'9. I would say she's well over 6 feet but almost never does any celebrity woman list her height as even 6 feet, they'll say 5'11 at most (while short men celebrities will say at a minimum that they're 5'9 when they're clearly nowhere close.). And she didn't have on heels.

chopchop said...

Damn that photo of Taylor Momsen looks like Morgan Fairchild!

Tenley said...

(oh, and I'm a female 5'9 ha! I'm usually among the tallest women most places I go but Taylor towered over me, and I mean towered over me)

MCH said...

I didn't realize Swifty was THAT tall! She knows better than to try and go the Britney/Miley route.

Is Taylor Momsen any good? I've never heard her before....

The yoga thing is cool!

JGL is so is Ms. Niecy.

audieh_1 said...

I saw a video yesterday of Momsen's band. Vera has one posted on I'm Not Obsessed. She has a good voice. More rock than pop.

RocketQueen said...

Still not a fan of Momsen. Too bitchy and ungrateful at her age.

For some reason, I worry about Mischa. I think she seems sweet, if a little short on self-esteem. I want her to be well and choose good friends.

BlackCat14 said...

A friend of mine was at that yoga class. She said it was a bit surreal when in the midst of it the skies opened up for a classic summer thunderstorm. Considering she's from CA, I could see why she was excited!

Thanks for posting the info about Mark's new program. We were friends in HS, but understandably lost touch over the years. He was a good guy and knew even then that he would be successful in music. I'm almost 40 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

mazemerizing said...

I can't believe Miley cut off some of that stringy-ass hair! Or is that a wig?

Felicia said...

Right before they took that photo of Zuckerberg someone asked him, "So how much privacy do Facebook users have?" His response (gestures)"About this much."

Mango said...

Miley looks weird in that pic. Maybe because she's wearing clothes?

Taylor and the ubiquitous suspenders and stockings. That's soooo 2009, Taylor!

Mischa does look like a lost soul. Hopefully she will learn from the human train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan.

Mira Sorvino looks great after... 3 kids is it?

Mariah is fine with Nick being out of town. She's got his balls safely stored in her bedside drawer.

shakey said...

Taylor Momsen looks like hell in that pic. She isn't aging gracefully (yes, I am aware of how young she is).

Common (allegedly serviced by Justin Timberlake) and two-bit actor dude. Hmmm ...

I love Niecy's dress.

__-__=__ said...

Why should I have more respect for Taylor Momsen than Miley? I just do. And I think it's strange.

Leah said...

Miley looks like her mom (not a compliment.) As in, I thought that was Miley's mom.