Sunday, July 04, 2010

Blind Items Revealed

July 2, 2010

#1 & #2 & #3- Old Hollywood - So, this Oscar nominee/winner who has lately been doing television started off as a child actor. Anyway, back when he was barely in his teens he worked with this A++ foreign born movie actor who had quite the reputation. When the A++ actor learned our child actor was new to the ways of sex he introduced him to some willing co-stars who were more than willing to have sex with the young teen.

#1 - Child Actor
#2 - A++ actor
#3 - Movie they made when this happened.

#1 - Dean Stockwell
#2 - Errol Flynn
#3 - Kim


chihuahuense said...

von said...

Old Hollywood Guess

#1 Dean Stockwell
#2 Errol Flynn
#3 "Kim" 1950 (Stockwell would have been 14.

14? That's gross.

timebob said...

I think that was the last one.

Nice chatting with the lovers & haters of blind items reveal time.

It is going to be a long almost six months to the next reveal.

Hope everybody has a nice holiday and enjoys the rest of the evening.

See you in the comment sections!

RocketQueen said...

Holy crap, that was an AMAZING guess by Von!

noel said...

Thanks for all the reveals enty!!

Whitney said...

Wow - great guess by Von!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Von. I was waaay off.

Mooshki said...

Great guess, Von! Sure, this is kind of sleazy, but Errol Flynn was legen -wait for it- dary!

Mango said...

I was glued to my computer earlier in the day and then went out to dinner and came back to a CORNUCOPIA of reveals. That's the best way to do it, methinks.

About the last reveal - wow, Errol Flynn died in 1959 (I think) so hopefully Dean Stockwell will come out with some memoirs about working with Flynn, who was so dashing and handsome.

I won't rest easy until the New Year's reveals, lol.

von said... I got one right? That is unheard of. Thanks everybody! I'm so pleased I guessed a sleazy blind item correctly. My Mum will be so pleased. (And she's an Errol Flynn fan!)

lollydarling said...

well done Von! And nice to hear that Errol Flynn is indeed considered A++!

featherbell said...

Cool! I can't think of anyone better qualified to show you the (ahem!) ropes than a dazzling swashbuckler like ol' Flynn. Anybody ever see "My Favorite Year"? Fun.

mygeorgie said...

Who's "Kim"? I thought one name monikers didn't start until the 70's?

mygeorgie said...

Duh, nevermind. Monday brain.