Friday, July 02, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Maroon 5 - New York City
Mary Kate Olsen has reached a new circle of fashion hell. I feel like I am looking at the Wal-Mart Halloween version of a Lady GaGa outfit.
Michael Lohan and Kate Major. It really does not get much lower in the wannabe of celebrity garbage.
Matthew M on his way to play golf.
Paramore - Roskilde, Denmark
Even though Paris Hilton is the one who took this photo, my rage is directed to the newspaper. You are in South Africa. You have the entire world watching you. World leaders and A listers from all over the world are in your cities and towns and you put this waste of space on your front cover. Seriously? And in answer to your headline, the only thing I feel is nausea.
Is there any celebrity who does not have a book? I'm sure Queen Latifah's book is great, but how about giving some unknown authors a chance.
Rihanna and her boyfriend at the airport.
Twilight in London. None of the big stars came, but Nikki Reed showed up and
Alex Meraz and other celebrities not in the movie like
Duffy and
Joe Jonas.
Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is still filming his latest movie with Reese Witherspoon.


not on my dollar said...

Finally, Rob Pattinson looks attractive to me. It must be the suit. :)

Rihanna looks happy.

I heard the Brazilian team that Paris was supporting lost after she arrived. Maybe that headline was being sarcastic as in her being bad luck.

Lady GaGa would copy Mary Kate's outfit except that she's wearing too many clothes.

RocketQueen said...

WTF with those Olsen sisters and the way they dress?! They're lucky the public doesn't consider they way THEY dress when buying their clothing.

Oh South Africa. No. That is just sad. It makes me sicker to know how much of a kick she got out of that, too.

ami.and.evy said...

cbf=clueless butt f*cker

married for money in a new jag said...

Books aren't selling as they used to. Therefore celebs get more deals.

Becki said...

Rihanna looks like a Baboon in that picture but her boyfriend is nice looking.

Selock said...

Yay, my lil Joe! <3 <3 Twilight premiere, eh buddy? *Klassy*...but age/station appropriate, I suppose?

Thanks, Enty. :)

Mrs.M5 said...

oh Maroon 5, how do i love thee...let me count the ways *sigh*

Mango said...

Mary-Kate. Carrying two purses (each filled with god only knows what)and holding what looks like the skin of giraffe. WTF?

MCH said...

LOL @ami&evi
I was trying to think of a clever acronym too! ;)

Rob looks hot!!