Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

Oprah continues her Australia trip.
Apparently someone did not hear the news that Oprah is not a lesbian.
Lots and lots of Australian fans.
Owen Wilson promoting all his December movies.
Yes, it is true. A stuffed Garfield is more real than Ashlee Simpson.
Long time no see Rene Auberjonois.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 (She has lost 50 pounds since last year's photo!!)
I guess when you have sex scenes like Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams did, you will always be close.
Sam Trammell goes for the scruffy look.
Taylor Momsen - Paris
Taylor Swift and Jake G going for a drive. Probably for coffee.
Meanwhile, Jake's sister Maggie hangs out with her daughter.


skeeball said...

reader #1 you look great!! where are you??

reader #2 you look great, too!! how did you do it??

jax said...

Dunder Mifflin tee FTW.

amh.producer said...

I LOVE reader photo time! I need to find a new one to send it.

chopchop said...

Readers are gorgy!!!

I love love love little Ramona's coat and I need it for one of my daughters. Double-breasted, polka dots, and a hoodie! I die. (I have a serious coat-hoarding problem.)

RJ said...

I always love the reader photos. Good for you, Reader Two!! Congrats!

Sherry said...

Thank you, Skeeball - we are at the Tower of London.

Pookie said...

awww... hi readers! and WTG reader 2!

hi talor s.!

*loving maggie g.'s hat*

califblondy said...

Okay, I give, what's a Dunder Mifflin?

Great readers' pix. Congrats #2 for the weight loss, you look great.

bflogurl said...

Dunder Mifflin is the ficticious company from "The Office".

Great reader photos!!

Mooshki said...

Owen always releases his movies either for my birthday or for Christmas. He's so thoughtful to arrange them as special presents for me!

RocketQueen said...

Great reader photos!

I love Rene A way back from his Benson days :)

Fuuuck. Someone hook Asslee up to a food IV, stat.

doonick said...

LOL at Jake's face in that photo. Apparently that was taken right after he called the cops to get rid of the paps, allegedly because he didn't want to be photographed with Taylor. Funny, because he didn't seem to have a problem with the paps when they were both publicising their "relationship" in Brooklyn on Thanksgiving.

Bubbles said...

I think someone did get the "not a lesbian" memo. That's a guy holding up that sign.

lanasyogamama said...

I hate myself for liking Asslee's figure.

Yay readers, we <3 you!

I gotta see Blue Valentine. Someone tell me when the DVD comes out.

Someone must be paying Momsen to sing. Just sayin.

Oh yah Jake, I'm sure you're sooooooooo mad about the paps.

Enty I do *not* think Maggie would appreciate being referred to as "Jake's sister", as if she's not famous on her own.

Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

"I think someone did get the "not a lesbian" memo. That's a guy holding up that sign."

Yet he looks like Danica McKellar. WEIRD.

Jessica said...

Is it just my imagination or is Ryan Gosling ALWAYS wearing something with pockets and ALWAYS has his hands in them?

Mango said...

@ lanasyogamama - I think Momsen must be the one doing the paying.

biggirl1988 said...

Maggie and her

Chop Chop, I have coat-hoarding thing as well. More coats than shoes. for a girl that is strange, I have been told.

Hi readers!

MCH said...

Great reader photos! Congrats #2!

What does the R on the girls' hand in the Marry Me picture mean??

Ok, Ashlee has gotten to the scary skinny stage.