Monday, July 05, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With One Last Reader Photo

Four parts today.

One last reader photo. I forgot to include it yesterday. Sorry.
Reese Witherspoon on the set of her new movie. Everyone focuses on the fact she and Robert Pattinson are in the movie, but they never mention
Christoph Waltz who is also in it.
Sharif Atkins and Matt Bomer on the set of White Collar.
Scott Disick just looks like a disick doesn't he?
Never trust a guy in a shiny suit. Still a disick.
Meanwhile, the other sister and her boyfriend, Miles Austin.
Stana Katic takes a rest on the red carpet.
Well, at least she is covering her fake tan.
Tea Leoni showing off an anchor tattoo.
Trey Songz - New Orleans
Wanda Sykes!! filming Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David and Cheyenne Jackson.
Zhang Ziyi can almost jump as high as Dikembe Mutumbo is tall.


RocketQueen said...

Wow - Stana K looks a lot like Mischa there.

Tired of Kim always wearing those one-shoulder dresses.

I don't think I've ever seen that Scott Di(si)ck smile.

Shmooey said...

The best photo of all is the first one.

looserdude said...

Hope the Kardeshian luck holds and the 'Boys win the Superbowl.

Oceansandsun said...

Awwww Thank you Shmooey! <3!!

messystation said...

Okay, was I reading a different book? Wasn't Marlena like 10 years younger than Reese Witherspoon? I kind of pictured Marlena as traditionally pretty and fresh-faced. Plus, I cannot imagine that these two have any chemistry.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Larry David, Wanda Sykes, and Cheyenne Jackson for the win!

feraltart said...

I see Reece has brought her bitch face to this movie set as well.

chihuahuense said...

that baby is adorable.

I love Reese--bitchface and all :)

Meg said...

God I hope that movie is good. I don't remember how old Marlena was but I initially thought Reese was a good match.

Cute baby, reader!! :)

Julie said...

are Duchovny/Leoni back on?

Carissa said...

Scott Disick looks like Patrick Bateman to me.

hotchacha said...

I LOVE the reader photo! So beautiful.

Christoph Waltz... I think I might have the hots for you. Hubba.

skeeball said...

Kardashians and the shiny dick=waste of precious oxygen

braverwoman said...

Hey Reader and Reader Baby - You guys are all kinds of cute! Nice way to end this season's round of reader pics.

Robert said...

@RQ: I'd already spelled out Scott Di(si)ck's name in my head before I read your comment. My sister watches little "reality" TV but got hooked on loving to hate KUWTK, especially him--"the biggest asshole I've EVER seen on television!"

chopchop said...

I'm assuming Christoph Waltz is playing Marlena's husband in Water for Elephants?? Okay I take back all the bad things I have said and thought about this movie ... he's in it, it's gonna be good!

Tara said...

LOOOOOVE Wanda Sykes! She had me at "Just 'cause a girl like to dress fancy and stand on the street corner near some whores, you automatically think she's hookin'?" LOL

Scott Disick looks like someone who would have a really bad, orange spray tan, feathered hair, and lots of gold chains. Ugh.


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