Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

I always feel like when I have Catherine Deneuve in the photos I should put her in the top spot.
While his still wife Cheryl Cole is in the hospital for the 3rd day, Ashley Cole was spending time with two 20 year old British university students here in LA.
Them again.
A.J. Buckley and his date.
You know, if you have to wear your glasses around your neck, maybe you should just wear them. Then again, I am not Alfred Molina.
Ana Tijoux - New York
Amy Winehouse giving her drummer a hickey after her appearance last night at
Mark Ronson's show. Amy was ok. Nothing great.
Bryce Dallas Howard looks very nice.
B-52's - New York
Ben Harper - Mestre, Italy


RocketQueen said...

Re: that second picture of Amy - she REALLY REALLY likes her new breasts, doesn't she?

lutefisk said...

I love the dress Bryce has on. I wish Amy had more on in that 2nd photo.

Anonymous said...

Didn't recognize Bryce and yes her dress is cute.

Ohh B-52's - Love Shack lol

Mango said...

Like the dress Bryce is wearing.

LOVE the B52's!!

weezy said...

On the Molina eyeglasses thing -- he may need them for either reading or the opposite (depth perception when climbing stairs and platforms.)

nancer said...

thank you, weezy. anyone who's older (like me) needs reading glasses a million times a day. but you can't wear them all the time. instead of hunting all over for them, you can hang them around your neck.

enty, we'll see how you feel about this when your eyes go---as they all do.

MadLyb said...

Catherine Deneuve ALWAYS deserves the top spot. I don't think I've seen her in a bad film yet.


New Life and Attitude said...

Loving Bryce's dress.

I wish Amy would just go away - and take LiLo and GaGa, and . . . (the list is getting way too long) with her.

B626 said...

Enty I am still in denial about my up close reading abilities so I am going to side with Mr. Molina...

Lissette said...

I love Bryce's dress, even if I do love the old Victoria better.


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