Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blind Item

One of the things about winning an Academy Award is that you are never supposed to sell it. Well, this actor who won sometime in the past 20 years hit hard times and sold his Academy Award to a private collector. When someone comes to his house and wants to see the award our actor tells them it is in storage.


Terri said...

did Nic Cage win an oscar?

ms snarky said...

that was my first thought too. I think he may have, for Leaving Las Vegas? or at least nominated.

ms snarky said...

Yes, won for Leaving Las Vegas. and wins for this blind!

Terri said...

his IMDB says he won, but I can't see what for. It's in the odd facts that 3 in his family won (Francis Ford, him and Sopphia)

Patty said...

Agree with Nic Cage. And hated that movie, BTW.

Cheryl said...

He won Best Actor for his part in Leaving Las Vegas

girltrav said...

In the film 8mm (1999) Nic's Oscar is on a desk and is clearly shown-albiet kind of wrapped in fabric. With 31 various nominations and only one Oscar I can't see Nicolas Cage selling his.
The blind is kind of vague, in the last 20 years, it could be anyone. Could be Roberto Benigni-he hasn't worked much since winning.

bluebonnetmom said...

Nic Cage is a Coppola. They would never sell an Oscar. No way.

Mooshki said...

That's funny, girltrav, because a friend of mine just posted on facebook yesterday about how beloved Benigni is in Italy. It's certainly possible it's him, but I don't think it's likely.

Sarah MacManus said...

Whoever it is, this is just sad. :(

Nate F. said...



SkittleKitty said...

Benigni works a lot in Italy.
What about supporting actor candidates?

Furiously Curious said...

Cuba Gooding Jr.

pomme said...

AMADEUS's guy?

studio gulag -- said...

My first thought that came to mind were Oscar-winning actors I hadn't seen in anything fir a while: Like Joel Gey or Louis Gossett jr.
But the 20 year time frame really leaves only one possible actor: Joe Pesci.

Amy said...

Tom Hulce for Amadeus? Or is that older than 20 years (am I showing my age now?)

Liz said...

Agree on the Cuba Gooding, Jr guess....

linnea said...

Is it possible to get a replacement? I am sure he could say it was stolen or sth

girltrav said...

Here are the supporting actors:

1992 Gene Hackman – Unforgiven
1993 Tommy Lee Jones – The Fugitive
1994 Martin Landau – Ed Wood
1995 Kevin Spacey – The Usual Suspects
1996 Cuba Gooding, Jr. – Jerry Maguire
1997 Robin Williams – Good Will Hunting
1998 James Coburn – Affliction
1999 Michael Caine – The Cider House Rules
2000 Benicio del Toro – Traffic
2001 Jim Broadbent – Iris
2002 Chris Cooper – Adaptation
2003 Tim Robbins – Mystic River
2004 Morgan Freeman – Million Dollar Baby
2005 George Clooney – Syriana
2006 Alan Arkin – Little Miss Sunshine
2007 Javier Bardem – No Country for Old Men
2008 Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight (posthumous award)
2009 Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds
2010 Christian Bale – The Fighter

Quite obviously I'm not working today. Anyone need anything researched? : )

MontanaMarriott said...

If the Academy finds out they can revoke his award I believe since they do not allow Oscars being sold, thus anytime you see one sold on Ebay the posting is quickly removed by AAMPAS

girltrav said...

...and best actor:

1991 Anthony Hopkins The Silence of the Lambs
1992 Al Pacino Scent of a Woman
1993 Tom Hanks Philadelphia
1994 Tom Hanks Forrest Gump
1995 Nicolas Cage Leaving Las Vegas
1996 Geoffrey Rush Shine
1997 Jack Nicholson As Good as It Gets
1998 Roberto Benigni Life Is Beautiful
1999 Kevin Spacey American Beauty
2000 Russell Crowe Gladiator
2001 Denzel Washington Training Day
2002 Adrien Brody The Pianist
2003 Sean Penn Mystic River
2004 Jamie Foxx Ray
2005 Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote
2006 Forest Whitaker The Last King of Scotland
2007 Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood
2008 Sean Penn Milk
2009 Jeff Bridges Crazy Heart
2010 Colin Firth The King's Speech

Mooshki said...

It seems to me that Nic Cage is the only one who's really had "hard times," and I think he's nuts enough to do it.

nunaurbiz said...

Not Nic Cage. The blind says "when someone comes to his house" and asks about the Oscar. Who comes to his house and who cares about his Oscar? Hahahahahahahaha

Not only Tom Hulce lose out to F. Murray Abraham in the Oscar race, he's a successful Broadway producer. I would imagine if Tom did get the Oscar, he'd sell his nuts before he sold the Oscar.

DavidsFan said...

Poor guy. I feel bad for him. This shows how transient the life of an actor is. I hope he got good money for the Oscar.

Patty said...

Amadeua is 25 years old and Tom didn't win. F Murray Abraham won for supporting actor.

david said...

about 10 yrs ago I visited the Coppolla vineyards in CA and Nic's oscar was on display along with other memorabilia from Francis' movies.

Grant it, this was a long time ago, and a lot could have happened since then. But I just wanted to contribute this. I dont think it is him.

MadLyb said...

I think it's the guy who won for 'Amadeus'. He's doing commercials now.

girltrav said...

I used to work for August Coppola at a company called Education First. I too have been to the vineyards and remember seeing it there.
That is why I remembered the Oscar being in 8mm. I think he is very proud of it!

amazonblue said...

I want to say Adrien Brody. He's doing Stella Artois beer commercials now.

Terri said...

that's good one amazonblue!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Sorry to be picky, but F. Murray Abraham won Best Actor, not Supporting Actor, and I remember back in the day he was one of the fruit guys in the Fruit of the Loom underwear commercials. (Boy, do I feel old remembering that...)

After looking over the lists, about the only one I can think of w/enough money trouble that he might want to sell an Oscar would be Nic Cage--the others are, AFAIK, all doing OK financially. (Gooding wouldn't get rid of his, since it really was the high point of his career, and after what Brody went through making the movie to get his, he'd probably give up his left testicle before the Oscar statuette.) I don't think the Academy would or even could revoke the award, but they'd definitely not be happy about someone selling their statuette.

Amy said...

Wow, it almost has to be Nic Cage. I'm pretty sure the IRS would consider the transaction involving an Oscar something he should pay taxes on but didn't.

fairylights said...

I'm going with Adrien Brody, he came out of left field, won the Oscar, kissed the presenter, and skated back into obscurity. The only think I've seen him in for years has been the beer comercial.

shehla said...

just checked AB's imdb, he seems to have some work in line. you never know how people manage their money though. I'm gonna guess adrien because he's seems like a guy you could ask to see his award. nic cage doesnt to me, but I could be wrong. I'm just using my ESPN here to guess ;)

redpenner said...

On seeing the list, my first thought is Martin Landau.

lutefisk said...

Cage has numerous homes. He could say it was at another location, not in storage. I don't think it is Adrien Brody. He has been in a few movies over the past couple of years.
I feel bad for someone who has had to resort to that.

ardleigh said...

What about supporting actors?
Heck if I went to Nick Cage's home I'm asking to see his comicbook stuff before his Oscar. Yeah, I am a geek like that.

Sherry said...

@nunaurbiz - I'll betcha Tommy would NOT sell his nuts before that. He can be a bitter queen. He was not invited back to the NC School of the Arts after one year and he does not list it on his resume of training especially after being up for an Oscar. He specifically says he went to some "small school" as a slight to the.
He is not having the career he wished he would have and honestly it's too bad because I really enjoy his work.