Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Prince Harry falls off horse. Goes boom.
He did do a half decent job throwing out the first pitch at the Mets game.
Speaking of royalty, the Princess looks great. Is it vacation time? Boat? Bikini?
Another Prince, but not technically royalty. Here he is discussing sex with Jada Pinkett Smith.
Little insecure Matt Kemp?
Rachael Ray and what looks to be a very uncomfortable pose.
Rainn Wilson making off with the Despicables.
Meanwhile, his Office co-star Mindy Kaling, is looking fantastic.
Little bit of sweat for Rob Thomas, but he is a rock star so it is acceptable. Plus it was crazy hot there. Marisol doesn't look like the heat bothers her at all.
Steve Carell says it is time for him to leave The Office. Here he is with Miranda Cosgrove.
Shakira - Glastonbury
Sean Hayes brings the potluck.
The Queen of Daytime - Susan Lucci.


teddymac said...

Please give us more Emmy pics!! :)

MontanaMarriott said...

Poor Susan all that work has made her Asian.

Prince is sooo tiny, Jada is taller than him, lol

not on my dollar said...

That's not a good shot of Prince Harry throwing the first pitch. He actually looked quite attractive in that shot. Him falling off the horse, too funny and I heard he laughed it off.

Jada is wearing a child's onesie.

jess said...

Sorry Enty but I think Princess Letizia is looking really skinny, look at her arms.
-Mindy Kaling is very funny. She should get more acting jobs.

Susan said...

Love Mindy Kaling. She will always be Kelly Kapur to me.

Love La Lucci, too.

Sean Hayes reminds me (in looks only) of John Edwards. Shudder, I know.

Gretchen said...

I agree with @Jess, I would not say the Princess looks good there. She looks sickly.

Is it just me, or is Rainn Wilson VERY hot??

MCH said...

I love Mindy Kaling too. She seems likes such a down to earth gal and is funny as hell (well from what I see in interviews/ on Twitter)

I like Steve's coat! I don't think the Office would be the same w/out him.

Jamie's Girl said...

Is it me, or do y'all not get the feeling that Sean Hayes is gay? I know he says he is, but he was married once, and I've never felt he was gay. I also don't think Carson Kressley is gay. Non-gay rumors follow Kresley.

chihuahuense said...

I agree with Jess and Gretchen. How can you say Tori is scary skinny and not notice how tiny the princess is?

Susan looks like she would be so uppity in real life.

shakey said...

Jada would probably break Prince in bed. I think he's even more thin than she is.

Is Rachael Ray holding a very large Zippo?

Miranda Cosgrove looks sick.

luci skywalker said...

Dear Enty
I LOVE your blog
read it every single day

im a republican



luci skywalker said...

ill take just one more second to remember that spanish royalty is the inheritance of a dictator

__-__=__ said...

Love Prince!! The princess doesn't seem to have a head as large as Tori's.

RocketQueen said...

Um - that was weird "Luci". Why would we care what party you belong to exactly?

Love Sean Hayes.

My lord I can't STAND Rachel Ray. What a phony baloney.