Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Photos Part Two - Ascot

This could be one of my favorites. Simple but dramatic.
This one still has grass growing out of it.
The pink definitely stands out.
Umm, perhaps she is in the wrong place.
Well that is convenient. If only the hats would also charge the devices.
It's like Sex In Ascot, only without drama and sex, and instead hats.
The hand inside the hat is creeping me out.
This person forgot to take the hat out of the lace it came wrapped in.
Alice In Wonderland style.


Ida Blankenship said...

The two at the end are probably the best hats I've ever seen in my whole entire LIFE.

Until I see another hat I like better, that is.

Tempestuous Grape said...

Aqua blue or teal dresses with sea foam green iPad/iPhone hats... good lord!

Merlin D. Bear said...

Your yearly Astor hat commentary is as always, sublime.
If you're ever stuck for an idea and have the time, you should do a "best of" feature.

K said...

The first pic is Katherine Jenkins I believe, opera singer (engaged to the gorgeous Gethin Jones, lucky cow): she usually looks stunning and stylish, not seen many fashion mistakes from her.

Ascot Hats are wonderful!

MacVixen said...

I agree with Ida - those last two hats are STUNNING! No idea where I would ever wear them, and I look awful in hats anyway, but those two are really beautiful to me.

MCH said...

The Sex in Ascot pic is my favorite!